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  1. Lewis


    Get rid of ts and move to the future already
  2. Lewis

    Show your ugly face!

    Despite 5k hours of cs:go, ya boi gone graduated with first class honours Below: A fraction of the 1,500 pics mum and dad insisted on taking all day long from my special day at Hogwarts
  3. Lewis

    War vs Russia

    Will u sign up to fight?
  4. Lewis

    New season.. Fuck Yeah..

  5. Lewis

    Allow us to block Mods on the forums

    No, this isn't right.
  6. Lewis

    Allow us to block Mods on the forums

    A.K.A just kai, +1 this yes.
  7. Lewis

    Share your clips!

    https://clips.twitch.tv/InexpensiveColorfulCattleDoritosChip acing the ruskis infront of 550 viewers
  8. Lewis

    Happy birthday Lewis( JESUS )

    ty for all the well wishes guys
  9. Lewis

    OB NERD test

    I score NINE and u?
  10. Lewis

    OB NERD test

    Post score in comments, 1 for each statement 1. Visit forums at least 3x per day 2. Have met someone from OB IRL 3. A day where I'm not on teamspeak would certainly be "abnormal" 4. Have donated some of my own hard earned money to OB 5. Would call people in OB "friends" 6. Have moderated this community at some point 7. Never been banned from OB 8. Have over 500 hours on OB servers 9. IRL friends / family know about OB from you 10. Have stuck around in OB for 3+ years 11. Have gone out of your way to make a ban request for another player 12. Helped run an OB event 13. Posted at least 15 times in the 'what am I listening to thread' 14. Will definitely still be here in 2 years time unless OB dies 15. Have 500+ posts on the forums 0-1 = UNKNOWN 2-3 = NEW KID 4-6 = KNOWN, BUT UNPOPULAR 7-9 = AVERAGE JOE 10-12 = BIG NERD 13-14 = GET A LIFE 15 = ???
  11. Lewis

    Is the "Recently Browsing" feature broken?

    I only ever see my name at the bottom in a specific thread
  12. VENGA M U G G E D