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  1. Toby.

    What are you wearing right now?

    Work clothes, ready for work :)
  2. Really nice guy that is fun to play with, makes funny jokes some mature some not hehe, but would definitely +1 him for member, knows when to be funny and is a sweeeet guy all round. +1 gl maaa dude
  3. Toby.

    ESL Outbreak Spring 2017 - Results

    Sounded like a fun and well organised tournament, wish i could of play, didn't know till last minute that i wasn't working. Well hosted @Lewis and @UnSeen, looking forward to the summer one, ooooooooo ;)
  4. Toby.

    Wurdy's Member App (ACCEPTED)

    You are a quality guy that is friendy and active on most if not all the platforms. However i think that there is times that you become a "shit kid", but this may just be because of the people you are with. Although this is sometimes true, i very much believe that you deserve trial/member as these things can be easily corrected/improved as they are only minor and not major things. +1 for sure, gl my friend ;) P.S You should of applied sooner <3
  5. Toby.

    Its Friday (Re-Introduction)

    Welcome back my DuDe
  6. Toby.

    Netflix & HBO Series

    Whats all of your opinions on "The Iron Fist", personally i have only watched 5 episodes and i like it so far however at times i feel it is kind of boring, but just wondering what you guys think?
  7. Toby.

    Rocket League

    hahahaah, probably the most creative april fools ive seen for a while
  8. Toby.


    I wasn't arguing for either side i was just conveying my opinion.
  9. Toby.


    Becoming vegetarian is someones choice and shouldn't be frowned upon by others as it is their choice and they shouldn't be judged on it. Although meat is needed for the right amount of vitamins in your diet, you can also take vitamin tablets to substitute this in, therefore allowing the people to make their own choice. Although people cattle farming or eating meat is wrong, it wont change as so many people do it as well as many people make a lot of money from it. Becoming a vegetarian or any other different diet term is someones choice, although some might agree with it, others may not. However there is some point in which the people take it too far. One of which is when "animal rights people" protested in which they branded themselves "like cattle" , like they described it . Yes i understand their point, but don't you agree that this is too far and some what just taking it too far? Well i have said my point, overall "veges" and "Vegans" have their right to their opinions and diet don't get me wrong, i fully respect that, however when they take it too far then it becomes stupid in how they are trying to convey their point. These people in the video are people who are fighting for animal rights, and yes i agree with them but only to a certain extent, otherwise we wouldnt have meat in this current age. Video NSFW:
  10. Toby.

    Date Night - Results

  11. Really genuine guy that is a great guy to have a laugh with. Your activity on the platforms is good as well as your intergration isnt bad. Would make a good member, for sure +1
  12. Toby.


    just toast with honey on with a glass of milk
  13. Toby.

    Happy Birthday Ekitai_Hebi

    Have a great day dude, HB
  14. Toby.

    Happy Birthday Vemix

    happy birthday dude, hope you can now complete your pc :)