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  1. Oldmike

    Outbreak's 2018 Quotebook

    Typical Extonct
  2. Oldmike

    Insurgency for free!

    Fortnite also free
  3. Oldmike

    Post one nice thing about the person above you

    Altough he changed, still one of the goodest boys out there
  4. Oldmike

    Post one nice thing about the person above you

    Has become a true ob OG after enduring all the banter. GGWP
  5. Oldmike

    What was your first Jailbreak experience?

    Long live king eray
  6. Oldmike


    Football did not come home my lads
  7. Oldmike

    new ts

    no u
  8. Oldmike

    World Cup thread

    If England doesn't reach the semis... Just sayin
  9. Oldmike

    World Cup thread

    Schade Deutschland alles ist vorbei lmaoooooooo
  10. Oldmike

    World Cup thread

    @Blyss There is no way the negatives are outweighing to positives when it comes to var so far. The refs aren't going to look at the footage with every single faul, that would be unreasonable. It's a completely new system, we need to give it time. Also, it's not as if people weren't already overreacting as soon as they got touched. About the penalty, Bas Nijhuis (a fifa/uefa ref) said that his hands were not in a natural position roughly next to his body and therefore you can in fact give a penalty. Which i find totally reasonable. Cedric SAW the ball coming directly towards him and lifted his arms up anyways. He only turns his head away when the ball is 40 cm ish away from him so it's not as if he didnt see the ball coming. You do not only give penalties when it's a deliberate act of handling the ball, you are not supposed to swing your arms around like that, especially in the penalty area. You know the risk. Grey area nonetheless.
  11. Oldmike

    World Cup thread

    noh baiterino
  12. Oldmike

    World Cup thread

    How was that not a penalty? lol
  13. Oldmike

    World Cup thread

    Portugal has to seriously step up because soon or later Morocco will score if this continues. I honestly don't see any positive signs for Portugal at this point, including Ronaldo. If Portugal scores it's most likely going to be counter of some sorts. edit: Patricio only positive for Portugal
  14. Oldmike

    World Cup thread

    Nordin Amrabat is a beast
  15. Oldmike

    R6 Vids

    Who is topfraging .............................. BITCH BITCH BITCH