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  1. Danny

    Battlefield V (Like, my opinion man) *HOLY SHIT*

    When there's a new Stellaris update @Keiji Motori
  2. Danny


    pls make a dayz montage yea for the memes
  3. Danny


    Yeah those features shoulda been in the game over 3 years ago. ;_; I might play some when I get me big boy PC
  4. Danny


    Only good game feature is the fact you can force feed Kai bleach.
  5. Danny

    brexit thread

    HoW tO StOp AuStERitY - BrEXiT
  6. Danny

    Hytale - Standalone game from Hypixel

    Literally Minecraft
  7. Danny

    brexit thread

    Referendums are great
  8. Danny


    Why not just play the Minecraft server...
  9. Danny

    Real talk on Biased History

    Like most things this stuff probably just goes over your head, don't worry about it. xo.
  10. Danny

    Real talk on Biased History

    You might want to lower your expectations Only thing I know about that sexy boiii is that he went to Castile and argued to Isabella that the globe was smaller than they had thought But some other sexy boys said that he went to Isabella to tell them that the world is a globe and not flat, which is obvs not true.
  11. Danny

    Real talk on Biased History

    It's about fucking time someone bought this up. For too long we have been told lies.
  12. Danny


  13. Danny


    low tier bait card game made by valve vs some rip off of an anime weeb fighting game.
  14. Danny


    actual cringe thread, please delete. This is why downvotes need to come back..