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  1. boys who thought they were mad popular and had 15 notifications line up
  2. Happy to run a geoguessr night.
  3. @Eagle @Jamie @Fluxy (though he’ll need a proofreader)
  4. Wist

    Time for change

    In light of how many flagrantly racist/homophobic/sexist soundboards there are of you, what now makes you a credible owner?
  5. Wist

    New mouse?

    One time my mother called me a son of a bitch, so I hit her because no one talks trash about my mother, then I hit myself because no one hits my mother, she then hit me because no one hits her son and then hit herself because no one hits me, so I hit her because no one hits my mother. cant stop me
  6. Wist

    Apex Nibbas

    this taught me I should play bloodhound
  7. I'd also give @mitch @w33zy and me joint geoguessr keen kid status
  8. I'd give @VENGA BUS and me equal parts FTL
  9. Curious about when games are played, because I am available approx. never besides the weekend and randomly at night in the week
  10. You look like a thumb with a gun edit I had not seen Mintlou’s post
  11. yo it me boxing day work party pres with friends (NOW WITHOUT HOVERHAND™ my fam
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