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  1. Frostie


    I suggested googling because I’m in the states and everything is $ for me. I just didn’t want to give you an inaccurate number given your statement saying you’d outright pay for it. We talk about potential problems between ourselves and give it to you when we have the “right way” of telling you guys.
  2. Frostie

    What are you up to right now?

    Waiting in lines at Cedar point
  3. Frostie


    Regardless of the arguing that is undergoing in this thread the reality is we are going to try Discord. Nobody enjoys asking for money which is why we have gone about it this way. If we can avoid others needlessly giving us money when we can use a cheaper voice communication method then we will, if it fails then we shall turn to you guys for help. This is a community of friends and memes and we don’t want you to have to pay to be here. A simple google search will help you work out how much we pay per month for JUST the Teamspeak server, look for the 100 slot server.
  4. Frostie

    Favourite comedians

    Let's not derail the Thread guys. My favorite comedian is Andy Parsons, especially when he's on Mock the Week. absolutely savage and hilarious!
  5. Frostie

    [SERIOUS] Revamp the Revamped Reactions! [SERIOUS]

    It's just keeping a sense of professionalism, if you guys are happy for us to say "oi stop your bitching and moaning and deal with it" sure I can do that. No Problem Jordan
  6. Frostie

    [SERIOUS] Revamp the Revamped Reactions! [SERIOUS]

    Upvote - The blue heart is by default with the plug-in and cannot be changed. Therefore this exists. Thanks  - No point in changing it to nice if we already have a Upvote. Saying thanks for a post that has helped is where you would use "Thanks". Unamused - As explained in the previous thread we cannot use negative emoji's. Angry is a negative one and just doesn't work. No Thanks - Congratulations you fell for the bait which is what the NT has always been. It stayed as No Thanks for that ironic reason. Questionable - This replaced the confused emoji. It's purpose is for when there is doubt in someone's post and they are "white knighting" for no reason. Thanks for your input but we will continue with the points score at the moment.
  7. Frostie

    Revamping Reactions

    Click the Browse button on the top of your screen, follow the dropdown box to Chatbox. Enjoy.
  8. Frostie

    Revamping Reactions

    Feel free to copy my layout and post some of your own opinion and we may consider them.
  9. Frostie

    Revamping Reactions

    As I stated we haven't been able to use ones that will impact negatively on a person post, sorry.
  10. Frostie

    Revamping Reactions

    Dear all reaction users, Due to popular demand, we have decided to look into the current emoji's and have to change the reaction emoji's to be more fitting. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to use ones that will impact negatively on a person post but we hope you like our new ones. Following this, we have also agreed that it would be better for all reactions to give a +1 point to the post and the user that created the post. Thanks Upvote Haha Questionable Sad No Thanks Unamused
  11. Frostie

    Show your ugly face!

    Just moved into my new place with my brother from another mother!
  12. Frostie


    Given the weather today and the amount of people you normally serve, I want to say sub 20k but you the kinda guy to push over 20k when your close so my guess is: 20,674
  13. Frostie

    Is the "Recently Browsing" feature broken?

    @IrishChamp What do you see at the home page? Do you see everyone online?
  14. Frostie

    Is the "Recently Browsing" feature broken?

    There's no problems on this end.
  15. Frostie

    Season 3 of OB Hub

    Remember my last game on the Hub where we played vs those three guys with same avatars, and I top fragged our team and you were 3rd. :O xDDD