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  1. Pretty sure its "Where's Waldo". Edit: Looked it up and Wally is the british version. Neat!
  2. Lets try opening up a jailbreak server. Heard those are popular.
  3. Might be time to swap it up to AMD. Here is what I am planning on buying since it looks pretty decent.
  4. So where is the Skype group?
  5. Make sure you also turn off Hardware Acceleration as that uses a lot when on.
  6. I only unlock when I need to for certain situations. I also didn't even know you could unlock it until like 2 months after I had gotten used to it. I try to force myself to unlock recently but its a pain.
  7. I won't ever forget this outplay
  8. Vemix


    Hi Robert! Welcome to the Outbreak community! If you aren't familiar we have a teamspeak that you can join to chat with some of the members. ts3server://ts.join-ob.com?port=10014
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    Battle Of Megiddo In World War I, the Allied fight against the Ottomans had been a bloody back and forth for much of the war. It was mostly British and Anzac troops fighting in disease-infested wet areas. The most famous fight was the Gallipoli campaign, which did not go well for the Allied Powers. But as the war reached its end, the Brits began to achieve some decisive victories. In 1918, the Battle of Megiddo was one of the most decisive victories of the campaign, and it involved some clever tactics concocted by Lieutenant-General Sir Edmund Allenby. He wanted to attack the Ottoman front lines at the Plain of Sharon near the coast. It was ideal territory for that glorious cavalry charge that the Brits had wanted for the entire war. To achieve maximum success, the Brits began to divert Ottoman attention away from the real location of the attack. British forces built an entire fake camp deep in the interior of Palestine, complete with dummy horses and increased patrols of real men. They also made sure to light giant fires at night to fool the Ottomans. It worked, and the Brits successfully defeated the Ottomans on the coast rather than on the Jordanian border.
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    Weekly Game Night #6

    Whats the game? Ginger created a Moba Minecraft Map, 6 of us already tested it and its pretty fun.
  12. Vemix

    Weekly Game Night #6

    Garry's mod
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