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  1. Oldmike

    Weekly Game Night #8


    AoE2 Againeeee
  2. Oldmike


    Happy gains
  3. So where is this money now?
  4. Glad to see my idea finally coming to light
  5. Watch up until season 7, then stop. edit: I could write better dialogues with my broken English for some of the episodes smh...
  6. Rule #1 if you haven't caught up to the latest episode of GoT: Avoid social media.
  7. Oldmike


    I would love to try it but to be completely honest. I am too lazy to set up a proper local kz server.
  8. Oldmike

    apex legends

    @Extinct ツ I've been jewed too many times by the likes of people like you. No more.
  9. Oldmike

    Apex Nibbas

    Your aim is so weird yet so satisfying to watch when you HIT YOUR SHOTTTS.
  10. Oldmike

    apex legends

    I wish I didn't forget to clip all the plays I made
  11. Oldmike

    apex legends

    On a real note, they have to seriously fix the crashes. It's slowly getting annoying now.
  12. Oldmike

    apex legends

    Brandon got fucking jewed hard.
  13. Oldmike

    apex legends

    @keemy It does use 1 slot.....
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