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  1. MiniColossus

    It's back boys

    There isn't a rank requirement, I believe we've come to an agreement where we will allow people in to trail as such, not 100% though will have to get danny to confirm.
  2. MiniColossus

    Bring The Hub Back?...

    Games will be played randomly and whenver there are 10 in queue, there wont be any set times :P
  3. MiniColossus

    Bring The Hub Back?...

    Kai don't edit my stuff... Who are you?
  4. MiniColossus

    Bring The Hub Back?...

    Interested. EDIT - On a serious note, would be a good way to hopefully bring more people back into the community but would be a good idea to get at least 20+ players hopefully more to play from OB to make this an active hub.
  5. MiniColossus

    Anyone want to play a pen and paper?

    I play DND every Thursday and Saturday because Im a nerd ?
  6. MiniColossus


    Not more pay to win dumb games please.. ?
  7. MiniColossus

    wys b x

    Wait skil you can frag?
  8. MiniColossus

    Admin Complaint: Lewis - The finale

    Mintlou you're very Pathetic, stop creating the same post over and over again. Clearly nothing is going to happen to this thread it's not going to go anywhere. it's over it's in the past, grow up.
  9. MiniColossus

    Admin Complaint: Lewis - Non Censored cut

    I feel like this is just getting pathetic really mintlou, please make a relevant post on the forum and stop targeting the same person over again you ape.
  10. MiniColossus

    A very overdue update

    Funny enough scruffy child you are wrong ?
  11. MiniColossus

    A very overdue update

    So where's my Minecraft server ? ? xo
  12. MiniColossus

    A very overdue update

    You kiss your mother with that mouth??
  13. MiniColossus

    Is it time?

    There's a mix of emotions in this post because of the fact Conor has been funding this community (teamspeak and stuff) out of his pocket... I agree we need to handover to get the community alive again. However.
  14. MiniColossus

    Who would win in a fight?

    Mate who's that beautiful specimen chus? I could look as weird as this kid below? Would be worse...
  15. MiniColossus

    ob cs tourny anyone?

    Imagine not being active anywhere and then posting a useless input on actual posts. could you imagine that?