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  1. Oldmike

    World Cup thread

    Portugal has to seriously step up because soon or later Morocco will score if this continues. I honestly don't see any positive signs for Portugal at this point, including Ronaldo. If Portugal scores it's most likely going to be counter of some sorts. edit: Patricio only positive for Portugal
  2. Oldmike

    World Cup thread

    Nordin Amrabat is a beast
  3. Oldmike

    R6 Vids

    Who is topfraging .............................. BITCH BITCH BITCH
  4. Oldmike

    World Cup thread

    Enjoy watching the Swiss play? You have to be joking right? I agree that they played solid and well organized. However, i just do not like to see that kind of football, they literally played to kill the pace of the game. Also two very poorly made game changing decisions by the referee.
  5. Oldmike

    World Cup thread

    Welp, that's a shocking result. WP Mexico! Could've been 3-0 if they didn't mess up 2 very promising counters. @Rachel Well, you leave space on the central 6 position if you play a risky offensive playstyle that germany needed to play because of their deficit. You could see Hummels, a central defensive player come up and defend way forward because of the empty space they left in order to play heavy offense.
  6. Oldmike

    World Cup thread

    Don't have high hopes for Portugal if they keep playing like that, Ronaldo can't score 3 goals every match.
  7. Oldmike

    Eid Mubarak to all!

  8. Oldmike

    New Hub New Season New Me

    Hahahaha this actually made me laugh out loud
  9. Oldmike


    The only thing that bothers me is the sound quality on discord. Everything else i can get used to.
  10. Oldmike

    How much you spent on Steam?

    Joy has no price
  11. Oldmike

    Happy Birthday Akame

    Happybday Achmed
  12. Oldmike

    I couldn't resist

    4:3 is mostly played by older people who played 1.5/1.6. Mostly to mimic the feeling. Also the kids who didn't play older versions of the game just copy their favourite pro player, thats it
  13. Oldmike

    I couldn't resist

    #onlyonenemyteam edit: oh wait, not even in my games
  14. Oldmike

    Retake Server

    @Akame™ Only for the rich, sry
  15. Oldmike