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  1. Sir_Conor

    Chatbox broken?

    No problems friend! All the best, Sir_Conor
  2. We'll do another Summer league tourney probably around the same time as last year's one in the July/August when more people should be off. If anyone has anymore suggestions for other event or game nights that they would like to do make sure you suggest them or if a your idea has been suggested but you'd be willing to help out hosting it, just repost it and let us know. The first community choice event has been selected and will be announced soon, the top 2 choices will be done from the vote will be host throughout this month. As they wasn't as too many suggestions or vote we'll be doing this vote once a month for the next choice. Sent from phone.
  3. Hey Vodo Hazed, Congratulations, we have decided to put you on trial for membership. You've got great teamspeak activity and have been around in the community for a long time, the only thing you need to work on to pass your trial is improving your forum activity. Just get involved on the forums and maybe start some threads yourself and you'll be fine. Feel free to post your picture in the show your ugly face thread here's a link to your picture c:/users/ahmed/face.jpg All the best, The OB Staff
  4. No not really forever "Imprisoned for Life"
  5. This vote will be closing in the next couple of days if you haven't already vote please do so. As it's a new role not everything is fully confirmed of what the OB Rep role will do, currently I'd imagine OB Rep will have different responsibly that a mod. So keemy can still be voted for and whoever wins will be asked if they actually want the role and if they decide they don't it'll just to to the runner up.
  6. Outbreak Community Choice Event This will be the first community choice event from the suggested events, five have been picked if you don't like any of them you can say so and if there is a majority people saying "No" on this another five will be picked. If you do like some of the event options you can order them 1-5 from 1 being most wanted and 5 being least.
  7. Sir_Conor

    New server idea?

    I'd love some Overwatch events tbh, Alex has said some that he's done in the past that sounds pretty good.
  8. As of course in real life she calls him Giant Cheesepuff and not "Sam"
  9. Whoa Whoa... Where is Cheese? Who's that guy your in a car with??
  10. How is this a Secret?? You do seem like the biggest super fan.
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