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  1. Sovman

    TTT Server

    might just get gmod again, might also just keep watching the yogscast instead
  2. Sovman

    What is your irrational fear?

    mine is being in the sea with sea animals. 2 spooky 4 me
  3. Sovman

    What is your irrational fear?

    m8 don't underestimate the sting, it lasts for ages and if there is more than 1 they all start goin for u. (my own experience there). i just waft the air now when one gets close to me, works for me
  4. staying strong, i like this commitment.
  5. Sovman


    DIRTY DIRTY COCATIANS lie-in on the floor for over 5 minutes of extra time
  6. Sovman

    Best Chat-up lines

    *tips fedora* M'lady
  7. Sovman

    new ts

    If anyone want to yoin the group call, @me for my skype
  8. Sovman


    hello there, come ts n play gathers with us (me, keem, flash, troy) will enjoy it much so
  9. Sovman

    ob cs tourny anyone?

  10. Sovman

    ob cs tourny anyone?

    as down as i would be to do one. none plays cs anymore, once hub is fixed ill mix
  11. Sovman

    Outbreak, 1 year from now....

    all now true
  12. Sovman

    New Hub New Season New Me

    @retards ye can we get more than 2 games today too, that would be nice i expect to see more than 2 ob people Qing int he hub this time
  13. Sovman

    steamsummer sale

    POE is free to download for today, just went up! quick download guys before you miss your chance. also Jurassic park the game is 70% off and jurrassic world evolution is only £45 atm i recommend these offers. True valyue for money top quality content plz buy great game
  14. Sovman


    so we moving or staying boys? fill me in