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  1. Oldmike

    McGregor vs Khabib

  2. confirmed never buying dayz
  3. Oldmike

    CSGO Server Survey

    If there was a possibility to have a mixed server with kz and skill surf that would be amazing. However, I think that would be quite difficult as both game modes have different settings.
  4. Oldmike

    This will blow your mind

    I'm not quite sure if everyone is trolling or being serious.
  5. Oldmike

    A very overdue update

    KZ > All
  6. Oldmike

    What game are you the best at within Outbreak?

    @Akame™ Posts a game where i was afk GG
  7. Oldmike

    What game are you the best at within Outbreak?

    So best at life implies who partied the most and did the most drugs?
  8. Oldmike

    is ob dead?

    I vote Eraser for president
  9. Oldmike

    is ob dead?

    Seems pretty dead to me
  10. Calling yourself an oldtimer ?
  11. Oldmike

    GCSE's 2018

    New grading system is what we got in the Netherlands. Hardest part of an education is being disciplined rather than actually the study itself imo. Good luck
  12. Oldmike

    Outbreak's 2018 Quotebook

    Typical Extonct
  13. Oldmike

    Insurgency for free!

    Fortnite also free