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  1. Skeff

    CSGO Server Survey

    What next? Not long after I submitted my last post the Outbreak admins announced the release of a minigames server. As I don't want to create any competition against this server I will postphone my server plans. The time I spent on the new server was fun and I encourage others to go on it as it'll be fun with other players. When OB gets servers filled up it is a truely special and fun experience. I also think it'll be interesting to see how the results of my survey translates to a real server. I'm still interested in mapping and if I manage to create a map that may work out I will be looking to test it within Outbreak. Currently I am interested in creating a competitive bomb map as well as seeing if I could cobble together a minigames map for the new OB server. Thanks. /lock thread please?
  2. Skeff


    I got my first level 90 today
  3. Skeff

    CSGO Server Survey

    Survey End It's been almost a week since I put this survey up and the number of responses have slowed down. Thank you to everyone that has submitted a response and are interested in a CSGO server. I shall be closing the survey at the end of the week so if anyone has yet to respond to this please make sure you respond to the CSGO server survey. CSGO Server There has been a brilliant repsonse to this survey. 20/22 (90%) of the responses are interested in a CSGO server. This has the potential to be a great starting player base and I am hopeful everyone has old OB friends they can invite to increase this base player population. CSGO Events Out of the players interested in a CSGO server 17 (85%) are interested in CSGO events. Since events don't have to maintain a population I am hopeful that events could gain popularity such as the old 20 player events we used to host. This should help boost the population on the server, especially if there is a reward system for playing the events. I asked how often these players would like to see events. 30% want the old fortnightly schedule back, 40% want monthly events and 20% want them to be less frequent. Whilst I would personally enjoy fortnightly events to be back it would seem monthly CSGO events would be preferable in the community. Some players may want these to be more frequent but I think official events for other games could fill in the void left by CSGO events. Server Gamemodes I asked each player to rate their interest in each of the following gamemodes. These are how I expect the gamemodes to fair if used on a server. Gamemodes that won't survive Arms race, Battle royale, Deathmatch, Demolition, Hostage Gamemodes that would struggle to survive Aim, Capture the flag, Control points, King of the hill, Zombie escape Gamemodes that could survive Bunny hop, Retake, Surf (Combat) Gamemodes that could thrive Climb, Jailbreak, Minigames, Surf (Skill) Event Gamemodes I also asked each player to rate their interest in each of the following gamemodes when used for an event. These is how popular I expect an event with the gamemode to be. Gamemodes that won't attract (m)any players Deathmatch, Demolition, Hostage, Retake Gamemodes that may attact a small group of players Arms Race, King of the hill, Surf (Combat) Gamemodes that may attract a medium group of players Battle royale, Bunny hop, Capture the flag, Control points, Climb, Jailbreak, Surf (Skill) Gamemodes that may attract a large group of players Aim, Minigames, Zombie Escape What next? I think this survey shows there is support for a CSGO server in the community. There is a good selection of game modes which could work out well for the server however each has it's own issues. A gamemode rotation or multigames plugin could solve these however these solutions also come with their own issues that will need to be addressed for the server to have a long lifespan. This survey also shows there is support for CSGO events. There is a much greater selection of gamemodes that may bring together groups of the community but there won't be as many players are we have had in the past. Additionally there has been discussion about official events in other games which could also prove to work out well but unless someone takes a survey or tries to host one we don't know how popular it will be. I am hopeful that we can host successful events and make the community excited for them once again. At the start of next week I will open a discussion for the specific details for the game server and it's gamemodes. There may be a survey to gather data and an open forum thread for players to post their suggestions. After a week or two, if the issues have been addressed and there is sufficient interest in the server I will open it. Once open the server will start with a basic gamemode. Over the first month I will test multiple gamemodes to see how each one works. After this the server will focus on what is the most popular. If the server is doing well then I will expand the servers gamemodes, plugins, maps and introduce events.
  4. Skeff

    Who is your oldest living blood relative?

    My oldest living blood relatives aren't that old, probably mid 60s to mid 70s. My older family members have died off over the last decade, with most between living into their mid 80s to their mid 90s. Personally I'm hoping for at least 80 years and anything after that would be a great bonus. How many years are you hoping for?
  5. Skeff

    CSGO Server Survey

    Interested in a CSGO Server? I am interested in opening a CSGO server for the Outbreak-Community through the Warden role. I would like to use the server for map, model and script development. This would mean every so often I would come onto the server with something like a map to mess about in for a while. If you're lucky it may even be fun. The server can host any game mode the Outbreak-Community is interested in. It could also be available for events to get the community playing together. Let me know This survey is to find out if there is interest within the Outbreak-Community for a CSGO server and what it should contain. Click here for my CSGO Server Survey
  6. Skeff

    Ultimate Chicken Horse

    I think I may have played this with an old housemate and really enjoyed it. Definitely one to look at getting.
  7. Skeff

    Why the OGs are actually Outbreak's Boomers

    16) Tend to think they're a bigger group than they actually are. 17) Should realise they're past it and relinquish power to the younger generation.
  8. Skeff

    I require your assistance

    Food 'n' Stuff
  9. I would say work but as a software engineer I work at a computer so it doesn't really count. Usually if I'm not at my PC I'm hanging out with my girlfriend.
  10. Skeff

    Is it time?

    Isn't this the Warden role?
  11. Skeff

    What are you listening to right now?

    It finally got added to spotify
  12. Skeff

    Is it time?

    Time for Conor to stand down? Perhaps. There has been many times where we have been left in the dark in the last year and the updates we have had have always been along the lines "We're trying a server soon but we just have to set it up". This always feels like a lame excuse because game servers can litterally be set up in a day - of course custom content may take a little longer but I don't think it is always necessary. Sometimes it's best to get out an alpha that everyone can enjoy and then build up unique content later on which will be more appreciated at that point. Does this mean Conor should stand down? Not necessarily but I do think a shake up in how the community is moderated is. The mod team need to be more open with players in the community. Even if there is little to no update it would be nice to see a newspost letting us know this and we no longer feel left out in the dark. The mod team need to have clear activity on all platforms we are spread across to pick up all the suggestions and give feedback about them. I feel this is particularly crucial on the forums but currently is terrible whether it is in a thread or direct message. There have been plenty of big conversations set up such as Is OB Dead? that could have been settled with 1 comment to address concerns within the thread. This just needs to be from someone high up such as the Owner or an Admin. I have also had various issues with direct messages to the higher ups, I wonder if anyone else has had these? For example when I originally send the link to my Jailbreak map Soar it took well over a month and multiple push messages to get it on the server. The mod team need to be more brave when it comes to new ideas. There are always players that push back on ideas but even with the unsuccessful ideas a lesson is learnt and the community grows. Players are always scared that their stable environment is going to die but since I've joined OB the only times where we have died out is when we have performed no action to try and advance. I know because I have been this type of player when the original JB server collapsed. The community was pretty dead until we tried GMod DarkRP. This was a suprisingly fun experience and is a key turning point that lead us back to Jailbreak only this time in CSGO, of which most the community now comes from. Do we need more moderators to do this? At the moment we have a small amount of moderators since there are no large servers to moderate. This seems fine but when we are in such a stagnant state the moderators will sit happy in their position of power but will not take action for the community to move forward. I think a more active group would suit the communities needs more and I appreciate that @Lewis has taken the time to apply for moderator as I think he has the potential to be just this. It would be great to see some of the currently active players applying for this too instead of just complaining in every thread.
  13. Skeff

    A very overdue update

    It's nice to see an update from the admin team, it'd be nice if we could get this bumped to at least once a month just so we don't think everything is dead. Servers I am excited for the new minecraft server, some of my favourite moments on minecraft have been on OB member servers. I really enjoyed the vanilla village that was made a few years ago and would be interested in starting up a new village if others are interested. There is some discussion about CSGO Jailbreak, Surf and Minigame servers. Personally I don't think OB has got enough players willing to retain an active population but could easily have a few days of fun. This is one reason why a year ago I looked into hosting events and keeping the server open for a few weeks but unfortunately that and every other server that has been tried in the last year has had this same fatal flaw. Perhaps if more people took an interest in the Warden role then we may stumble into something the community can willing to populate. Shoutbox & Discord Hopefully the shoutbox will bring a little spark to the forums that has been lacking over the past few months. I think it's a real shame that discord is fallen by the wayside for now. I think that Discord would improve activity for less active players as they aren't required to join voice chat in order to show activity but on the other hand gives the super active players a great set of channels to do their regular mingling. I think Discord would create much better inter-community relationships as there would be more open chatboxes that players can opt-in and out of, similar to having multiple shoutboxes. Most importantly I think it would bring the community together as we would no longer be required to be spread between so many different platforms such as teamspeak, the shoutbox and the variety of different whatapp groups that are floating about. Surf here.