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  1. Wist

    Outbreak's 2018 Quotebook

    jamie: oh btw how was edinbourough
  2. Credit to @IrishChamp for being 95% of the effort going into making good posts on the forum to make people post. Thought some of us should try. Always a difficult and interesting question: I'll start. 1 year: living in London, working full-time at my job. Probably tired and stressed (and poor). Hoping for a pay raise so I can eat properly. Should have completed my CISPA training and now be fully certified in cyber security. 5 years: Managing at my company. Hopefully long-term girlfriend, moved in together, but still in London I expect. Travelling for work regularly, possibly seconded out. Highly specialised in my field. I hope to still know OB, as at this point I will finally earn enough for a great gaming PC. 10 years: Married, I'd like kids around now (I'd be 32). My own place with my family. At this stage I don't expect to still be in London - I would seriously consider Canada or wherever my (wife?) wanted to go. Can't imagine I'd still game as much, but maybe the pull of full VR on my phone on the Central Line would be too strong. In no rush to see this, however.
  3. Wist

    Post one nice thing about the person above you

    Everyone's favourite OB grandpa. 10/10 'UNNGNHNHNGGGHHH' noises when he awakes and always top discussion xo
  4. Wist

    Who would win in a fight?

    difficult as both 5'7, but venga smells of cigarettes so weezy could track and stalk his prey 7zip vs WinRAR
  5. Wist

    Who would win in a fight?

    10/10 keeping the thread going Irish vodo or mrpolishman
  6. lmao that is fantastic. Try TS and let Jamie treat you to his menu of Brandon soundboards
  7. Wist

    Prime Conor's Questions - PCQ

    What is the current sense of the admin team of the health of OB? I should say, I think you guys have done a great job, all things considered. It's remarkable OB is as busy as it is without servers. But are you confident it will continue? Are we financially stable? What's the plan going forward?
  8. Wist

    Show your ugly face!

    Lew did History, I did Political Philosophy
  9. Wist

    Show your ugly face!

    Okay just to farm the honor here is a second post with the HQ photos
  10. Wist

    Show your ugly face!

    A few shots of around my graduation. I'll try and find the better resolution ones. Sadly I looked rough AF because it was 30 degrees every day
  11. Wist

    It's too hot

    Going to bed in 25 degree+ heat can fuck off
  12. Wist

    General Fitness/Health Thread

    Anyone got any specific training programmes they swear by? I've got a solid 2 months of 0 to do, and I feel it makes sense to get back into shape. I've been training for 3 years as a rower, leaving me really weirdly unbalanced. I'd really like to develop my chest
  13. Wist

    steamsummer sale

    I finally bought the Witcher III, and downloading it caused my house to lose all internet for 13 hours
  14. Wist


    ??????????? you cannot seriously believe this Sure he came from shit, but that doesn't excuse his ridiculous rap sheet
  15. Wist


    didn't he attack a pregnant woman