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  1. Tired of gaming but would be down to play some mafia although!
  2. Absolute


    what does everyone else look like as a kid if you dare to show ?
  3. Absolute


    @Wist bro don't believe everything you read on the media most of these things could be true and obv you should NEVER touch a woman no matter what but perhaps he couldn't controll himself because believe me she wasn't 100% not guilty of other things from what I know she had been talking to other artists etc anyways this was probably something he did regret and 100% wasn't proud of but if you are a fan of his he was very different to other artists like he really cared for his fans and always talked good on social media he has some retarded fucked up songs but he also has insanely good songs like this one, enjoy
  4. Absolute


    He was a inspirational teenager who had gone through a lot in life both good and bad, he had both good songs and retarded ones, I really enjoyed the good ones but as a person I loved him cuz he wasn't afraid to speak up and he had some really inspirational speeches on his instagram lives, he had beef with so many rappers like migos, drake etc so I'm not suprised his dead probably migos. Really sad on my side
  5. Stupid religious practises, yeah we do it cuz it says so in the quran, no you mongoloid we do it because we try to somewhat get how it feels for those who cant find food and starvs its compassion but you're a british so I don't expect you to understand lmao. (No offense to all of you brits) I don't look down on you celebrating christmas so why look down when muslims celebrates eid ? Can also take my time to answer some future questions that might pop up, I fasted 1 day out of in a month because I am really under weight and I really didn't wanna do it but I did it for a day atleast just for the reminder of the compassion. But absolute you drink alcohol etc so how can you call yourself a muslim, what I do in my spare time is between me and god and not me and you guys, I question my religion a lot but what I believe is as long as you believe in god and you are a good person that should decide your destiny in the after life not if I drink alcohol or not lol. Heavily grammar mistakes here and there but who cares aye @SonyTwan
  6. just doing fuckboy things, sending girls pics of my abs, pics of my tattoo and other things we dont need to get in to.
  7. hahah just what I was thinking when I read what he wrote lmao, I do wonder tho if he thinks before posting or if it's just for the count and trying to stay "active"
  8. Absolute

    hb keiji

    Belated Happy birthday my man
  9. what's up with the hatred :( I mean no harm I just happen to look good and females are getting angry with me because I don't want to have a relationship where we both need to commit like I don't understand why we can't have a different kind of relationship where we can see different people :/ without being called this horrendous word "fuckboy" like please Anyways I nominate myself as the biggest hype beast of this community.
  10. Absolute


    yall expect too much of this community I mean we still do events etc but other than that it feels like people are just focusing more in their personal lives and since the jb hype is over we don't have a lot of new people coming in and whenever we try to do an event we barely get people to show up even if they sign up... However I do think someone in the admin team should come out with some info about new ideas. This is how I see things so come at me if you've got something else to say.
  11. Are you dumb there was no one to ask there was no interest like Kai didn't ask every single member of outbreak
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