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  1. MiniColossus

    Discord Trial


    I'm on holiday for those 2 weeks
  2. until

    If it's AOE the one week I can't make because of work Ima be mighty upset.
  3. I'd be down to try this out
  4. until

    I'll definitely be there tonight for some secret hitler fun!
  5. until

    Mafia, AOE2, Secret Hitler.
  6. MiniColossus

    Gaming Night #4


    I didn't turn up because there was no game said it was going to be?
  7. MiniColossus

    Gaming Night #4


    So what game is it?
  8. MiniColossus

    Gaming Night #4


    Secret hitler is a good shout always a good laugh. AOE2 would be interesting since last time I touched that game was in 2016. I'll hopefully be there either way, if I have the game
  9. Mmmmmmmmmm debateable but sure thing buddy
  10. Games night surely means party games that most people could play and we're getting suggestions of games people play day in day out?
  11. I buy games that are worth buying and the people I play with play, this is not one of them
  12. Didn't have the game so Didn't turn up, sorry boys
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