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  1. Vemix

    Hollow Knight: Silksong

    I've seen this game before and saw the trailer. I never knew they are going to make more.
  2. Vemix

    Show your ugly face!

    Phone SIM slot won't open and I just got a fucking plan so I basically either buy a new phone or fucking use a phone that is basically useless to me.
  3. Vemix

    Show your ugly face!

    I became an Elf yesterday https://puu.sh/CLeqP/f25db4c252.png
  4. Vemix

    Hey sir

    "Member is earned" Welcome back bruv! You need to fucking gimme more money in Arma RP
  5. Vemix

    Interesting Trailers

    Hey, just wanted to make this thread to see what trailers you are hyped for, or what something that you thought was pretty sick. Whether it be past, present or in the future!
  6. Vemix

    Hello boys And girls

    @Scrobbesbyrig Hey by any chance have you seen this awesome video?
  7. Vemix

    Share your clips!

    "There is no way she is dead" *Splat*
  8. Vemix

    Hello boys And girls

    Haha I only do that rarely. I always run Labs with Semi Gear and come out with at least 3 raids full of loot. I kinda lost the "Gear fear" and just run whatever I like and want to. Just saying the Mp7 with AP SX rounds = Monster. Legit shreds enemies within 2-4 bullets depending on if they ain't wearing gen4 and a facemask.
  9. Vemix

    Hello boys And girls

    I understand the issue with EA but never heard of Bioware at all. I will be holding out for a good 6 months after the initial release though, it just something that kinda caught my eye I guess.
  10. Vemix

    Hello boys And girls

    Been playing Escape from Tarkov nonstop and it legit fucking makes me jump sometimes. Been taking a quick peek for Anthem and so far it looks decent.
  11. Vemix

    Share your clips!

    A little context: There is this Quarantine room where you require a key to open it and get inside, we got chased inside and we all were basically stuck in there.
  12. Vemix

    It's back boys

    Nice to see you working hard on the hub!
  13. Vemix

    Hello :)

    I mean, Rachel was always with you but now it's like somebody that you used to know.
  14. Vemix

    Hello :)

    Hi welcome! Hope you find some friends to play with!