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  1. Skeff

    World Cup thread

    Huzzah! We gave them a good thrashing. I'm not so sure against Belgium though.
  2. Skeff

    E3 2018

    The new super smash bros looks brilliant and mario party will be good.
  3. I don't like reactions that give multiple reputation and we already know the problem with negative reactions. Perhaps we should move back to the old system, it was simple and we never had these issues with it. Especially since discord is happening soon, that gives everyone a lot of reactions to use.
  4. Skeff

    What are you listening to right now?

    Lets all party!
  5. +1 Why should questionable or sad increase your honor?
  6. Skeff

    What are you up to right now?

    Watching episodes with the GF. It's a good show. Has anyone else watched it?
  7. Skeff


    Grow up Mintlou. Teamspeak shouldn't be the sole reason you come online to this community. Why don't you let discord have a chance?
  8. Skeff


    This is exactly what we need. It is an amzing step forward for the community and soon we'll all be asking Why it took so long to get discord. For those still unsure There are a few minor differences between teamspeak and discord. The main difference being discussed is that voice and text channels are separate. This won't take long to get used to although the mods may have to prepare for a little more monitoring. Discord also has many more advantages over teamspeak. The main advantage is that it has better accessibility. You can access the server without having to be in a voice channel, so you can just chat like the shoutbox or the forums. You can also use the mobile app and have access to the community just like the many OB whatsapps we are currently spread out in. Thank you to everyone sorting this out. It really will make us a more modern and accessible community.
  9. Skeff

    How much you spent on Steam?

    I've not spent as much as some people but it's interesting to see how much I've spent over 12+ years.
  10. Skeff

    Classic WoW

    Took them 5 years to copy OSRS. NTY
  11. Skeff

    Fortnite tourney results

    Well done extinct! You won your own tourney.
  12. Skeff

    It’s loud thunder

    I've heard it's happening but there has not yet been any in Nottingham.
  13. Skeff

    It's been a while

    Hey blue eyes, nice to see you appear again. I hope you're doing well! Oh I wish we have discord. Right now we just have teamspeak & a new retake server, which has only seen limited action.