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  1. It happened. The truth is out.
  2. I've had this game on my radar since this thread was made in 2017. Today I purchased it in the steam summer sale for £8.99 and so far I am very impressed. If anyone in OB has or is interested in this then I highly recommend getting it and playing.
  3. That looks fantastic, I'll have to see if it's on netflix.
  4. Hey guys. Recently I've been watching various documentaries about games and their development. Today I came across this documentary about a GTA V community and now I'm feeling all nostalgic about OB. I wanted to share this with you and ask if anyone knows of any other similar videos that I could watch.
  5. I recomment checking out the summer rewind playlist for Spotify users
  6. Skeff


    https://youtu.be/w2HuxWBQDAw My friend recommended I watch this Goblinman mode video. The youtuber is only using items that other people have given him and hilarity ensues.
  7. It's great that we're trying discord. I think it really will help any interested player get into the community a lot easier and make the community more accessible for less active players. I'd suggest having a longer trial than a week, at least try a month. Seeing events happen again will be great. I felt like we almost got back into them last month but they just stopped after only a few.
  8. That's not how to turn the lights back on!
  9. Skeff

    New server idea?

    Awesome to see a modern game adding support for this. I feel like there is a lot less custom content in games now days in favour of competitive rankings and esports viability.
  10. Thanks conor. I love my new trophies.
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