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  1. Skeff

    brexit thread

    You say this as if we should just sit and wait for other countries to come to us to set up trade. We should be going out and finding out own opportunities to trade with people. Surely this is the main benefit of leaving the EU, we can set up our own trade deals with a wider range of countries much faster than the EU can. Additionally it would be greatly beneficial to have a trade deal with our biggest trading partner, the EU.
  2. Skeff

    Hytale - Standalone game from Hypixel

    Looks really good although I worry I've played too much minecraft to appreciate it. Also reminds me of cubeworld which I missed out on.
  3. For those of you that subscribe to spotify they release your statistics for the year as well as a few playlists to feel some nostalgia for the last year. https://spotifywrapped.com/ This is my summary
  4. Skeff

    What are you listening to right now?

    Apparently this is my top song on spotify for 2018 and I think I agree. It's brilliant although I have overplayed it a little.
  5. Skeff


    It worked for TF2, they probably assume it'll work with CSGO and give it a more competitive advantage compared to Fortnite. I think it will however it's not going to make a dent in Fortnite and CSGO will keep on going as usual.
  6. Skeff

    Crash team racing remake

    It looks good and I may get it for the switch but I already have a very similar game, mario kart.
  7. Skeff


    Whilst I'd like to hop on the "No one will play it train" I'm looking at the 0 player count on the minigames server and thinking that it wouldn't hurt to try changing the gamemode every now and then. It'll give us a good excuse to have events, get together and play CSGO, something I think many people would appreciate. Worse case scenario is that our minigames server with no players turns into a jailbreak server with no players.
  8. Skeff


    Looks like lots of rocket jumping
  9. Skeff

    Deep Rock Galactic

    Looks brilliant.
  10. Skeff


    Old School RuneScape Mobile is officially released! *hint*<--That is a link*hint*
  11. Skeff

    funniest person ob?

    For me I think it's a toss up between gaffer and keiji.
  12. Skeff

    Cheap but reliable smart phones

    I second gaffers choice. My old housemate got himself a huawei for about 160 and it was a very good budget option.