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  1. my random ass posting in the forums plus USER/this pc/downloads/298309747 @Sir_Conor ?
  2. Hazed

    New Server Ideas

    tbh for once i believe he's right for the first time, i think the reason why our community isn't getting new people or advancing is cuz of ts.
  3. +1, for real man i miss the old days where when i come back home and get so fucking excited to play with yall'n shit, doing stupid ass shit like mixes, jackbox, GTA and other stuff all day every day and next day i then wait for my boring ass work/studying gets done with so i can play with everyone and have a huge blast of laughter. PS: ayo OG's get ur asses on ts sometime holla at us, it ain't a bad thing to jump at ur old folks and holla at em innit.
  4. Hazed


    ayo ayooooo waaazzzaaaaaaaaaaa, welcome buddy hope to see ya on ts fam l..l .
  5. Let's get a tourn going yo, someone host a cs or league and find a proper time when to do it so that everyone can join.
  6. Hazed

    Sad reality

    nah yo it ain't over we still got each other fam, even though the community is split into 2 groups but who cares as long as everyone is happy being with each other, it's true we all missed the old times on JailBreak 2013-2016 but that's life bro people come and leave we can't do nothin to stop this, all i got to say is we just need to find this game that sparks all yall and brings all of us together to play, making events - mixes - tournaments w/e, i guess we just wait for that game to appear or we all gather and talk about consistent games to pick up (all of the community) ?.
  7. Hazed

    Classic WOW

    For the people who do not know this gang, i strongly recommend going horde unless you want to go up against these guys ?
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