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  1. Glad to see my idea finally coming to light
  2. Watch up until season 7, then stop. edit: I could write better dialogues with my broken English for some of the episodes smh...
  3. Rule #1 if you haven't caught up to the latest episode of GoT: Avoid social media.
  4. Oldmike


    I would love to try it but to be completely honest. I am too lazy to set up a proper local kz server.
  5. Oldmike

    apex legends

    @Extinct ツ I've been jewed too many times by the likes of people like you. No more.
  6. Oldmike

    Apex Nibbas

    Your aim is so weird yet so satisfying to watch when you HIT YOUR SHOTTTS.
  7. Oldmike

    apex legends

    I wish I didn't forget to clip all the plays I made
  8. Oldmike

    apex legends

    On a real note, they have to seriously fix the crashes. It's slowly getting annoying now.
  9. Oldmike

    apex legends

    Brandon got fucking jewed hard.
  10. Oldmike

    apex legends

    @keemy It does use 1 slot.....
  11. Oldmike

    apex legends

    So I tested out the "double pump" glitch and looks a little something like this... It's pretty hard to do unless maybe you reconfigure your whole keybindings. Regardless, I'm sure it's quite easy to make a macro for this. Respawn, pls fix.
  12. You can just order a barebone shuttle, which comes with a motherboard and psu i believe. It fits a full sized gpu aswell, got a 1070 in it currently.
  13. @Jak Check out Shuttles, might be something for you too. Got one myself
  14. Since you've got dyspraxia, I would suggest especially focusing on movements that will help train your stabilizer muscles aka big compound lifts. And if glutes are your priority, you should most definitely include hip thrusts into your lower body split, hands down best glute building exercise. As for the cardio, I can suggest doing circuit training instead of the old boring treadmill and such. Makes cardio slightly less boring
  15. Oldmike

    apex legends

    It looks like its worth giving it a shot
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