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  1. Jamie

    Outbreak's 2018 Quotebook

    "I sneezed and snot shot out my bumhole!!!" - Gingerpopper, probably.
  2. Jamie

    Outbreak's 2018 Quotebook

    Well if Conor is a... If Conor is a lion on it's last legs you're a fucking cub, who's got shot - Brandon to Mintlou, 2018 You know on the Simpsons where Bart rings Moe dude.. you li- *inaudible goblin noises* eeer.. eeer.. - Brandon to Mintlou, 2018 It's not lost... it's just not winnable - Brandon 2018 You can't even live in this country you fucking spastic... it's better than your old country with your old ruins... and your worldwar 2 bombs and.. i don't fuckin know - Brandon to Ext1nct 2017 Paris as in like... the country? - Brandon 2016 We've no control of anything... they're just making fun of us... - Brandon 2017 That's the most hippocrip... hippocrippleton... - Brandon 2017 Does anyone else here believe the queen... the queen's a reptilian? - Brandon 2018 Honestly people like this... this is why we need a war - Brandon to Absolute 2017 Why do people just call me retarded all the time? - Brandon 2018
  3. Jamie

    Post one nice thing about the person above you

    May be a controversial character, but always a friendly face on teamspeak who is up for a chat
  4. Jamie

    Post one nice thing about the person above you

    Always gives rẻp where it's due. Always got time to throw some rẻp this guy's way.
  5. Jamie

    Post one nice thing about the person above you

    Proper top bloke. Nights on TS always a blast
  6. Jamie

    Who would win in a fight?

  7. Jamie

    What is your biggest OH **** moment?

  8. Jamie

    Who would win in a fight?

    7zip cos it doesn't waste time reminding you to pay for it sir_conor vs rory
  9. Jamie

    What was your first Jailbreak experience?

    @Biggles In voodoo joining when the map was on alzir (the one with the red carpet, 2k16ers wont remember. Its the one with the FREEEEDDOOOOM plant) and asking to join CT. Biggles asked me if i had a mic I said no but will go as backup Called a retard by Biggles, he also said no
  10. Jamie

    Is pineapple on pizza good?

  11. Jamie

    Realm Royale

    Everything about that season pass just makes me fucking cringe, complete rip off copy of fortnite’s system.
  12. With all the talk of jailbreak memories, SlayerX has resorted to desperate measures and decided to wait out JB's possible return on TS.