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  1. Sovman


    i'm moving to ingame comms
  2. Sovman

    Revamping Reactions

  3. same also brandon stop sending me dodgy links on steam
  4. Sovman


    HOLY THIS IS FREE?! Its so good just like ts but more appealing to me. I LOVE THIS great idea
  5. Sovman


    @Sir_Conorcan me have a discord link.
  6. Sovman

    New Hub New Season New Me

    yes, although you won't see as much of ob in it rn. skill cap increased at least maybe for when u get back @Brandon
  7. Sovman

    Realm Royale

    Just another minecraft survival games rip off
  8. Sovman


    People have the right to leave when they want to. I'm just gonna go with the flow and try it out, give my opinions afterwards.
  9. Sovman


    @IrishChamp different person Welcome and enjoy lion, come ts if you feel like checkin it out
  10. Sovman


    hurry back @Brandon we need the detective back on the case, new suspects have arises and ur you only one who can stop these fiends
  11. Sovman


  12. i agree kai doesn't spam questionable face anymore, fix this madness
  13. Sovman

    What are you up to right now?

    damn son, 9 so many, i only had 5 lucky me i guess, gl with that those lad
  14. Sovman

    What are you up to right now?

    how many exams left? 1 left for me