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    Admin Complaint: Lewis - Non Censored cut

    I'll add a serious note, no idea if spongebob memes are also grounds for an admin complaint with this specimen. @Biggles - 'So many people' - It's literally 3 of the same oldies - You, Venga and Gaffer. As far as I'm aware, nobody else has me muted or blocked in this community. You muted me 3 years ago for wind tunnelling, and I guess trolling. I'm a much different person now, I still have my jokes, but it's not the same as before. This isn't an ask for you to un-mute me, just asking you not to assume what I'm like 3-4 years after you last spoke to me! I trust you can move on with things better in life than this. @Mintlou - You seem to be a bit lost, let me clear up this situation as best as I can - also for any other people a bit in the dark about all of this. Conor refused to approve your post, because it added nothing further to the discussion and frankly was riddled with lies; why are you now posting it in the general chat? I know you wrote the thing, but let me just point out - your post ends with 'your call'. Yes, it is Conor's call, you're right. He made the call not to approve your post and resolved the complaint - stating that if you HAD to take it further for whatever reason, contact him on teamspeak. Going against his decision proves either: 1) You're not satisfied until some sort of action is taken against me 2) You have a hard time accepting things that don't go your way The latter wouldn't surprise me with what I know of you. For this reason, I'm exerting some independent authority to give you a forum warning. Members of the admin team and the forum guidelines themselves have laid out for you that these sort of complaints are meaningless without evidence. It doesn't even matter though, I'm a man - and I admitted to the entire team exactly what I did, as Conor told you in his post - I haven't tried to say that I did nothing 'wrong'. So no, if that's what you're thinking, I didn't downplay the situation, my story fits perfectly with what others who were present in the channel said happened. I've also taken the liberty of chatting with your potential 'testifiers' myself. Frostie: Did not hear anything anything Fluxy: Heard everything. He knows full well that some were by mistake, as all of my fellow mixers do. But also knows, as I stated, that some were on purpose - maximum 3-4 seconds, only 1-2 were bad. Hardly comparable to the amount of music soundboards you spam, is it?* The crux of it as he said - nothing remotely ban worthy, scraping warning worthy. Quinn: Did not even hear anything - said the whole thing was ridiculous. Gaffer: Has me muted, so not applicable Venga: Has me muted, so not applicable Weezy: From what I've heard from Fluxy, they have very similar opinions on what they heard, what's happened, and how you've decided to go about this. Mitch: The one person I'm not sure about, will have a chat to him when I next see him. Although as he didn't say anything at all at the time, I can't think his views would be that far from Hugo+Weez. So if that's all the 'evidence' you're bringing to this table, then I VERY strongly suggest you cease posting now. This complaint is about me, and I'm one of the one's in this team who's taking your actions here, and over the past few months leniently. * I found your comment so funny too. 'Bringing up people's past mistakes'. You speak like it's something you did in 2016. You LITERALLY used soundboards AFTER making a complaint about me for using mine, every single day I'm in the OG channel you use them - sometimes for up to minutes at a time. Whatever you're smoking young man, I'll have some of that after finishing this post please. I mentioned lies too - 'I also told him to stop, and told him if he didn't, an admin complaint would be made'. The first bit is correct, you did tell me to stop. Second bit, nope. You did not say that at all. After I'd stopped, you said - 'right, I'm going to make an admin complaint'. I could fill a restaurant with the amount of people who have asked you to stop using soundboards and you've continued. It isn't really about comparisons though, it's just why every single person I've spoke to about this thinks it's ridiculous and won't take you seriously, because it's riddled with hypocrisy. I thought you were joking about an admin complaint, but no... about 10,000 words later between the 3 of us, here we are... over maximum 15 seconds combined of pirates of the Caribbean doing ya mom sounds. How fun. Anyway, an update: I've managed to fix my microphone - people can no longer hear themselves through it; i'm just a bit quieter. This certainly won't happen again with how sensitive you've been to it. As myself and others agree, there isn't really anything wrong with soundboards, Jamie's are some of the best. But since you have SUCH a problem with it, lets make a deal together. If I use any from now on, I'll get demoted/banned or whatever - and if you use any, you'll get banned! Seems fair with how you morally stand on it right? I've had my warning from the high council - and that's it. It was resolved 3+ posts ago. Nothing more is going to happen. As I said in my last big post on this forum, maybe it's time you found somewhere else? Might I add, you actually blamed the effort Conor has put into this community for the reason that you and a few other ostracised OGs are moaners? Jesus, you've lost it.
  2. Mintlou, thank-you for taking the time to fill out the template for your moderator complaint. I would like to openly apologise to you that the at maximum 2 second funny noises from the newly created CS server annoyed you enough to make this post. Personally, I'm not sure whether to take it seriously, considering the amount of music soundboards you have spammed in your time with multiple people asking you to be quiet - even at the same time that I did this. But I of course will, and will ensure my actions are raised in the next admin meeting. For future, this section is more so for matters beyond your control: For instance, if an admin is abusing his power on the server, kicking people from teamspeak without reason, giving unwarranted bans on teamspeak or hiding threads without reason on the forums. Again, apologies that 'doing ya mom' and the cannon sound from randomiser annoyed you so much. At least it gave you a taste of the server you've been asking for, heh! Edit - Thanks!
  3. Lewis

    McGregor vs Khabib

    Хабиб Абдулманапович Нурмагомедов One look at this guys name and you know that cocky leprechaun is a gonner
  4. Lewis


    HB BRO
  5. Lewis

    McGregor vs Khabib

    Nurmagomedov gonna fuck that gypsy up and go 27-0
  6. Longevity is always something that has interested me. As far as I'm aware, my Grandad (last living grandparent) is my oldest blood relative, born in Feb 1934. He's in pretty good health, and both his mother and auntie lived to their early 90s so I hope he's going to be around a fair bit longer. Surprising considering he's smoked a pipe all through adulthood and drank pretty heavily at times. By blood relative I mean not someone who married into your family.
  7. Lewis

    Lewis admin app

    ♦ Good English based communication (Foreign Languages a bonus though) - YES, first class honours baby. ♦ Must be a member of Outbreak - YES, for many years. ♦ Use of microphone - YES - since 2011 when twist made me buy one. ♦ Good judgement & decisiveness - YES ♦ Committed & friendly - YES ♦ Valid Steam account as per this newspost - YES, Don't scam like extinct. ♦ A good amount of time spent on the servers - - ♦ Available and willing to respond to reported server offenders - YES ♦ Ability to run and assist with events - YES DONE MANY ♦ Use the forums and teamspeak - YES ♦ Dedication and Enthusiasm - MUCH In-game Name: Lewis Steam ID: Real first name: Ali Previous admin experience: VD - OG - VL - OB ranging from 2011-2015 Age: 22 Average Server Playtime: 0 ATM Average Teamspeak Time: enough! Time zone: GMT Country: UK Membership of current CS clans/communities: OB only How long have you been with OB: Since day 1 Why you should be Moderator: Lots of previous experience, know a lot of people in the community, and got some free time to spare with my current job. Dedicated and willing to help get a server going. I'm a good communicator on the forums - and when needs be, on teamspeak. Mod team is quite small atm and think a fresh mind would be good.
  8. Lewis

    A very overdue update

    I still think minigames is the best option. A lot of variety in regards to maps and content - you can have surf on it too. It was probably our most popular server that's been tried in the last few years. I think it'd also be the most popular amongst our current member base. Perhaps we still have the maps storred up so it wouldn't be hard to get going? I'd be willing to put in 1-2 hours a day modding it or just playing it.
  9. kid smoked a few and got drunk like 5x and thinks he's some nutter, try compete with the big boys like @FluxyDOGGA
  10. idk bro i've seen some rage out of you in our time of cs mixes 'WHAT IS HE DOING THAT STUPID TURKEY'
  11. Lewis

    is ob dead?

    I mean, I'm just gonna say it. This situation is blindly obvious, and I'm shocked that it gets discussed so frequently considering we actually have quite a lot of smart people in this community. Hopefully this will clear up the situation from how I see it. And TBH, this is mostly aimed towards the hardcore OG guys. Many members and regulars (no, not solely the usual suspects) love to complain about one or several of the following things: 1) OB isn't growing. 2) OB isn't finding the right game so won't progress. 3) If OB is attempting to progress in a certain area/way - they will complain that it's wrong way of doing it. 4) The leadership is inadequate. 5) OB SHOULD NOT progress, because it's perfect the way it is with the old school member base and a teamspeak (???) Many love to complain, but do nothing about it. And no, writing a 1,000 word post on the forums on this topic does not mean you are attempting to do something good for OB. As far as I can see (no offence to past and current mods) there are only about 5 people who have put a good amount of work into this community in the last 2-3 years - Wist, Unseen and Sir_Conor being 3 of those. I am not attempting to take the moral high ground, I've been guilty of this in the past - right now I don't really put any effort in, but I don't complain either. Watching from afar I've come to see it's such a dickish thing to do, these people (for free - and even out of their own pockets) put in mad hours into trying to spearhead new servers, set up new landing pages, transition to a free discord which represents teamspeak as closely as possible for you guys, and all you do is haul hate, lol. The split in this community seems to me to be: 1) Those who will only ever go into the OG channel and no where else, and will - quite literally - refuse to play with other people in this community because they don't feel comfortable doing so - at an extreme end, some of you even have about 15+ members in this community blocked/muted. The former is a fairly low number, because there are a few guys who spend a lot of time in the OG channel but are regularly open to playing things like cs mixes, league gathers, pubg games etc with other people in the lower down channels. If you don't have to think twice, you know you're one of these. 2) Literally everybody else. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with this - you're free to talk to who you want. But it confuses me, there is no effort made with the extensive community at all. If this is the case, which it is, because there are some people who live in the OG channel that I haven't had a conversation with in like 2 years - why not just go to your own teamspeak? You aren't a fan of the new member base, you no longer like the games that OB attempts to try. Maybe you don't have to, but quite frankly, some of the stuff you guys say is pretty annoying. When I was quite high up in about a 1-2 years ago (in member terms) as in I was having long chats with Unseen/Conor about OB every day and hosting every other event - it was quite frankly pathetic seeing some of you post negative comments on here about things you were completely clueless about, about the effort that these people put in and the reasoning behind decisions that were made. I remember I actually used to laugh that some of you would post on member apps 'not sure who you are, would like to see you a bit more around before i give my +1' LMFAO. Of course you don't have a fucking clue who they are, the rest of us did because we actually played the servers with them, other games with them, or talked to them. Are they not integrated unless they go into that one channel? I remember that was actually a statement made by someone once. But that moves on to communication - and here I will partially agree with you. The high council should and could be more communicative in decisions/plans/the state of OB. But TBH - what does Conor owe to you? It's like you think you're all part of some exclusive group, and you get annoyed if new, young people come along. Maybe that's changed - I don't really know how you welcome people in there anymore. If I do visit the OG channel I usually just mute myself within about 20 minutes, because it's just the same people making the same noises and jokes over and over again. By all means continue doing what you're doing, complaining etc - but summarising this, thought I'd let you know that there's literally like 15-16 year olds who have messaged me in the past finding it bewildering with how some of you guys, 10 years their senior, act on teamspeak and comment on the forums. Discord hasn't gone ahead because of how much some of you raged and begged for it not to happen. Maybe you don't want OB to progress - and that's fine, but you need to see the other POV that some people do, we want more members, more servers. Maybe it's time to buy that teamspeak? Anyway, feel free to bitch about me now amongst yourselves and this will probably seclude myself further from that channel. A new whatsapp group because you're scared of 'eyes'? Is this a year 6 playground or are we 20+ year old men? To quote Unseen 'no one gives a shit what is typed in there' 3 year rant build up over