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  1. JamesG

    First Mobile Phone

    First phone was I was around 8/9 - Dad upgraded and all I wanted was the golf game on this phone
  2. JamesG

    Hello boys And girls

    Overwatch / Football manager. Can't wait for Football Manager 2020
  3. JamesG

    Bring The Hub Back?...

    Look at the scoreboard flux
  4. JamesG

    Happy BDay GAF

    Happy Birthday!
  5. JamesG

    my birthday thread

    happy birthday chris
  6. JamesG

    Favourite football teams

    Born next door, live in Watford. Also have held a season ticket since birth.
  7. Just waiting on the last part for my build and I decided to go with the 1600 because the extra cores and threads, really looking forward to using it when the motherboard arrives tomorrow.
  8. JamesG

    GTA: Gunrunners

    looks fucking cool
  9. JamesG

    Away Thread

    Well should've posted a while ago, keeping myself to myself as can't do much with my knee. Had MRI results, I tore the MCL laterally and have a large tear in my medial cartilage. Need surgery but have to have more tests to ensure they do the best type. Hopefully back when this shits over
  10. JamesG

    D E A D F O R U M S

    whats a forum
  11. JamesG

    General Election 2017

    Don't like Corbyn but I much rather him over the Tories. (esp May). The NHS is too important to be sold off.
  12. JamesG

    How illiterate is Outbreak?