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  1. Jamie

    apex legends

    had like 10+ games with 2k+ damage... but thought id share a decent overall kill number
  2. Jamie

    apex legends

    20 squad kills, not much but pretty decent damage
  3. Jamie

    Saving the forums

    nice pics
  4. Jamie

    apex legends

    pathfinder is already tier 1 imo
  5. Jamie

    apex legends

    eh...... mozambique
  6. Jamie

    apex legends

    Over half the server. Oof
  7. Jamie

    apex legends

    bangalore is just ridiculously good. wraith also decent for oshit situations
  8. Jamie

    Show your ugly face!

    Idk, stiqqy rocks the long hair look if you ask me tidy up that beard tho
  9. Jamie

    happy birthday sony

    Sure thing for old time’s sake hb big fella xo
  10. Jamie

    apex legends

    someone delete this post please
  11. Jamie

    apex legends

    alright this game is ok
  12. Jamie

    apex legends

    Hmm ok, gameplay doesnt look like the kind of thing i enjoy sadly
  13. Jamie

    apex legends

    100 quid this game will die once the streamers are stopped being paid to play it
  14. Jamie

    Yo admins

    Yo haven’t been around too much lately so just reaching out to the admins here haven’t seen a news post in a while, whats been happening? What is going to happen? Roadmap for any potential servers? What happened to dayz? just wanna catch up to speed thankz