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  1. Civilization 5

    When I comeback HMU
  2. Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

    This Warhammer game looks interesting after Keiji's video. Still wanna know who still plays though.
  3. Team Outbreak

    Good luck boys and bring in some cash!
  4. OB's Face it.

    My president not gonna like that you copying his ideas
  5. Rainbow Six Siege & Players Thread

    Vemix - Vemix2 Tachanka Lord with me!
  6. Season 3 of OB Hub

    I noticed a lot of people joining but not a lot of people actually participating and joining ts nor some gathers, but there have been a few that I noticed like Derok who is actually pretty good.
  7. OB's Face it.

    Posted a dearly comment hope we see more people join this community.
  8. H1Z1 Autoroyale - Holy moly this is fun!

    Don't ever let finnley drive, well be top 5 and he will trap us in a corner while Ganja fat fingers number 5 which is his mines.
  9. Share your clips!

    Kai dead so how you hear him?
  10. Show your ugly face!

    pretty sure its the one with the owl shirt.
  11. I really am a peace of shit.

    "my uncle bought my pc" "I cannot save up because of the war"
  12. Outbreak Next Server Vote

    u make cocaine and get become a prostitute :)
  13. Outbreak Next Server Vote

    With the new people that started playing it more often. Like @Kai @Blyss and @Skill there will def be more teams
  14. Outbreak Next Server Vote

    R1sk Online events? Oh wait no because @Thunder will pretend to ally with you then betray you.