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  1. So many old names, man - Zero, Hood Robin, Barry, Kriss, McLovin...
  2. In eight years of history, we've definitely had a lot of memorable events. What's your favourite all-time OB moment?
  3. Wist

    Sad reality

    Victims of our own success growing too old to G4M3 properly
  4. Wist


    I'd be a little bit hesitant with backing a dramatic website shift without a clear end goal in mind. If the website is a facilitative vehicle to a particular outcome (e.g. to advertise a server), then we should probably settle on what that should be first. That being said, there are definitely slicker sites out there. As for what I'd like to see, ho-boy. A bit more colour I think. And can you explain what you mean by full forum integration, and how it's different to what we have now? https://www.uwsgaming.com/ - A google search for online community has these guys at the top. Instantly you get the sense they're a slick operation.
  5. Wist

    New surf video

    is there a plugin for breaking 3.5k unit cap or has something changed?
  6. can you still play the ship multiplayer?
  7. Skribbl.io, Geogussr, bonk, random 99p game on steam
  8. I can’t go but I’ve left some Qs with @Mintlou . Have a good session, hope to read the responses soon. love you all longtime
  9. Quinn 'I never take baits as I am a living genius' Lord
  10. Wist

    Chest Hair

    actual copy and paste from skribblio: cool shades: caterpiller Kej: Caterpillar cool shades: caterpillar Kej: Caterpiller Kej: Catarpiller cool shades: caterpillar The word was 'strawberry'
  11. Wist

    Chest Hair

    don't you mean cactas
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