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  1. Yo now that I'm a retired ex-owner, can I start being rasicst now? or maybe just complain about the community and not do anything about it Merry Christmas all!
  2. Listen if you dont delete this RIGHT NOW this bad boi gonna be after you.
  3. Hey R1sk, Congratulations you've been accepted for Outbreak Member, you have been in and out of outbreak for a long time and your fully active on TS, just make sure you don't get youself banned again okay? ? All the best, OB Staff
  4. Games/Format of the tournament will will be confirmed after player count, I put the same as last time as its more of the Maximum in terms of time that we will possible go to. The most likely format of this tounrament will be a 3 team round robin, every team playing against each other 2 twice (6 Games spread of 2 nights) and a final BO3 on Sunday. While the most favored date for the tournament is 21st, 22nd & 23rd Feb as everyone but 2 have selected this one. Still need around 4 to confirmed this will be the case. @Extinct ツ
  5. +1 from chogath, plays gadda's full time xox
  6. Outbreak CSGO Tournament Information Rank Requirements: There is no rank that you must be above before signing up for this event, but you must have an MM rank that you can give when you sign up. Please note that we will prioritize players in the interest of making the tournament as competitive as possible, players who we consider more reliable will likely be given spots first despite us not explicitly excluding anyone. Commitment: Please ensure you are available before signing up for this event. There will be no more than 3 maps per night, depending on wins and losses. Reserves: We will still be wanting reserves in the case of players being needed. If you are unsure about being able to commit completely and wish to sign up, please do so as a reserve first and update your post later on if needed. As usual, when picking reserves the player will be either equal or worse - replacements will not always be ideal and the best fit will be provided where possible so we do not expect people to pester hosts about these decisions. Maps: All maps which are currently on active duty will be used in this event: Mirage, Dust2, Inferno, Nuke, Cache, Overpass, Train, Vertigo Servers: We will be using Popflash. Tournament Format: This will be confirmed once we know the number of teams available to us. Prizes: OB Champ and forum award are given to the winners. Also eternal bragging rights. Stats: Stats will be released shortly after tournament conclusion. (If someone can grab all popflash stats) Captains: Captains will be selected and messaged either on Teamspeak or steam. You will be invited to a channel and expected to attend to pick your teams. Games: TBC (Depending on player count:) Group stage = Bo1, Semi-Final = Bo3, Final = Bo5 Knife fight to choose sides Map Bans: For the best of ones, all maps will be banned and the last one will be played. For the grand finals, each captain will ban once, then pick once, then ban until the final map. Will knife fight for sides. Estimated Tournament Dates: (21st, 22nd & 23rd Feb) or (28th, 29th & 1st Feb) or (6th, 7th & 8th March) Estimated Schedule: Friday : 18:00 GMT - 22.30 GMT Saturday : 18:00 GMT - 22.30 GMT Sunday : 19.00 GMT - 22.30 GMT CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF PLAYERS
  7. Hoping to get a few more response atm CSGO has 15, League has 14 with a couple of other suggested games. If there anyone else in OB you know would propably like to get involved get them to response. We could always do smaller tournament and have 3 teams but have more games.
  8. Cancelled because we can't make james happy ?
  9. I've recently been playing a few more gathers within the community and was wondering if theres any interest in doing an Outbreak Tournament? Click here for a google form link
  10. I've just got a email with a Beta Code for the new Teamspeak has anyone else that signed up got theirs?
  11. A third bot was added but it doesn't seem to be up atm that one is running on cheese's server so I'll message him and ask.
  12. Maybe I'll take a look this weekend
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