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  1. Rachel

    World Cup thread

    how unfortunate of a game for argentina
  2. Rachel

    R6 Vids

    You literally have 1 kill more than me, literally not carrying
  3. Rachel

    R6 Vids

    9/10 too much arab rage
  4. Rachel

    World Cup thread

    from what ive seen, germany's defense is dog shit
  5. Rachel

    E3 2018

    fallout mmo
  6. Rachel

    Share your clips!

    Defo A tard
  7. Rachel

    How much you spent on Steam?

  8. Rachel

    Happy birthday Sir Conor

  9. Rachel

    What are you listening to right now?

    ik matt champion is hard to spell too
  10. Rachel

    Happy Birthday Akame

    hb maestro
  11. Rachel

    Nice to see Eurovision hasn't changed

    cos tards have no taste also rip uk lmao wasnt home to see this part