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  1. 420

    Nothing like 420 at 16:20 on 20/4
  2. War vs Russia

    Only if conscription becomes a requirement but you'll want to avoid that as much as possible.
  3. speed builders

    So close yet so far
  4. Allow us to block Mods on the forums

    tbh if community members want to block a mod then perhaps that person shouldn't be mod in the first place. What mods have to say should be considered important and you shouldn't have to block it.
  5. Make it so blocked people can't react to your posts

    Perhaps we could do with a 'block reaction' option.
  6. JB

  7. 2k post

    Welcome to the group of truly #blessed users on the forums.
  8. OB NERD test

    12/15 I'm a big OB nerd
  9. Biggest YouTube secret of all time

    All of them
  10. Biggest YouTube secret of all time

    I knew it was him!
  11. Why not? We've not got much else on.
  12. Chatbox

    Sorry for being such a naughty one. I just think screamers are in fashion, just like the shoutbox and teamspeak.
  13. What are you listening to right now?

    Such a great album