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  1. Toby.

    Away Thread

    Away on holiday till the 10th
  2. Overwatch Customs? Also mafia would be fun :)
  3. Highly recommend Dying light, fun and time wasting game that has, in my opinion, a lot of funny elements. Also wanna check this out if anyone wants to.
  4. fuck im late, well happy birthday lil_conor
  5. Left 4 Dead 2 free to play for 2 days and also only £1.79. Wouldn't mind playing if anyone wants to, just for the nostalgia and revisiting old games. https://store.steampowered.com/app/550/Left_4_Dead_2/
  6. Toby.

    Away Thread

    Inactive on forums and ts during next week. Might be on here and there, depends on satisfaction with revision
  7. Oooo, thank you. Good game just way too expensive
  8. Toby.

    Classic WOW

    @SonyTwan Is Classic WoW a game that can be played with friends? Also, you said no more flying mounts, so does it take a long time to get around the world then? I feel it would be annoying if it takes ages to get from place to place.
  9. I so far thought season 8 has been good but it seems reviews and what not say otherwise. The fact that the actors themselves aren't massively happy with the ending really makes me worried we are going to be let down. Knowing GoT, the season can go either way, but I just hope it has a good ending.
  10. Toby.

    Classic WOW

    By what has been said, Classic WOW does not sound that great. I assume there will be a monthly sub anyway so will probably be rather costly :/
  11. Toby.

    Classic WOW

    Haven't really played WOW before, but love MMORPG games (hence kinda addicted to BDO atm) and was wondering how different WOW Classic is to the current WOW. From what I have gathered from people who have played WOW recently, it is not enjoyable as it gets old and boring very quickly. Just hoping to hear some opinions on WOW in general, as it would be nice to look forward to a new release this year (Classic WOW). I guess one of the overall questions also is, is anyone gonna play it?
  12. In your opinion is the game worth the £23 or should I wait for a sale? I feel the game would get boring after a while so hesitant to spend the money right now.
  13. Love Bdo Hate being dragged to things with parents
  14. Brexit is a good thing for the UK As well as Billie Eilish is the greatest of all time singers
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