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  1. Vemix

    Who is your oldest living blood relative?

    Of course, didn't you know Chris?
  2. Vemix

    Who is your oldest living blood relative?

    I have an 80-year-old Grandma who is Asian. (Stereotypical) and like a 70ish Mexican Grandma.
  3. Vemix

    CSGO Server Survey

    GMOD Event only had 3 people. Gmod Server had at least 8 people on everyday tho. We should get a GMOD Server end of convo.
  4. Playing Baseball, Working and of course spending some time with the GF
  5. I've gotten better since the last time we played
  6. Rocket League For Honor Geometry Dash Squad (too easy) and last is my good old AdventureQuest
  7. Vemix


    Skeff basically saying "Grow up pussies and have some balls".
  8. Vemix

    GCSE's 2018

    Congrats to all those who passed and hope you guys keep going!
  9. Vemix

    Tekken 7/Fighting games in general

    I used to play so much Mortal Kombat and enjoyed "Raiden" I just loved how cool he was back when I was young. I also enjoyed a character called "Noob" if I remember.
  10. Vemix

    How did you find OB?

    I used to play Unturned when I met someone named "Renzo", we used to play alot of games with each other and after a game of War Thunder, we decided to hop on CSGO and find out what to do. Renzo wanted to go on a jailbreak server and troll while I was confused and new to the gamemode Jailbreak. The first time I loaded in I heard Lupha commanding amd some little girl talking big smack *cough* @Rachel *cough*. My friend got kicked after shooting someone in the foot (back when admins were serious) and I had a great time.
  11. Vemix

    Away Thread

  12. Vemix

    Insurgency for free!

    Since the new Insurgency coming out and everything looking good so far, I would say Insurgency will be active for at least 2 months before dying.