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  1. Frostie

    Happy BDay GAF

    Happy Birthday daddy
  2. Frostie

    OB DayZ

    It’s all down to availability from staff and upload speeds. The mods we have chosen need to be tested for compatibility with each other and to be sure they are balanced. Whereas we don’t have a time frame for when it will be completed as soon as the mods have been uploaded to the server I’m sure Kai will be quick to test them and get the server running ASAP.
  3. Frostie

    [TeamSpeak] Restore the newcomer waiting room

    Thank you for your kind words! ? Firstly yes the waiting room has been added and Members+ can give perms to join channels. We ask that given this power please don’t abuse it. Secondly we have moved to a new ts host, hopefully much more reliable than the last. Sorry for the late response!
  4. Frostie

    Hello :)

    I think you should let a good friend of mine, @Mintlou know where you work. He’s a big fan! Don’t worry about how I know, I’m just the local Admin creep ? Anywho, welcome to the forums/teamspeak I hope you enjoy your stay and explore more games we play as a community!
  5. Frostie

    Share your clips!

    The jump around is how I entertain myself, however the jump on short onto cat was to get elevation and see if he was hiding on ramp, just soloqueue things ?
  6. Frostie

    October Update Thread

    Starting things off... Firstly I'd like to thank everyone that was able to attend tonight and make the opening a little special. After running the server for a short time we found it would be beneficial to add the autohop plug it, and this will be the same as it evolves. We hope to increase the amount of plug-ins onto the server to make it as enjoyable as it can be. Once again thank you for coming to the opening and helping us to iron out some creases. No scores were kept for this "event" as it was just a grand opening for the server which means, EVERYONE is a WINNER!!! The server will now remain live until it reaches it's shelf life and we move onto something new, so please feel free to jump onto the server anytime with your friends within Outbreak or not and just have a little fun. Alternative server to Counter Strike: Global Offensive Following the launch of the Minigames server we have also created a vanilla Minecraft server for all you freaks that want to play that! It shall be available next Saturday (13/10/18) so look forward to that if that's your preferred cup of tea. Forums Update Additionally a change to the forums has been made to allow Member & VIPS to change their Usernames once every 90 days. To do this: On the top left click the drop down box with your name and go to "Account Settings" or click HERE In the Display Name tab on the left, It'll take you to where you can Change Display Name. Name Changes can only be done once every 90 days, Please read your new Display Name before saving it. Finally If you have any other ideas or suggestions for things you'd like to see Outbreak do, such as other servers, games, events etc... Either message admin+ via the forums, or create a post under the S&Q Forum Section.
  7. Frostie


    Play a shark game for the “Somebody clip that” moments please! ?
  8. Frostie

    I require your assistance

    Hello all, I need a bit of assistance in my real life. As a few of you are aware I work in a store in North Wales which goes under the name of Bargain Booze, the store is an independent retailer but we are a franchise from the bigger company. Recently the company has been lacking in stock availability and general fuck ups. We’re looking for a new name for our store as we move away from the franchise. A few ideas we’ve had at the moment are; Booze your Marbles, The Missing Drink, Booze for your blues, Pick & Booze, The Drink Tank and Booze Clues. Any suggestions are appreciated and if we do end up using your name I will personally reward you with something be it a game, skins or something similar. Thank you!
  9. Frostie


    NICE! Feelsbad that it's same drop table as 3rd age ?
  10. Frostie

    ADMIN COMPLAINT (Resolved)

    You were banned for 2 hours as a cooldown period after numerous complaints about you joining mix rooms disturbing people. After you were told to leave you proceeded to abuse a member. Your ban was justified.
  11. Frostie

    A very overdue update

    I would personally like to apologize for how long this has taken to get to everyone, I understand the frustration that has been built up around the lack of information from staff to members but I can put your hearts to rest by telling you there have been no new updates. We have had few talks about what can change to improve footfall into the community and during these talks nothing has been suggested to do so. As it stands we are a community of on going friends which create servers by popular demand, there is no dead set game that people can play without getting quickly bored of it which begs the question of why put in a few weeks time and effort into something that will last 1 week? During tonight's admin meeting we discussed a few topics of importance and would like to give the information directly to you; Teamspeak/Discord After the vote we have concluded that the community will remain on the Teamspeak 3 server however we will still have the Discord server for a back up, with this decision being made we will be introducing a "donation cup" onto the Forums to allow us to maintain the upkeep of the server. If there is a lack of funds we will fund the remained for the month but if it is a reoccurring thing then we will have to close the Teamspeak server and move to discord. Teamspeak 5 is soon to be released and we hope to have very similar abilities as Discord has. Chatbox We will be moving the Chatbox onto the front of the forums, however it will be located near the bottom of the page and will require log-in to view it. If anyone is seen breaking the Chatbox rules or just being disrespectful they will have their access removed. Servers Over the past few months we have been working on a Minecraft server, constructing building and testing plug-ins. We have now decided that won't be going ahead and we will likely be creating a Vanilla server with a spawn area, the server will be wiped every month to avoid things getting stale and give new teams a chance to take the lead in warfare. This is only a idea at the moment and we are open to any other ideas you guys may have. We will try rolling out different servers (not Minecraft) in vanilla states without over modding so they don't take too long to set up to just be put back in the toy box. If you have any games in mind then please feel free to mention it in this post or to any of us (preferably not Cheesepuff as he tends to forget). Donation system We will have a widget on the front page which will show how much of our monthly goal we have achieved, the goal will be around £20 per month so we are able to keep the Teamspeak server up, if in the future we require any additional funds we will make a post to let you guys know whats happening so not to keep everything behind the scenes. We appreciate you taking the time to read this and hope this helps you to understand where we stand.
  12. Frostie

    Prime Conor's Questions - PCQ

    "Any answers"
  13. Frostie

    Prime Conor's Questions - PCQ

    Discord is still happening following a thread which will soon be released and EVERYONE can have their input on it. Hopefully within the next year! Will be looking at doing another one after the Csgo Tournament. No. Never. A large growth, no. The community is now more of a gaming hub for all game times and we all move with the times which is what we're trying to do with the server ideas (that haven't been updated in a while, sorry). A WoW classic guild could be pretty swiggy tbh. Try turning it off and on again. Proven. I've not noticed any slow downs but shall see what others think, try making a thread about it and getting some feedback.
  14. Frostie

    Best Chat-up lines

    Sit on my face and I'll eat my way to your heart. Or Wanna come home and watch porn on my flat screen mirror?