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  3. Hey all, Oliver (Ollie is better though eyy) here! Better known as Actics Online :P 26 and love playing a range of games, so will probably get to chat to most of you at some point (at least i hope lol) Anyway, hope you all have a good day O
  4. Hi All, Ive logged a ticket with the TS host. They're working on fixing it and should update me soon.
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  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glasnost In 1986 Mikhail Gorbachev and his advisers adopted "glasnost" as a political slogan, together with the obscure term "perestroika" in order to invoke the term's historical and contemporaneous resonance. Glasnost was taken to mean increased openness and transparency in government institutions and activities in the Soviet Union (USSR).[4] Glasnost reflected a commitment of the Gorbachev administration to allowing Soviet citizens to discuss publicly the problems of their system and potential solutions.[5] Gorbachev encouraged popular scrutiny and criticism of leaders, as well as a certain level of exposure by the mass media.[6] Some critics, especially among legal reformers and dissidents, regarded the Soviet authorities' new slogans as vague and limited alternatives to more basic liberties. Alexei Simonov, president of the Glasnost Defence Foundation, makes a critical definition of the term in suggesting it was "a tortoise crawling towards Freedom of Speech".[7]
  7. Yo now that I'm a retired ex-owner, can I start being rasicst now? or maybe just complain about the community and not do anything about it Merry Christmas all!
  8. The current Owner (cheese_puff) and admin team are an utter........... Just jossoling, hope you all have a great christmas and a happy new year!
  9. man that was so funny, great clips @Scrune
  10. lmfao HES ON A HORSE i was looking for that clip
  11. Hello friends, randomly came on this website to share some of them old clips i still have. Brandon moment always funny This one the title speaks for itself Here Oldmike just TK's me and does not appologise after Here we where fucking around with @Extinct ツ, @Jamie and @Oldmike I had more clips on my youtube hidden, but apperantly i deleted some. I do still have the series "CSGO moments" on my youtube feel free to look at them old times (Not promoting myself). Byebye
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