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  1. MiniColossus


    Legit can't wait to stomp you monkeys on Halo
  2. MiniColossus

    Shoutbox to top of forums

    Discord is awful
  3. MiniColossus

    Saving the forums

    I think you've already done that Quinn, you posted here on the forums.
  4. MiniColossus

    apex legends

    Honestly since I've downloaded this last night been playing it non stop. it's an insane game
  5. MiniColossus

    It's back boys

    Who are you?
  6. MiniColossus

    It's back boys

    We've established this already thank you Gaffer
  7. MiniColossus

    Hello boys And girls

    Mainly playing League / CSGO and rainbow now and then :s
  8. MiniColossus

    It's back boys

    Dude, last game, fluxy vs me 20 frags, fluxy on my team 8... Eagle vs me 30 frags, eagle on my team 14... can't get anything right
  9. MiniColossus

    It's back boys

    I mean you say that but my average kills is pretty good but I lose because nobody frags on my team
  10. MiniColossus

    It's back boys

    I don't have any idea what you mean but. everyone gets a fair shot for a few games and its decided between admins if you stay or not.
  11. MiniColossus

    It's back boys

    Discord is poop.
  12. MiniColossus

    It's back boys

    There isn't a rank requirement, I believe we've come to an agreement where we will allow people in to trail as such, not 100% though will have to get danny to confirm.
  13. MiniColossus

    Bring The Hub Back?...

    Games will be played randomly and whenver there are 10 in queue, there wont be any set times :P
  14. MiniColossus

    Bring The Hub Back?...

    Kai don't edit my stuff... Who are you?
  15. MiniColossus

    Bring The Hub Back?...

    Interested. EDIT - On a serious note, would be a good way to hopefully bring more people back into the community but would be a good idea to get at least 20+ players hopefully more to play from OB to make this an active hub.