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  2. This thread likes you @Fluxy. @VENGA BUS tuna mayo is pauper food. At least have swordfish aioli if you're going down that route. Back in the office now, a bit of goss for you all; I have to fire the new guy in an hour or so. He is just too shit to do the job. Will, as per usual, update as the situation unfolds.
  3. Go have a look for existing plugins wurdy. That's the most likely way of getting this implemented in OB.
  4. Sorry I was approaching it from a normal person's point of view, forgot there were people who went to drug fuelled binges instead of a chill house party. Here's one for you
  5. ah, thank you :D
  7. Stands for "source development kit" it's basically modding and mapping tools
  8. We must go to different party's, cause that is complete shit
  9. Member+ is a lit idea. Not fussed where it goes (I'd prefer front page), and/or perhaps as an option you have to opt into - people who don't want to see it absolutely don't have to.
  10. IF the shoutbox is brought back, it should only be brought back off the front page. And it should be member+ as Rory said. Would there be some way to get it into the outbreak club section?
  11. Spec ops the line does have a cracking story I'll give you that. Just kinda shame it's so short, I finished it in 6 hours :( i would say the last of us in terms of emotional damage post playing it, that game cut deep. Also the Witcher 3 blew my mind roughly around 127 times in the 127 hours I played it :)
  12. Woke up around 45 minutes ago but only deciding to roll out of bed now. Going to go downstairs and grab a quesadilla from the Mexican place below me for breakfast/lunch. Got around 7k words to write for Wednesday for the first draft of my dissertation...FUN TIMES! I like this thread.
  13. I also love how you need to put 'don't delete' in the thread title LMAO
  14. Today
  15. Deus Ex one and Human Revolution.
  16. Ftr I'm afraid I'm out of honor for today. I just had a small bowl of tuna mayo but I will still be eating the bacon and egg @Jak. Not eating dinner until 1am last night at McDonald's was not my best idea.
  17. Thats a great idea or u could add a NSFW warning on to it for example
  18. Just finished playing Spec ops: The line, game plot fucked me over. Anyone played any similar games?
  19. Yeah it was that one. Like I said, nothing really special. Big Mac is probably a better shout.
  20. I wasn't convinced by that burger... don't fuck with a classic as far as I'm concerned.
  21. The one with big mac sauce? Keep seeing adverts for em, I haven't been in McDonalds in such a long time though. Will probs just be disappointing.
  22. Wasn't the reason for removal because admins didn't want new people seeing some of that content on the front page? Why don't either move it if that is the big issue or make it a member+ perk to be able to view/post in the chat-box.
  23. I just ate one of those new bacon burger things at McDonald's. It was OK.
  24. Obviously without, easy question. Next??????? Bacon and egg, classic combo. I also like that you've literally become Mark from Peep Show with the kids shouting at you. I'm at the pub now and will be fielding any further questions for the next hour or so.
  25. Stop stealing my admin response time. I'm due a reply in another thread!
  26. I'm decided on a bacon and egg sandwich. Got drunk with an old friend and Matt last night and I feel like I've drank a litre of finely crushed glass. I'll report my wellbeing post-sandwich. Also, walking to the cafe, I was accosted by children who were literally just shouting memes at me. They could sense my weakness and I had no choice but to just walk on whilst they yelled 'what are those' and 'hey Daniel'.
  27. The source skd, you can install it by going Library > Tools > CSGO SDK
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