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  1. Off to uni again. See y'all in two months!
  2. dog penis so large is fire hazard or so small u stiqqy
  3. Username: Wist Email Address: PM'd Age: (18 minimum) 21 Location (Country): UK Hours spent playing games per week: (just very average estimates) 25-35 at home, 0 at uni
  4. I've just got home from birthday
  5. Hm, I'd definitely say stop smoking and drinking so much. Or move on to fine wine and cheeseboards. But cut the vices etc etc
  6. hostility and e-penis in this thread is a joke, this is a friendly inter-community event, y'all need to have fun more, it's christmas smh
  7. life is strange
  9. I dun diddily love free stuff
  10. @JamieWHERE MOUTH NOW KNOWN SMACK TALKER EZPZ4ME Thanks for hosting!
  11. Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/trinityhall *Matchmaking Rank: Unranked, I would assume DMG Player or reserve: Player **Can you honestly commit to this event: Yes, assuming it's before Christmas, I will be potentially squeezed if it's later than the 28th
  12. Thanks all <3
  13. Happy Birthday Wist!