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  1. 420

    Weed is a dangerous plant known for the murder of innocent saplings.
  2. my cpu very hot what should i do?

    Have you tried turning it off and on again la
  3. War vs Russia

  4. Season 3 is over. Twitzoh Won. Contact Extinct regarding the prize. :) And nice Outbreak Champion tag, welcome to the club. LuL. (Also gratz on Kai getting 130th, I know you can improve next season buddy!) So, onto Season 4. No major changes to speak of. the Tournament replies were very low so I am under the impression only 20 people wanted some sort of tournament to be held. If anyone wants to be a moderator (The ability to manage game issues, for example when a game needs to be cancelled or re-hosted or anything) please just PM me, just be an active player and you will be considered. (Let's say 25+ games from season 3 for example) Be aware though, any abuse will result in large bans. Another thing, no prizes for season 4. We feel as though the hub isn't going in the direction we wanted and the incentive of prizes really didn't change anything it seemed. Any future prizes (If actually wanted) would have to be community funded. If there's any suggestions or questions just leave a reply below.
  5. Civilization 5

    Unshameful two-year bump. Anyone down for some good old CIV 5?
  6. OB NERD test

    6 :(
  7. Team Outbreak

  8. Season 3 of OB Hub

    Prefer to be a Kai's minion squad then be in Kiper's Pedo Squad.
  9. Season 3 of OB Hub

    Welp I am technically a member of the hub so you're not wrong there. Welp Don't what you're on about though on the second part. Why would OB staff members be consulted about changes within the hub lmao.
  10. Season 3 of OB Hub

    What are you actually on about? This decision was made in face of criticism. Then the change was altered in the face of criticism. Now everybody is happy. Except you for some fucking reason???