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April Monthly Update

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Following our first "Community Discussion Meeting" here is the outcome of that meeting, the meeting showed how we do all care about the community and its direction and I want to personal thank everyone who got involved this will be something that we shall try to do on a monthly basis. 

Community Discussion Meeting

Overhaul the feedback from the meeting shows that we do want some sort of community growth through various areas throughout the community, a few ways to do this have been suggested which I will be mentioning below.

A role will be voted on by the community to say who they want as the "Outbreak Community Representative" this person will keep everyone updated on everything that is happening throughout the community whether it be Events, Servers and Community Development as a whole, put simply they will be the Outbreak PR person working with everyone. Hopefully this role will fix our lack of community information/updates so that everyone knows where we are at. More information HERE.

Monthly Update posts will actually be posted monthly, keeping our community updated, in-between this we will be doing Community Discussion Meetings where everyone can show up and we can discuss the community together. Community Discussion Meeting and Monthly Updates will also take place on a bi-weekly format for example:

  • 01/01/2019 Monthly Update
  • 15/01/2019 Community Discussion Meeting
  • 01/02/2019 Monthly Update
  • 15/02/2019 Community Discussion Meeting

The Community Discussion Meetings will be up on the calendar as soon as a date and time is selected, this will be where you can either post points that you would like to bring up or message either Myself and the Staff Team or the Outbreak Community Representative these meeting should be no longer than one hour. 

Outbreak Community Media is an area that was brought up in the meeting where everyone can get involved uploading clips or funny situations that have happened in the community, think something along the lines of Soviet Womble Videos. A Thread for this will be created where you can upload Videos to dropbox/google drive or whatever else and hopefully they can be created to showcase our community and then uploaded to the Outbreak Community YouTube Channel which you can subscribe to right now HERE, More information about this will be posted on the Thread itself.

Currently the Community is split in different channels throughout the Teamspeak this is something everyone brought up to and wanted to try and resolve. The best suggestion for this is Events whether it be fully organised Events/Tournaments or something more causal along the lines of Game Nights. A thread for this will be created where we can post suggestion on what people would like to see done, this will need be done as a community effort, so if you are suggesting something you should be will to try and help out with it so it doesn't end up being piled upon one or a small number of people.   

GTA FiveM RP Server

GTA FiveM RP Server as I've previously mentioned I've been focusing on working on this, the current ETA is to have something like a playable BETA for Outbreak by the end of the month. If you do want to help out with this whether that be suggesting possible plugins from HERE or anything else let us know.

If you do have experience with GTA FiveM or if you have played it yourself or watched videos and have suggestions for the server let us know! Some examples of things that would be really helpful would be plugin creation/editing or GTA Map Editing.

Minor Update

Members+ Can give out Teamspeak Permissions to anyone in the  "New Permissions" Group, please try to either give out perms to people that you know or if you have been asked another player or if you have spoken the them. 


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