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  2. I am so down for some CS2 jailbreak
  3. As a father of 3 now, i have some new players, get the server up!
  4. Biggles

    It's over.

    Hello, can I be owner pls
  5. I remember outbreak server so good was a server admin for a long time ago. Iam still playing but not so mutch csgo atm xD
  6. SlayerX

    Hi Guys

    Welcome over here
  7. Eraser

    OB & CLWO Event

    My wife is in labour so probably next week
  8. Scrune

    OB & CLWO Event

    Soo this event gonna happen anytime soon?
  9. Hello everyone, My name Scrune AKA Kerem AKA CSGO GOD. I have been playing games since i was very little. It all started with small hotwheels which evolved into Video games. Then i discovered huge talent in FPS games Mainly CSGO but i am also exceptional in Rainbow 6th siege. I have tried the pro scene in CSGO a bit but it was unfair for the opponents so i eventually demoted myself to coach to make it fair for the opponents. Even then it was not fair so i retired fairly quick. Now i just want to play casual gaming and i stumbeled upon Outbreak Community. Hope to play in a gather soon with you noobs. I want to make many friends and many MEMORIES. Damn old times.....
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