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  1. Oh wow. That intro has our current colour scheme. It's mental to think that Kriss managed to have his maps in place in such an early time in the community. I'll have to ask him when he made them one day.
  2. Calm down. Dead communities don't tend to move very quickly. I have got a bit of an archive of old jb maps like this. Apparently I have 4 versions of trainingcamp. final, v12, b2 and b3. Here is b3 @GeorgeLAD
  3. I just took a look into my videos and pictures from various meet ups and this has got to be a favourite memory. @UnSeen @Hypnotized @Mintlou
  4. Skeff


    They should rename it to Counter Strike: Overwatch Offensive
  5. They see me lurkin' but not posting. I'll never get to 3k posts like this.
  6. This looks fantastic and I am very tempted to get a VR setup for this. What are OBs thoughts?
  7. https://open.spotify.com/track/6wYJJ8AEhgS2euFsuTvZ1g?si=kvODiGSrSoifJxcrBliMIQ Spotify links are no longer working BTW
  8. Where are you getting that from? Everyone that meets the criteria mintlou outlined in his original post have a right to vote in community decisions like this.
  9. @Eagle Thanks for publishing the list. It gives a real perspective to see who is active in these discussions. To help me understand who I know I have split the list into the basic membership categories Members - 65.5% of the votes Brake_d0wn Chus Danny Eagle Eraser Extinct ツ FlaSh Fluxy Frostie GingerPopper Hazed IrishChamp Jak Jamie Kai Lucy MiniColossus Mintlou Oldmike Pasickle Quinn Rachel Scrobbesbyrig Scrune Sir_Conor Skeff Sovman Toby. VENGA BUS Vemix Veng3nce Wist gaffeR giant_cheesepuff keemy marsh nick w33zy ҉NuclearGamer Every member voted which is fantastic! Retired members & Long term regulars - 13% of the votes Biggles Desig JME Jaydog! Quake Kartoffel SonyTwan mitch Glad to see veterans get their say! Non members - 21.5% of the votes CHeeKYiE Drake HeadHunter JamesG JasperTheHamster Nuetraluk1 TheCake TheSwiftWolf Yoshi bd0n |JessE | ♥ SmokingKitty ♥ Twitzoh ?
  10. @Chus Interested is not the same as caring.
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