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  1. I've just got a email with a Beta Code for the new Teamspeak has anyone else that signed up got theirs?
  2. A third bot was added but it doesn't seem to be up atm that one is running on cheese's server so I'll message him and ask.
  3. Maybe I'll take a look this weekend
  4. until
    There will be a community meeting running at 19:00 on 31/08/2019. As mentioned in This will be a community meeting to mainly discuss our discord trail. This will provide the opportunity for a live, open conversation about the state of the community and what people want from it. Any person can come to this meeting - it is not exclusive to members.
  5. Sir_Conor

    Weekly Game Night #8


    Remember to RSVP if you can make it even if its just a Maybe as it helps to get an estimate on players and the fact only Votes will only be counted from those that say they can/maybe. Also wouldn't mind winning another AOE game again even as Danny's Vassal
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    Games suggestions: Secret Hitler, Mordhau, Overwatch, HOI4.
  8. until
    This weeks game is: Secret Hitler Secret Hitler.io Rules Please come along! Game nights are a weekly event in which anybody can turn up and just play a game together. Although these are not strict events, people will still be expected to be respectful and trolls will be banned. Please post suggestions below, the most suggested Game will be played so feel free to re-post suggestions. Also feel free to give any suggestions to improve the way game nights are run or any other logistics/issues.
  9. Sir_Conor

    Gaming Night #4


    Thinking of not coming
  10. Sir_Conor

    Gaming Night #4


    Games suggestions: Secret Hitler, Mordhau, Overwatch, Aoe2, HOI4. @Thunder @Danny @Scrobbesbyrig @w33zy
  11. Following discussion among the staff team, it has been decided that the current moderation hierarchy will be overhauled so as to better suit the needs of the community. Ranks For a long time, the staff team has been broken into varying levels of power: Moderators, Senior Moderators, Admins and Head Admins. Each role carried unique access and permissions to various elements of the community as well as different areas of responsibility. These roles are now going to be abolished, replaced with a single role: Staff The aim of this new role is to equalise opportunity across the whole moderation team to give more freedom to any individual looking to help develop a part of the community, as well as sufficient tools to carry out their regular duties. Some members may still be given more access depending on their role within the team (for example, server developers will have access to servers etc.), but all roles will remain as Staff. Partners Along with the ranking overhaul will come the addition of a new role outside of the staff team. This will be known as Partner. Partners will have access to many elements of the community with only a restrictions, allowing freedom in their developments. They will not have traditional moderation responsibilities, but must be providing a service to the community (server development, forum development etc. but can also include moderating if there is nothing else to be working on at the time). We feel that the introduction of the partner role will allow the responsibility of running Outbreak to be a shared operation, bringing with it some enriching qualities to break free from the stuff you guys are used to seeing. Our first Partner will be a long standing member @Mintlou and we hope working with him will help us do more for the community together. Community Meeting We will be doing a another Community Meeting update tomorrow at 6PM (BST) All are welcome to come and give ideas/suggestions etc of what you want to see from the community. Some of the things that we discussed in the latest Admin meeting and would like to bring up is: Discord Events Servers Any member wanting to do anything in the community only needs to come and speak to us, we will try to support your idea any way we can. The changes to the team will happen tonight, and a community meeting is being held tomorrow night so that any questions can be answered about the changes. We hope to see you there; Outbreak is nothing without the input of the members, so please come and engage! Note: This is not the monthly update - that will be coming after the community meeting on the 8th.
  12. I've just looked through my teamspeak logs and I don't see any pokes from you up to 01/05/2019 though I could of missed it. More-than likely though you've either messaged me when I've been in a middle of a game or AFK and I've just missed it. If there is a question you wanna ask just message me on the forums or just move down and talk probably the best. If people want OB to focus on different things we can discuss it further at the community meeting it'll be easy to just talk it out, though anyone can always chat whenever so long as I'm not doing anything, I'd answer anything. I didn't mention anyone because realistically if anyone wants to do anything they can and if they need anything all you need to do is speak to me and I'd work around or help or whatever but as mentioned more information is going to be coming in the next few days after the admin meeting and monthly update and everything else will be discussed in Community Meeting.
  13. Firstly want to go over the GTA Server Timeline as I don't know where this talking about it for 8 months has come from... December to January - Helped set up a DayZ server, learned the basics of installed plugins etc then passed on to the person that wanted the server as I didn't personally play DayZ much but I'd be on hand to help install anything if asked but it died soon after. End of Jan to Early February - Thinking about creating server asked for thoughts Had seen quite a few GTA RP videos on youtube and knew one or two people who played it, it seemed like a fun idea that would have that Jailbreak level on interaction. After Jamie made the "Yo Admins" thread I asked if people are interested to let me know and I'd start looking at it properly. Got a decent response with quite a few people interested in a possible server. As I had never done anything with FiveM or Big RP Servers didn't know how long it would take or what would be needed but asked "if there are any suggestions from feel free to give them" for the RP server or "If anyone has any experience setting up FiveM servers let us know as it be helpful." but didn't get any response to this. Rest of February - Trying to learn and set up the basics of a default FiveM Server Created a basic five vanilla server on Cheeses Server but had issues with the trying to install the major frameworks, I had big issues when trying to install the major frameworks and trying to get them not to throw error and crash, Cheese trying taking a look but couldn't get it working either. trying to learning how you go about setting up a a sever Which was where most of the progress I was able to do was setting up a Default FiveM Server and getting it to actually proper show on the FiveM Server Browser. March - I didn't do much due to personal reasons Due to personal reasons I wasn't on much from the End of February for about and started being active again by the end of march. April - GTA update on progress, asked for help if people want the server up faster This was when the "Time for Change" Thread was created and I responded to give update on what had happen so far I asked if GTA/FiveM Server wasn't something that people wanted or if they had any alternative ideas or suggestion to let us know and we would try to facilitate. I then again asked if GTA/ FiveM was something that people wanted and work to be done on it faster I would need help and I tried to give some suggestions on ways people could help even if not technically minded and if they were it would be great especially because even though cheese tried to help on bits here and there he was massively busy with work and wasn't able to give much help as I needed. So I asked again to try and get some help, I asked people to either come speak to me or forum message me hoping I'd get more of a response that last time. And we did our first Community Meeting to discussing all of this and other things the community wanted, I had thought and said that I wanted to try and get BETA for Early May which was probably very naive of me but from the meeting I had hope that much people would try to help out as a few had said they take a look at FiveM so I genuinely thought more people would help out and we could at least get a decent amount of work done on it. That didn't happen I had one or two people end up sending me a couple of plugins but that was about it. Mid April to Mid May - Setting up as much as I can Continued working on the server got the load of plugins installed and was tweaking Car Hud, learning how fivem does perms and setting up basics of perms. Installed some of the major plugins but trying to figure which worked better especially for the Cops, Civ Jobs and things to do. There was two FiveM update which fully broke the server and I had wasted two weekends where I could've done big chunks of the work. But here is the latest plugins list so far: Mid May to now... I wanted to make an update after the next Community Meeting which was meant to be on the 19th weekend, As I really wanted to try and people to help as there just so much set up and plugins needed just to get the basics of an RP server but that got delayed and then over the past two weeks I've been busy IRL with the majority of my family's birthdays and my own, having a few nights out so only did bits on the server here and there. I think that's the full timeline of what has happened with the GTA Server, which after suggesting it in February and asking for thoughts on what people thoughts to now the progress so far. This is probably the best suggestion I've actually seen about the GTA Server. I was focus on creating the server people had said they wanted but if people want a server like this or anything else you want throwing up all you need to do is suggest it and especially if its vanilla/simple to do we should definitively be able to do it. Going forward I usually say on most of all my big posts but if you want something... anything all you need to do is just genuinely ask. You can drop me a poke, speak to me on TS or drop a forum message. Or if you want to create/do something yourself and want help from Admin Team or myself just ask I'll help in any way that I can. Following all that is mention here, we're firstly going to have an Admin meeting in the next couple of days to discuss everything here and then post a monthly update with a few community changes before the Community meeting where we can go over any changes and discuss them thoroughly.
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