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  1. my cpu very hot what should i do?

    same predictable posts by same predictable people on every thread
  2. speed builders

    needs to have active admins for that to happen
  3. War vs Russia

    quoting this for when it actually happens
  4. Make it so blocked people can't react to your posts

    @Sir_Conor @Frostie
  5. Fortnite - Battle Royale

    fuck that stupid fort popup thing...
  6. Allow us to block Mods on the forums

    @Sir_Conor @Frostie
  7. Allow us to block Mods on the forums

    Please, don't shitpost on this thread. Believe it or not it's actually a serious suggestion lol
  8. Fortnite - Battle Royale

  9. happy birthday danny boii

    hb these birthday threads just 100% shitposts these days SIGH
  10. Currently when you try to ignore someone who is a mod+ it says 'You are not allowed to ignore that user'. Could this be fixed? Thank you! ^.^
  11. If animals had Tinder.

  12. JB

    Normie retards with shit facebook gifs l2gif
  13. Fortnite - Battle Royale

    Posting to get that gif off last page edit enjoy your lag free experience
  14. A Way Out

    Sounds good bro