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  1. Still in discussions. We want to make sure everything is done correctly without any negative effects. We have spoke about removing the +rep to EVERY reaction but agreed this can be abused in a way to negatively impact members so are looking at alternatives. Tl;dr Watch this space.
  2. Frostie

    Classic WOW

    Current WoW is repetitive boring gameplay up until level 90 where you lose the ability to power up for heirlooms. The game becomes a little more entertaining with the need to actually loot or buy and change your items instead of having one set that constantly scales with your character level. It is still very repetitive in the sense of queue for a dungeon, auto find a team and carry out said dungeon with a few people which have already boosted countless accounts to max. Classic WoW: Removes all the gay shit, makes leveling up longer and allowing you to actually be excited about getting a new low level item, feels more like an exploration game instead of fly here-fly there-fly back here. I will most certainly be playing WoW Classic and would really enjoy playing as a community guild because it makes things more enjoyable playing with people and gives someone to flex your shit to when you get a good drop.
  3. This is why we chose you as Member of the month. You’re intentions are always good but you’re a very hard faced person. Very good stuff tbh. Keep this up and you might get it for a back-to-back month win! This is the side of you that I really respect and don’t get tired of. Thanks for this, thanks a lot.
  4. Vodka goes better with Lemonade rather than coke
  5. Not calling you a liar at all. I remember the context very well. It was about 4 years ago. In fact I remember you asking me if I was going to tell her, which I did and as a result found she had done the same thing only 3 months before me. Reasoning being we weren’t official and hadn’t met yet.
  6. Never thought it was cool, openly said I regretted doing it. Spicy roast though I accept the truth, it was funny; but I was funnier.
  7. Mintlou wants to leave the community but doesn’t have any other friends.
  8. Whenever you’re good to host it buddy!
  9. Frostie

    New server idea?

    Well that’s what we here at Outbreak do best! Make something, let it run its course and then move onto something new (or wait for someone to start a complaint thread). If there is enough interest in this then we can try and make it happen. As said earlier there are certain members that will be willing to dedicate their time to this then we can try running regular events on this game. We can all agree this won’t last as a server for more than a month and will become very stale if we try to force that. Good idea, unfortunately not enough interest or player base to support a server
  10. Please follow the link to sign up for the event.
  11. What is the difference in Win8 and Win10?
  12. Time is a flat circle. Although you celebrate this day as your own you do not age in this lifetime Danny boy! Happy Vagina evacuation day
  13. I was not part of said discussion, I was away from my computer during that time, I return to be questioned on the topic in a heavy way which is why I described it as “an ambush”. If those were the words that were said, they were not words I meant. You’re very right in what your saying about your name tagged on something. You are a nice guy, I respect you and do value your friendship however I don’t value your opinions or care for your repetitive arguments.
  14. “I don’t care right now” was the words I used. If you want to know why it was out of context you can ask me on teamspeak or through a private message, I just don’t want my personal drama documented on a thread that is just another repeat.
  15. I don’t know how you all can take a single quote out of context and say it’s what I have been saying for a long time. Fact is something was happening in my real life around the time I was ‘ambushed’ with questions about the community. I’m not going to bring my real life drama onto the forums. You’ve all been in our shoes as moderators and admins when the community has struggled and should know it’s not easy to just “do something new”. This post has definitely got the ball rolling again, despite the team working on a FiveM server as previously mentioned, I can openly say I haven’t had anything to do with it. Firstly I don’t enjoy the game, secondly I don’t have the knowledge behind the server set-up and modding, thirdly I do not own the game and don’t plan on changing that as my computer is shit and won’t be able to run it well enough, finally I have a business to run. Yes I can step down and remove myself from the team, but on the other hand Conor is a good real life friend and I want to support him whenever I can possible. As said, the ball is rolling again thanks to Akame, his post was inspirational and has gained traction amongst us. Conor and Cheesepuff will be focusing on the FiveM server, Myself and Ginger will be looking at frequent events again and Kai will be drifting between the two as well as other projects. We do appreciate your patience in the meantime, thanks.
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