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  3. Eraser

    OB & CLWO Event

    My wife is in labour so probably next week
  4. Scrune

    OB & CLWO Event

    Soo this event gonna happen anytime soon?
  5. Hello everyone, My name Scrune AKA Kerem AKA CSGO GOD. I have been playing games since i was very little. It all started with small hotwheels which evolved into Video games. Then i discovered huge talent in FPS games Mainly CSGO but i am also exceptional in Rainbow 6th siege. I have tried the pro scene in CSGO a bit but it was unfair for the opponents so i eventually demoted myself to coach to make it fair for the opponents. Even then it was not fair so i retired fairly quick. Now i just want to play casual gaming and i stumbeled upon Outbreak Community. Hope to play in a gather soon with you noobs. I want to make many friends and many MEMORIES. Damn old times.....
  6. lewis needham contact me if u see this

  7. would be up for maybe holding an event or something where we have a server over the weekend??
  8. When is the Counter-Strike 2 Jailbreak server opening?
  9. Happy new year outbreak! Up to another great year for OB and jailbreak, hope to see some cool events near future! jokes aside hope all of you are doing well with whatever you are doing in life :)))
  10. Chus????????? you quitting looking ass gimp lookin bad aim ass looking jive lookin ass turkey sucklin long haired looking jive ass turkey
  11. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/or9PHNdBrh8
  12. My wife died of a gfuel overdose, i find this offensive
  13. Eraser

    Hey everyone

    Mitch no vet tag lelelelelelelelel
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