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  1. Yesterday
  2. Anything off the Britain First page is comedy gold
  3. Post some of the shit you see on Facebook and Twitter here:
  4. I would join the Kebtucky Fried Caliphate tbh as a McMercenary(tm).
  5. I would rally my right-wing death squads of child soldiers to the fight
  6. You would have also dismissed Trump getting in and brexit ever happening as the product of 'daydreaming'. The polls would have agreed with you. The polls have had some movement. It's bad, but getting better. We will wait and see over the next few weeks. That said, I am sceptical of polls as I believe they're usually designed to influence rather than measure public opinion, but the only way we'll know is on June the 9th. The polls have been wrong for over two years now. Brexit, the 2015 general election, and the US elections remain testament to that. Besides, no leap forward has failed to be accompanied by a sense of both desperation and hope.
  7. Absolute, I know I say somethings on ts, but it legit means nothing and is just a joke, 100% behind what eraser has said.
  8. Yet every group of 1000/2000 people has thrown up very similar results, none of which show Labour on top. I don't really see any relevance of people saying they'd vote for make believe parties when in fact quite a number of people go out and put bullshit on their voting card. Unless it so happens that a very large number of labour supporters are lying to pollsters in an effort to shock everybody at the last minute, a few knobs putting down "Panda Sex Party". I might come off here as a Conservative shill but I don't have any UK party allegiances, just pointing out as somebody from the outside that many of you are daydreaming in thinking that somehow Labour get a majority from this GE.
  9. You didn't have to make this post Absolute my dude. Anyone who is not a moron knows the actions of the few should not condemn the many.
  10. inb4 venga breaks into my house
  11. Ngl if I was gonna do anything I'd go join the Kurds.
  12. I'd be eating popcorn
  13. The timing was completely relevant. Absolute was claiming that the question of "who did it" was still up in the air and people were just jumping to ISIS, despite sources having come out in the hours since it happened.
  14. I shall join intelligence but could work as infiltrated too, since I'm close to africa I could go unnoticed
  15. The dad's army reference you cheeky fuck hahaha.
  16. Navy Attack: Sony, Absolute, Rhyse, Pepe, Danny S, Unseen, Vengence, Frostie (Basically all the suspected gays) Command Control/Cyber Warfare/Intelligence Gathering: Cheesepuff, Mintlou, Conor, Jamie, Skeff, Raw Home Front/Guard/Production: Rachel, Kartoffel, Unicorn, Jak, Gaffer, Venga, Biggles, Major Chaos, Jaydog, Rory, Daffy Air-Force: Keiji, Brand0n, Irish, Extinct, Lupha, Sovman, Stiqqy (Basically all the weirdos) Pacifists/May have to be forced into conscription: Fluxy, Eraser, Chris Lord Marines/Front Line: Lewis, Weezy, Liutvi, Blyss, Mitch, Mike, Wist Could go beat ISIS by ourselves tbh boys
  17. DDOSing their jb servers LMFAO
  18. With the increasing attacks on Western civilisation, Outbreak has rallied together and decided to defeat ISIS once and for all. What role do individuals in Outbreak take? Gaffer would be part of the infiltration unit, due to his small stature he would easily be able to infiltrate terrorist strongholds or stake houses, providing us with valuable intelligence or undertake assassination missions. Absolute would go undercover, with his knowledge of Islam and hatred of homosexuals, he would easily be able to become part of IS's ranks. Cheesepuff would lead our cyber attacks, DDOSing the terrorists jailbreak servers, further angering them and opening vulnerabiltiies.
  19. Just look at the number of terror attacks before and after war on terror. It's insane how much it jumps after 2001.
  20. No idea if this is serious or not but...
  21. Most of these attacks are carried out by lone wolf nut jobs who are inspired to do so by groups like ISIS. Rarely there is direct contact and these groups just claim responbility after the fact because it makes them look stronger. Truth is there is a counter terrorism arrest almost every day in the U.K., these are mostly achieved through surveillance of people making contact with ISIS and groups in Syria/Afghanistan excettera. It's likely they didn't pick this guy up because he would have had no previous contacts and was probably not a person of a concern. This is what is so dangerous about this current form of terrorism. Governments in a hard position where the issue of privacy and surveliance especially online is such a hot topic at the moment. We only need look at the results of the PATRIOT act put in by Bush post 9/11 that shows how much harm knee jerk reactions to stuff like this can cause. Anyway, another time where you gotta question the state of the world and how we got to this point. Hopefully there will be and end to things like this in the future.
  22. Very close to my heart this one, you don't realise how it would effect you. This was only 6 miles from where I live and I knew people that took their kids to this concert, thank fully all OK. It's only going to get worse but I will never live in fear and my kids will be taught the same. RIP to the ones we lost and hopefully the rest will survive.
  23. IS have claimed responsibility via Telegram, still not a confirmed source though. Sad day today.
  24. Maybe this is our answer to the "Please wait 6 seconds before searching again" https://cse.google.co.uk/cse/publicurl?cx=017741306514231560544:zpwmxjsjstw It's fast and actually a lot more accurate than our forum search
  25. Researching a bit on stuff like this. It seems ISIS targets or gets attention from people who are vulnerable (depressed, psychos, etc), I am waiting to learn more about the attacker this time around when more information is revealed. 65 million. That's the population of UK. It only takes 1/65,000,000 person to be a terrorist considering how many psychopaths, sick bastards, vulnerable individuals there are and uneducated retards start blaming race and religion behind a computer screen. If you read the AMA on reddit a while ago about a ISIS terrorist (who apparently got airstriked before he could do his 2nd AMA) who moved from Netherlands to join ISIS, it was quite interesting to learn about the ideology and his reasoning behind joining ISIS. He described how isis soldiers would go to heaven and are serving their god if they die in battle and had many claims that were totally unproven and bogus, interpreting the Quran in a very extremist way. To a sane person, you could just see how brainwashed he was. I don't think it's officially been claimed to be ISIS yet instead of just a individual, but I won't be surprised if they take responsibility. The identity is being kept a secret for the ongoing investigation, which I think is a smart move. It's nice to be able to talk about a topic like this, so please be respectful when posting.
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