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    https://youtu.be/w2HuxWBQDAw My friend recommended I watch this Goblinman mode video. The youtuber is only using items that other people have given him and hilarity ensues.
  2. It's great that we're trying discord. I think it really will help any interested player get into the community a lot easier and make the community more accessible for less active players. I'd suggest having a longer trial than a week, at least try a month. Seeing events happen again will be great. I felt like we almost got back into them last month but they just stopped after only a few.
  3. That's not how to turn the lights back on!
  4. Skeff

    New server idea?

    Awesome to see a modern game adding support for this. I feel like there is a lot less custom content in games now days in favour of competitive rankings and esports viability.
  5. Thanks conor. I love my new trophies.
  6. Has been around for a while and has built up a decent presence +1
  7. You've been around for a while, getting in close with many of the admin team. It'd be nice if you posted a little bit more on the forums, even if they have been pretty dead for a while.
  8. You've been around for a good while and clearly have some good awareness about the community. +1
  9. It's nice to see some movement happening I agree that events do seem to be a good way forward for the community. Instead of spending a long time setting up a server in the hope that it'll be a big hit we have temporary servers to bring the community together. These are so much more flexible in terms of what is hosted which really allows for event diversity. Unfortunately I have to warn that last time this was tried it didn't last. You can see evidence of this on the Events forum and Event Section forum. If you are interested in hosting events then my suggestions are: Stay away from complicated rules and scoring systems because it creates a lot of downtime during the event, means you have to perform lots of admin to enforce and can confuse the players. Make sure the server, maps and plug ins are all thoroughly tested early because you won't find yourself running into unexpected issues. Make sure the game and game mode is something a lot of the community are currently interested in and own.
  10. Throwing the ownership of the community around isn't the solution however I think this thread raises some important issues. Do we need change? Yes, the community is completely stagnant. Will change work? We don't know, there are no exact plans for what this change actually is. How can we make it work? If you have a plan for the future of the community then I'd suggest typing it up and posting it on the forums, apply for a server warden or moderator role and then carry out your plan. Good ideas will resonate with the community and will increase community activity. I haven't seen anyone try to take a lead on anything in a while except for the current admin team. That being said I do wish they would be more open with everyone about what their plans are and how they're going to achieve them because it would stop the community becoming alienated from the team and they would be able to get help and ideas from the community.
  11. Shows that the subbed is better than the dubbed
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