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  1. @Major Chaos @Eraser idk why reven appeared
  2. ob tags on apex accounts boys. get those advertisements for the community out.
  3. Sovman

    apex legends

    stuck in mountain
  4. stop kill stealing them smh mini
  5. role selection, unless hub is being played daily.
  6. https://discord.gg/2DKFCK
  7. lol, it's not that they don't trust it's that they don't care about it.
  8. snooker, tennis and 5 a side. looking for something new to do tho *i like rock climbing but always forget to go
  9. logging in as we speak, my casino and maze open for business.
  10. might just get gmod again, might also just keep watching the yogscast instead
  11. mine is being in the sea with sea animals. 2 spooky 4 me
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