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  2. Meet Retardletics. My 23 farming locked normal account After recently maxing my cooking in like 3 hours I decided to up the ante To forge my own journey from scratch. No farming guild, no herb runs. But this time, I can’t farm. All leading up to taking on one of runescapes biggest challenges. 24 farming. hb old cunt
  3. The cinematography is fucking 10/10, special effects 10/10, MUSIC 11/10, CGI 10/10. It's like a full blown high budget film. Except the fact it's ruined by the fucking horrible story telling. Season 1-4/5 Tyrion is witty and smart, season 6-8 he's full blown retard and spends the majority of his scenes going "lol no dick Varys" Jon is RETARD and is basically a side character at this point. Jaime's Story Arc - POINTLESS I could go on forever.
  4. Liverpool gonna win the double
  5. Down with the bureaucracy. The Class struggle between OGs and Skids will only end when we seize the means of production. KEEM4REP
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  7. Sucks at rapping but +1 only cause he looks sexy in a bra.
  8. "Community Game Nights." I made a large post then shit got deleted after forum maintenance so here's the abridged version. Community game nights should be quite regular things, and not be a substitution for proper events. Honestly the first game night just being Minecraft feels rather uninspiring. Members should be able to create game nights on whatever they are able to, so for example I would advertise a Civ game night on a day. In my experience always trying to organize party games always takes like 30mins/1 hour which kinda puts people off. We could have a separate forum thread to "events" where members can post without admin approval where members can set up games in advance. For example a post could be a long the lines of "Civ 5 NQ mod game(s) 12/04/19" with further info like Download links, rules, slots, etc. It could also provide a way to keep score and possibly have some sort of leaderboard system going. Ideas for community game nights - Strategy games (Civ 5, HoI, AoE2, Warlight, etc) Jackbox Tabletop simulator games Worms WMD Mafia Golf It Left 4 Dead 5v5's (Something like when we did monkeys v OGs)
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