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  1. Jamie


    It’s fluxys alt account to farm rep lol quite sad tbh
  3. Jamie

    landshark mix?

    pretty thread worthy ngl
  4. Jamie

    landshark mix?

    i like the part where he says "landshark do you wanna mix? landshark, mix?"
  5. Ok im gonna go on a little rant here Community game nights were discussed in the meeting as a way of bringing the community together in this stagnant phase without a server. There is a quite obvious divide amongst people, not necessarily a bad thing as people have their own friend groups, but for many people to sit in a meeting and agree this would be something everyone was down for but have absolutely fuck all people show up is just abysmal. It's one night a week, surely more than the SAME 5 people can make an effort and show up? Okay you can argue that the forest wasn't a f2p/cheap game but we also offered skribblio and the ship before that (plenty of people had free copies) but ended up playing mordhau cos 5 people show up... Im not calling out anyone, people know who shows up and who doesn't. I don't blame Eagle for not putting threads up anymore because people can't be bothered. FFS OB you can do better than this
  6. Im happy for you hugo! You do what you enjoy!
  7. forest it is then boys hype lets go
  8. Its the forest tonight btw regardless of vote
  9. Im down. Weird as fuck i was just looking at this game yesterday
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