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  3. I unbanned you when i first took over. You proceed to post racism in the chatbox at 1:30am-2am. Banned again. Simple really...
  4. Me: Quoting my favorite book from School "Mod Team": You can not chat because you're in block list. @keemy
  5. i'd fuckin toe punt the cunt out the window like
  6. Boy if you dont, ahh hell naw he didn't just bruh nah you didn't just broo no waay this mans just dids that shit bruh
  7. Boy Im really boutta get to yo pickle chin ahh boy egg head like collard greens head ass boy oh hell
  8. why the fuck have you lot not moved to discord already
  9. Earlier
  10. Guys this is my friend Carl, be sure to like his new lofi song
  11. Just an update. Please use ts.join-ob.com for your bookmark as this will always be active with the latest TS ip. Dont worry, the server hasn't changed again.
  12. Hi All, As you all may have noticed, the Teamspeak is currently down. It appears that the company hosting the service has dissolved and therefore shut down the service. I have purchased a new Teamspeak server with the following IP: This is up and running and ready to use. I will be adjusting the ts.join-ob.com very soon so your old bookmarks will work also.
  13. https://innersloth.itch.io/among-us/devlog/171026/among-us-2 Confirmed by devs, basically game is too basic and was never designed with upgradability in mind, also servers are pooping themselves because of too many people, that is why they won't be adding new things to 1.
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