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  3. man that was so funny, great clips @Scrune
  4. lmfao HES ON A HORSE i was looking for that clip
  5. Hello friends, randomly came on this website to share some of them old clips i still have. Brandon moment always funny This one the title speaks for itself Here Oldmike just TK's me and does not appologise after Here we where fucking around with @Extinct ツ, @Jamie and @Oldmike I had more clips on my youtube hidden, but apperantly i deleted some. I do still have the series "CSGO moments" on my youtube feel free to look at them old times (Not promoting myself). Byebye
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  7. sitll pissed about that bike clip bro
  8. @Jamie @Wist @Fluxy @Wist @gaffeR
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH man this was such a moment
  10. this is a bonus clip for @Sovman @SonyTwan @Fluxy
  11. These are the only videos I have of OB tbh and they're both the same thing
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