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  1. Sovman

    It's back boys

    stop kill stealing them smh mini
  2. Sovman

    It's back boys

    pick better
  3. Sovman

    It's back boys

    role selection, unless hub is being played daily.
  4. Sovman

    It's back boys

  5. Sovman


    lol, it's not that they don't trust it's that they don't care about it.
  6. snooker, tennis and 5 a side. looking for something new to do tho *i like rock climbing but always forget to go
  7. Sovman

    A very overdue update

    logging in as we speak, my casino and maze open for business.
  8. Sovman

    TTT Server

    might just get gmod again, might also just keep watching the yogscast instead
  9. Sovman

    What is your irrational fear?

    mine is being in the sea with sea animals. 2 spooky 4 me
  10. Sovman

    What is your irrational fear?

    m8 don't underestimate the sting, it lasts for ages and if there is more than 1 they all start goin for u. (my own experience there). i just waft the air now when one gets close to me, works for me
  11. Sovman


    DIRTY DIRTY COCATIANS lie-in on the floor for over 5 minutes of extra time
  12. Sovman

    Best Chat-up lines

    *tips fedora* M'lady