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  1. Nice guy, haven't really known you that long. Bad at gambling and never wins :). +1
  2. Player Name: Toby Date of Birth: 14/06/2000 Age: 18 Country/Location: UK SteamID: STEAM_0:1:76472956 Games Played: Black Desert Online, Overwatch, Minecraft, GTA, CSGO, League Of Legends Roughly how long have you been playing our server(s)? I joined in 2016 where I began to play the "Jailbreak" server that was around at the time. Over time I gradually integrated more into the community by joining the Teamspeak server. After some time I applied for member and continued to play JB. Eventually, due to JB slowly losing popularity and finding interest in other games, I became inactive. As you can see, I have once again become active within the community and am therefore applying to have the member role once again, What qualities can you bring to Outbreak? I hope I can bring some decent jokes at times while at the same time some HIGH LEVEL gameplay. Overall, I see myself as a friendly character that justs wants to play some games have a good time while doing so. Tell us a little something about yourself: Well, I'm ginger lets get that out of the way. Secondly, I love to ski and will do so every opportunity given as well as I am currently at university, in my first year, studying Cyber Security and so far I can't say I dislike the course one bit. Currently on a project of my own to learn more programming languages (next html, and C) that will eventually help me reach my goal of: by the end of summer to have created a full-fledged website from scratch. Overall, I am growing my passion for programming and Cyber Security as a whole all the time and I am kind of a nerd when it comes to reading articles on tech . Also a kind of secret thing, I absolutely adore Billie Eilish. Have you been around for less than 2 weeks (this includes Teamspeak and forums)? Nope, been active on and off for 3 years or so. That's my member app I guess, hope you liked it and thank you for reading
  3. Nice person every time i have spoke to you as well as you can take a good joke. Hope you get member +1
  4. Right, this is how it is. You were chill when I first met you and at first i didn't understand why you were disliked, that soon changed. You would constantly try and join the conversation as soon as you joined the channel, interrupting others and annoying them at the same time. Then we come to the stuff you randomly splurge out all the time,; first of all it has no relevance 90% of the time and secondly, it is 50% of the time to try and one up someone else on a topic they were talking about. All this paired with the lying really shows me why people, and now me, find it hard to get on with you. Also, you need to work on understanding when certain input is valid or even wanted as it seems to be common that you just say something for attention. Furthermore, going back on your previous member app you have barely improved on anything that was said to you. In my opinion, you have to really reflect on yourself and consider why and how you should change before you deserve member. -1.
  5. Likes his opinion and argues it well, i respect that although he is stubborn . Known him for a long time now and he can have his moments thats for sure, but all round a chill guy to play with all the time. I know he will help me with his boat driving skills when i get into the "rubber dingy rapids broooo". +1
  6. Sound guy all the time (except when you fucking scream!), terrible at Minecraft pvp. Enjoy enraging you to the point where you go off the spectrum. +1
  7. Work clothes, ready for work :)
  8. Really nice guy that is fun to play with, makes funny jokes some mature some not hehe, but would definitely +1 him for member, knows when to be funny and is a sweeeet guy all round. +1 gl maaa dude
  9. Sounded like a fun and well organised tournament, wish i could of play, didn't know till last minute that i wasn't working. Well hosted @Lewis and @UnSeen, looking forward to the summer one, ooooooooo ;)
  10. You are a quality guy that is friendy and active on most if not all the platforms. However i think that there is times that you become a "shit kid", but this may just be because of the people you are with. Although this is sometimes true, i very much believe that you deserve trial/member as these things can be easily corrected/improved as they are only minor and not major things. +1 for sure, gl my friend ;) P.S You should of applied sooner <3
  11. Whats all of your opinions on "The Iron Fist", personally i have only watched 5 episodes and i like it so far however at times i feel it is kind of boring, but just wondering what you guys think?
  12. hahahaah, probably the most creative april fools ive seen for a while
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