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  1. Radical Heights

    @Kai ur welcome, p.s didn't need so many reports guys
  2. Season 3 of OB Hub

    @Danny Sooo... What has actually changed now after the original change and OB Drama?
  3. Team Outbreak

    @Kai @Danny When is your next game anyway?
  4. Team Outbreak

    Scrune's their "Coach" and Resident Streamer.
  5. Outbreak Next Server Vote

    As mentioned in the latest update post, we'll be doing a vote for the next server that we're going to be doing. The first being a Competitive styled CSGO server and Second something different, that isn't on CSGO. For the second server, it may not work out and we may also end up changing it later down the line but it should be something completely different that we've not really tried before and will be interesting to try out. We'll be doing a vote via Google form where you shall select the server then give a reason for your choice, please put as much reason to your choice as you can. Click HERE
  6. March Update

    Hey Everyone, Time for another update on Outbreaks current future plans and ideas. New Server's Vote We'll be doing a small vote for the next Outbreak servers, we've decided to try and do two servers. The first being a Competitive styled CSGO server and Second something different, that isn't on CSGO. For the second server, it may not work out and we may also end up changing it later down the line but it should be something completely different that we've not really tried before and will be interesting to try out. Possible Host changes We're also investigating changing our current Host setup. We currently have a Dedicated server for all our needs (Teamspeak, Forums and GameServers) which has been used for whenever Outbreak has needed a second server for events and tournaments without any additional costs. Throughout 2017 to Present, donations have only been able to pay half our server costs and the rest has been paid by me up until now. With this change, there may also be changing to the Warden Programme as we may not be able to provide a server for suggestions. Non-Server based Event/Small Tournaments Alongside our possible Host changes we may not have the ability to do as many events that need a dedicated CSGO server and as such, we'll be looking into do more events that don't need one. Some of the possible ones that we have considered doing could be small-scale tournament style events for games like Worms, Rocket League, Poker, GolfIT and Age of Empires. While doing these type of event we'd like to try and get more people involved in deciding what event we should try out next. Final Note Finally congratulations to one of our newer Moderators on being promoted to Senior Moderator. He has excelled in his role and has gone above and beyond to ensure tasks within the community are getting done. Throughout these past few months, he has been proactively supporting me and the community using his own initiative. He has been responsible for directing multiple choices for the future of the community with the assistance of the Admin Team and doesn't show any signs of slowing down. So a big congratulations to Frostie. All the best, Sir_Conor & Admin Team.
  7. freekiller on the server can u please come

  8. Forums DOWN

    Does that mean everyone pays a tax to support Outbreak?
  9. 86ba212a-867e-4a9e-8600-69699bfbb7dd-39d

    When your truly bored in work

    1. BIBS


      Why did you need our Steam ID's?

    2. Sir_Conor


      Who, What, Why, When, Where, How?

  10. Outbreak LoL Winter Championship 2018 - Results

    From your points, firstly with A and it's example of "Let's start banning people from Playing Football cause they cheated in a video game." For me seems illogical to try and use to justify it because these are Community event bans to discourage people from signing up and and ending up not playing for whatever reason that may be. It doesn't matter about what game it is at all and doesn't a way to argue your point. B is completely true but while C is also a possibility of happening but just like we give out event cooldowns limiting our playerbase for potential events that said players could want to get involved in but hopefully after being punished player don't give bad to no notice to event hosts, that players have an understanding that if they commit to an event they could make all effort to turn up and not just fuck it off last minute. Not that I'm actually in favour of pushing for event cooldowns on the csgo hub system, I just didn't like the most the reasons you gave when there are much better ones that you can give. 😘 *Sent from phone while I was bored in work
  11. Outbreak LoL Winter Championship 2018 - Results

    Firstly, regarding the "But CS Event didn't get punished why are they?" I didn't manage the CS tournament, I simply was to assist with the server Tech and related questions that Kai had. I personally think that anyone who breaks the Event Cooldown rules, deserves to be punished for it. It's just up to the Event Host to interpret the rules, and to decide who actually deserves to be punished for it. Now onto Pasickle and Joji, they gave me absolutely no notice. Supposedly Pasickle had asked someone to pass a message along (which really isn’t good enough), but getting told by Pepe 5.30PM when the event starts at 6.00PM wasn’t particularly helpful. Extinct claimed he gave me a week’s notice, telling me that Danny and he wouldn’t be able to play. However, this ‘week’s notice’ was actually two pokes (no attempt to follow up via Steam, the forums or any other medium), and receiving no response from me. I only saw these pokes AFTER by searching through my TS records (I had been testing disabling my sound notifications for streaming). Whilst this might scantily just come under the umbrella definition of ‘week’s notice’, it’s kind of like saying that Rustlers come under the umbrella of a flame-grilled burger i.e it’s kind of true, but it’s mainly just shit. If I had signed up for a tournament but had to leave for whatever reason, I would at least make sure 100% that the event host definitely knew. If the event host didn't respond by my first poke, I would NOT just assume he’d seen it and taken it on-board. I’d tell my captain, or drop a message on the forums (either post on the thread, or PM). Or I would join them in Teamspeak for 5 seconds, to confirm they know. I would make absolutely certain that the event hosts had received my messages and knew the score, because I know how fucking chaotic events are when people: A) don’t turn up, B) don’t communicate. We’ve had a couple of stars in this thread who’ve managed to achieve not just A but B as well! I’ve spent a significant amount of my personal time on this tournament, which I’m not sure is really appreciated by anyone who doesn’t manage a full-time work-life, as well as a part-time university course, alongside the extra responsibilities I assume in running OB*. I’ve been chasing up every single person in this tournament, on Teamspeak, the forums, Steam etc. I chased and chased until I was 100% certain people had got my message. If I could do this for all of you, me, one person, for all of you, why could you not do that ONE thing for me, given all that I was doing to put on an event for your benefit. After I’d chased everyone, I’d then do a final check to see everyone was signed up to Battlefy, by again messaging everyone via TS and the forums. In addition, I also asked their captains to check if their players were signed up. For the picking phase, I had created Google Sheets documents to help team captains know everyone’s role preferences, rank etc in an easily digestible format. Spending some time testing out streaming, before giving up most of my weekend for the actual tournament, as well as managing the tournament, which whilst not sound like a big deal for some of you guys who are still in school or uni, but get back to me when you’re working 40 hours from Tuesday-Friday, with me at college on Monday for my IT course, alongside assignments. It’s actually quite tiring - weird, I know. I gave IrishChamp a tournament ban, and two normal event bans, because even with the an actual week’s notice, it was after I had checked everybody’s availability and set-up the teams. That’s the result for Irish out of the way. Now for the rest of you: you all receive 2 tournament bans, and 3 event bans because you didn't give me any notice. This completely fucking broke the balance of the teams, and pretty much twatted the tournament. The reason the punishment is this severe is not just because of the disrespect you guys have shown to me for the effort put in, but also the absolute lack of a shit you seem to give about the people who actually did turn up, but whose tournament you played a huge role in twatting. *I’m happy to do this, but I’d appreciate a bit more understanding from certain members, particularly from members who are certainly much more time-rich than I am.
  12. Congratulations to Lee Sinners (LSN) For being our Winter Champions of 2017 Group Stage Final Here is the re-pick order in-case anyone is interested in this tournaments pick order Just want to stay thanks to everyone that actually turned up and got involved in the tournament and didn't cause any issue for me, also an additional thanks to everyone that tried there hand in casting in this tournament. Here are some Top Pick Stats from throughout the tournament. Top Stats from a Single Match: Top Stats from a Group Stage: Finally Top Stats from the Finals: Also here's are some of the Top Averages: Here's a link to rest of the statistics HERE Thanks to Veng3nce for doing all the statistics - xoxo
  13. Outbreak League of Legends Winter Championship 2018

    First games will be starting at 6:45 - 7:00pm Can everyone please be on teamspeak and ready at 6:30pm And for those who don't know jgreg is to be the replacement for kiper.
  14. Flash's Member App [Accepted]

    Hey Flash, Congratulations you have been accepted for Outbreak Member, you've been around a really long time and fully deserve it Please message an admin to be invited to the Steam group. All the best, OB Staff
  15. New Server Discussion and Suggestions

    Outbreak needs to make some money not pay for it. The only way prizes would be made if the player did them.