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  3. Destiny 2 - Leviathan Raid Date: 15/10/19 (Reset Time - 18:00 BST onward) Reply to post to sign up, 6 people per raid party Estimated time: 2-3 hours, depends on the fireteam, experience, power level among other things The fireteam will be organised an hour or so before we start the raid. If you sign up, please make sure you have enough time for the raid If there is enough people we will make multiple raid parties Below the Sign-up there is a video for you to understand how the leviathan raid works Sign-up List marsh r1sk Toby rhyse1317 Drake
  4. Frostie

    Away Thread

    My computer is officially dead. During the move somethings happened and my cpu fan is no longer attached to my motherboard, additionally the cmos battery is dead. Looking at getting a new one soon.
  5. A third bot was added but it doesn't seem to be up atm that one is running on cheese's server so I'll message him and ask.
  6. Earlier
  7. Pasickle

    Music bots

    any updates on this situation @admens?
  8. Maybe I'll take a look this weekend
  9. Pasickle

    Music bots

    brake down isnt with us i dont know who that guy is tbh real talk tho can i get an actual response from an admin or nah? @admeens
  10. Ts changed us, we used to be better back on discord. Btw why do more than 2 bots cost money on this B-tech communication platform.
  11. Jamie

    Music bots

    jesus lads... these are some STALE games room 1 memes. expected more from mix room 1 ts tbh. YOU CAN DO BETTER
  12. Guys what does this mean, I am very confused, is this an in depth look into the fall of modern society, we will never know guys.
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