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  2. What are you listening to right now?

    Let's get some feelgood funk upinthisbitch
  3. He has, but like I said, he won't respond.
  4. surely conor has seen it by now ? :thinking:
  5. Again, this post is not going to get you far, go to Conor personally.
  6. Why can't we add it, rather than have it replace anything? I couldn't imagine this being too difficult.
  7. Sorry, I am just fucking around. At the end of the day our supreme leader Conor has to make/approve changes like these, but he has the tendency to just ignore these posts to "see where they will go". I'd keep stalking him on Teamspeak if you want this really badly.
  8. Share your clips!

    Ok so i somehow got matched up against the csgo pro "pimp", and although i played like a dogs anus that whole game, i managed this. I found it quite funny ;p. https://clips.twitch.tv/CaringStormyPassionfruitPraiseIt pt 2 https://clips.twitch.tv/SmoothAlluringGerbilTriHard (Watch chat lmao)
  9. RT @Atheism: So if Kylie Jenner is pregnant with Tygas baby the babies half brother is also the half brother to her brothers baby/ her half…

  10. Last week
  11. Is mixing VR & Anime a good thing

    i think it's okay
  12. [Help] Anyone got Bitcoin?

    Thanks for the help butt from what I saw, it looks like Coinbase might still be the better option. There are a lot of negative opinions about Bitcoin.com and their app and many website put down Coinbase as their number one. I guess imma just keep going with their support to hope fully verify me. Welp Coinbase seems to be mentioned a lot in the beginner thread on the Reddit post. I'll just stick with that and see how it goes. Thanks. I don't mean to party poop, but don't you mean this month?
  13. [Help] Anyone got Bitcoin?

    I don't mean to derail, but can we all appreciate cheesepuff's first post on the forums this year
  14. [Help] Anyone got Bitcoin?

    You exactly right about the mining. Your very unlikely to make any sort of reasonable profit without investing large amounts of money into something called an asics miner which is a machine dedicated to mining crypto currencies. The difficulty of bitcoin is also far too high currently to make any sort of GPU mining worth it without having 15-20+ GPU's running constantly. If you really want to mine then you will be better mining a smaller currency like Etherium, Lite coin or doge coin as you will be able to mine more coins with a lower initial investment. You will get more money in the long run which you can then invest in bitcoin if you are looking at getting into the current hype as they are currently at a low point in an expected rise. There is a very high risk with investing in any crypto currency however as the price solely rests on demand for the currency. Hence the roughly 1500$ drop in bitcoins over the last month. Invest at your own risk.
  15. Is mixing VR & Anime a good thing

    if it isn't 2d it doesn't have my vote
  16. Is mixing VR & Anime a good thing

    Whether or not it's a good idea doesn't matter because it's here and I have a hunch that more will come out.
  17. The Outbreak Warden Project

    @Chris Lord http://spyro.wikia.com/wiki/Wing_Shield
  18. [Help] Anyone got Bitcoin?

    I don't think so sniffles, tbh. I'm no expert but given that there is less risk in investing in it now, it's doubtful you'll see the significant gains earlier and less risk averse investors did. Edit: also the electricity costs you take on when mining will probably outstrip the gain. That's from memory tho
  19. Yes and add dragon emoji
  20. Share your clips!

    @Vemix Deffo racist towards females
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