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  1. Forums and teamspeak = people from server will visit forums but not sign up, will probably never visit teamspeak discord = people from server will join, lurk a bit and see the community banter in text channels and then decide to integrate and get to know people. Not only that, everything is in one place @Sir_Conor no votes, force the change. Its for the best
  2. i dont think matchmaking works for community servers, only server browser
  3. I love this game even tho i suck
  4. This is just bang on. If a role like this is to exist (it shouldn't tbh) you should at least be higher than a mod role lol
  5. Stop wasting time creating these threads. The same tree has been barked at for the longest time now, time to give up and move on from this charade.
  6. 6 days til 2 months
  7. Hb big conroy pascal xo
  8. Jamie


    This game OMEGALUL
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