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  1. Retake Server

    @Akame™ Only for the rich, sry
  2. my cpu very hot what should i do?

    nt chris also, who the fuck uses fahrenheit anyway? u pranked yourself by using fahrenheit
  3. my cpu very hot what should i do?

    You're smart enough to figure this out Chris, you don't need no help from plebs
  4. Fortnite - Battle Royale

    Actually spending money on Fortnite HMM
  5. speed builders

    @Extinct ツ You gotta know your sounds brother. The sound i'm making is the shoving itself, akame is getting shoved. lmao ww2
  6. speed builders

    Akame, is there something being shoved up your ass or something ? Very peculiar noises must i say..
  7. War vs Russia

    Sieg Russia
  8. Share your clips!

    Senpai approves
  9. Allow us to block Mods on the forums

    @Jamie Who did you intend to block ? :D
  10. happy birthday danny boii

    king eray
  11. A Way Out

    We gotta finish FC5 first
  12. A Way Out

    Kai playing story games?
  13. Civilization 5

    aoe > civ
  14. Season 3 of OB Hub

    So many vaginas on the forums lol