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  1. Danny

    it all makes sense now

    Yes, yes it does.
  2. Danny


    ngl this shit is strangely addicting.
  3. Danny

    Tiger Woods

    I played golf on the Wii. Bow down bitches
  4. Probably looking at porn on my phone, instead of my PC.
  5. Danny

    A very overdue update

    @Keiji Motori @Thunder @Sir_Conor HoI.
  6. Danny

    A very overdue update

    How about a retake server?
  7. Danny

    A very overdue update

    If the MC server is just gonna be vanilla with the premise of factions, don't bother with it. Still, think CIVWAR could be epic, but idk.
  8. I wanna see eraser do drugs.
  9. ME: 2X TOP OF AN ACTUAL MONTHLY LEADERBOARD U: GETTING PICKED AFTER ME IN EVERY GAME. i may have baited everyone but that doesn't matter
  10. Only took you 7k hours of counter-strike to realise that. but tbh you are about 30x better than me at sucking dicks*
  11. 3/5 of that team have 7k hours in CS. Sad people... Student of the year, calling other people keen. Ok calm down u lil bum licker.