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    https://youtu.be/w2HuxWBQDAw My friend recommended I watch this Goblinman mode video. The youtuber is only using items that other people have given him and hilarity ensues.
  4. Thank you for the update. Your recommended build for my pc is great although the CPU kinda bottlenecks the GPU which kinda doesn't let me play games like BF1 or BFV even on low. I do plan on upgrading my motherboard and CPU since it kinda limits what games I can play.
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  6. Aaron

    Chest Hair

    boris has mad drawing skills
  7. To finalise my yearly updates: AMD is releasing their new 3rd gen, Zen 2 CPUs on July 7th. The bit you need to know: Rumour has it they are faster on single core performance than Intel (previously Intel stuff has ALWAYS won here), faster on multi-core (AMD Ryzen usually wins here) AND they are going to be cheaper than the Intel counterpart. If all the above is true, there is no reason you'd buy an Intel CPU other than you don't wanna fork out on a new motherboard. And if you still want to be an Intel fanboy you bet they'll be dropping prices around the end of July to compete. Good for customers. RAM has returned to normal pricing - in my head that's been £40 for 8GB SSDs are ludicrously cheap - 120GB SSD a year ago would have been around £70, they are now ~£20 GPUs have come down in price because Bitcoin died off If you are thinking of building a new PC, July/August is the best opportunity for the last 5 years to do it! I've been following Ryzen from day one, and we're about to see the results of AMD's efforts. Support them to keep the CPU market competitive.
  8. @Blyss you never show me decent songs
  9. @Kai sometimes you show me decent songs
  10. Blyss

    Classic WOW

    I played the new expansion (BoA) for less than a month and it was horrible. I hated the first raid and quit afterwards but idk if it has improved afterwards. Legion was really fun and I've played WOTLK in a private server a few years ago which was also somewhat fun. Classic seems interesting, specially for og players, but I always hated leveling so it's not for me. The best part of Wow (imo) are the mythic raids and legion was amazing in that aspect, every boss was fun for me.
  11. Hazed

    Classic WOW

    For the people who do not know this gang, i strongly recommend going horde unless you want to go up against these guys
  12. Some good feedback on the server this morning, thanks guys!
  13. It's great that we're trying discord. I think it really will help any interested player get into the community a lot easier and make the community more accessible for less active players. I'd suggest having a longer trial than a week, at least try a month. Seeing events happen again will be great. I felt like we almost got back into them last month but they just stopped after only a few.
  14. group conference landline calls only
  15. that's what I brought up in the community meeting and if OB were to not be dying and were looking to expand, Discord is 100% the way to go, although it might take a bit to get used to, people will complain no matter what. Only downside to Discord is it takes a bit more CPU usage, and some games might lag a bit, the voice chat is also not the most perfect thing in the world, but that's about it tbh, the pros HEAVILY out weigh the cons in this situation it's just up to people to open their eyes and see that.
  16. Well we plan to do a proper trial soon. When dates are decided you'll be the first to know!
  17. Forums and teamspeak = people from server will visit forums but not sign up, will probably never visit teamspeak discord = people from server will join, lurk a bit and see the community banter in text channels and then decide to integrate and get to know people. Not only that, everything is in one place @Sir_Conor no votes, force the change. Its for the best
  18. Regards the Merch i have currently in stock, one jamie mug, and one brandon mug. Both mugs have HIGH DEFINITION pictures, and their wacky catchphrases on the back so you can have a hearty chuckle while sipping a brew. Current cost (minus shipping) is 43 rep on the forums, but when this quality of mug is involved i can back it up with my own seal of approval:
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