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As recently mentioned in the Monthly Update post, an area for development is community wide integration one of the best ways to do this is Events/Tournaments both big and small or something more causal along the lines of Community Game Nights.

This thread will for be for suggestion on what people would like to see done, this will need be done as a community effort, so if you are suggesting something you should be will to try and help out with it so it doesn't end up being piled upon one or a small number of people. When we get a number of suggestions then a poll will then be created for the community to vote on which out of the choices they would most like to see. So long as their are suggestions and people to help out this should be a great way for all of us unite as a community. All of these events will be posted in the Outbreak Community Calendar if you want to see upcoming events. 

To start the ball rolling Frostie is doing the first Community Game Night More info below.


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"Community Game Nights."

I made a large post then shit got deleted after forum maintenance so here's the abridged version.

Community game nights should be quite regular things, and not be a substitution for proper events. Honestly the first game night just being Minecraft feels rather uninspiring.

Members should be able to create game nights on whatever they are able to, so for example I would advertise a Civ game night on a day. In my experience always trying to organize party games always takes like 30mins/1 hour which kinda puts people off.

We could have a separate forum thread to "events" where members can post without admin approval where members can set up games in advance.

For example a post could be a long the lines of "Civ 5 NQ mod game(s) 12/04/19" with further info like Download links, rules, slots, etc. It could also provide a way to keep score and possibly have some sort of leaderboard system going.

Ideas for community game nights - 

Strategy games (Civ 5, HoI, AoE2, Warlight, etc)


Tabletop simulator games

Worms WMD


Golf It

Left 4 Dead

5v5's (Something like when we did monkeys v OGs)


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Outbreak Community Choice Event 

This will be the first community choice event from the suggested events, five have been picked if you don't like any of them you can say so and if there is a majority people saying "No" on this another five will be picked. If you do like some of the event options you can order them 1-5 from 1 being most wanted and 5 being least.

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