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  1. This looks fantastic and I am very tempted to get a VR setup for this. What are OBs thoughts?
  2. https://open.spotify.com/track/6wYJJ8AEhgS2euFsuTvZ1g?si=kvODiGSrSoifJxcrBliMIQ Spotify links are no longer working BTW
  3. Where are you getting that from? Everyone that meets the criteria mintlou outlined in his original post have a right to vote in community decisions like this.
  4. @Eagle Thanks for publishing the list. It gives a real perspective to see who is active in these discussions. To help me understand who I know I have split the list into the basic membership categories Members - 65.5% of the votes Brake_d0wn Chus Danny Eagle Eraser Extinct ツ FlaSh Fluxy Frostie GingerPopper Hazed IrishChamp Jak Jamie Kai Lucy MiniColossus Mintlou Oldmike Pasickle Quinn Rachel Scrobbesbyrig Scrune Sir_Conor Skeff Sovman Toby. VENGA BUS Vemix Veng3nce Wist gaffeR giant_cheesepuff keemy marsh nick w33zy ҉NuclearGamer Every member voted which is fantastic! Retired members & Long term regulars - 13% of the votes Biggles Desig JME Jaydog! Quake Kartoffel SonyTwan mitch Glad to see veterans get their say! Non members - 21.5% of the votes CHeeKYiE Drake HeadHunter JamesG JasperTheHamster Nuetraluk1 TheCake TheSwiftWolf Yoshi bd0n |JessE | ♥ SmokingKitty ♥ Twitzoh
  5. @Chus Interested is not the same as caring.
  6. Teamspeak means Teamspeak! Lets get this done in 3 years. In all seriousness. Where did 59 people come from? Lets see the list of who voted (not what they voted for)
  7. Great proposal. Would be great to see the vanilla server out as soon as you can and some cool events just around the corner from that to stop the usual minecraft fatigue.
  8. Skeff


    This is the biggest reason I have to not do anything and really the main reason I have set up this thread. If the community is to stay as a small voice chat/forum group then I won't pursue this any further however with the move to discord and announcements of game servers I think it may just about be the right time to update. That website is a great example of what I think OB could have. Something that allows the community to advertise the games they are interested in, advertise upcoming events and display information better, such as the admin list. The forum integration idea would transform the website to be a more colourful and interactive version of the forums. For example a server announcement post would have a comments section below and would also be shown on the front page. It would give the announcement a bigger platform and wouldn't take away from our ability to chat about it. The forum integration is definitely just a wild idea right now. I want to make it clear that the priority is Home Page->Supporting Pages->Forum Integration. Perhaps the initial compromise will be to have everything provide links straight to corresponding parts of the current forums, similar to how uwsgaming have links to their forums for each game they are playing.
  9. A few years ago Gunstar created a brilliant home page for the Outbreak website however it's not been updated since. It's starting to show it's age with old videos, pictures, broken links and mentions to things that never came to be. With the community moving to discord (most likely at time of writing) I figured it would be time to modernise our website as well as our chat platform. I've been learning ASP.Net Core with MVC and would like to make something to help Outbreak. It'd be great to have a website that community members regularly visit and one that peaks new players interest at a glance. Whilst I learn and make a basic prototype I wanted to get the community opinion about the website; Do you think we should have an updated website? What would you like to see from the website? How do you feel about full forum integration? What website/gaming community website do you think is good and we could use in OB?
  10. When discord is hitting 70% you've really got the question your PC build.
  11. until

    I cannot make it but I have left some thoughts in the Thoughts on Discord so far? thread.
  12. Some good points raised here. Here are my thoughts Pros Stand alone text channels give the community a better opportunity for integration. This means players in different subgroups can find it easier to interact, inactive players have more opportunities to interact and new players can enter a more central chat. This is my main argument for discord. I think discords UI is much friendlier and more detailed than teamspeak. Joining in with a discord community is much easier and less daunting than teamspeak. Embedded media is great. It removes the extra faff that sharing media comes with on teamspeak. The availability of discord bots can really enhance a server. Whilst you could argue teamspeak can have more functionality, where do we actually make use of it? Most gamers use discord these days. Keeping the community available on discord really improves the likelihood of new players sticking with us. Cons The community is still using discord like teamspeak. I think the number and use of each channel can be groomed to improve how we use the server and text chats be utilised more, for example minor achievements could be posted there. Maybe I have missed a button but it frustates me how discord always marks everything as unread, even when you have a server on mute. It's a quick fix to mark as read but it still grinds my gears. I think I'd rather have some chat history than nothing. The community still needs to get used to discord. There are many differences between the two softwares such as audio notifications. It doesn't take long to get used to these. There have been reports of lagg. There are some settings such as game overlay you can turn off which improves performance. I've been using discord for years and have had little performance issues with the application itself. Standard voice quality in discord is lower than teamspeak, which I understand is a big issue for some people. Perhaps I've spent too long away from teamspeak but I think discords voice is fine, it's really not far behind teamspeak and there are things we can do to improve it. Whilst it takes 50 boosts to get the best quality, it only takes 2 to double the quality and 10 to quadruple it, which is not beyond the realms of possibility for Outbreak. I think discord is the most appropriate platform for Outbreak to be on right now. It's improved community integration gives it the edge over teamspeak and whilst the default voice quality isn't as good it is still fit for purpose and doesn't require much to improve. I think going back to teamspeak will keep the community in a stagnant state whilst sticking with discord will open opportunities for an active community.
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