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  1. Please follow the link to sign up for the event.
  2. What is the difference in Win8 and Win10?
  3. Time is a flat circle. Although you celebrate this day as your own you do not age in this lifetime Danny boy! Happy Vagina evacuation day
  4. I was not part of said discussion, I was away from my computer during that time, I return to be questioned on the topic in a heavy way which is why I described it as “an ambush”. If those were the words that were said, they were not words I meant. You’re very right in what your saying about your name tagged on something. You are a nice guy, I respect you and do value your friendship however I don’t value your opinions or care for your repetitive arguments.
  5. “I don’t care right now” was the words I used. If you want to know why it was out of context you can ask me on teamspeak or through a private message, I just don’t want my personal drama documented on a thread that is just another repeat.
  6. I don’t know how you all can take a single quote out of context and say it’s what I have been saying for a long time. Fact is something was happening in my real life around the time I was ‘ambushed’ with questions about the community. I’m not going to bring my real life drama onto the forums. You’ve all been in our shoes as moderators and admins when the community has struggled and should know it’s not easy to just “do something new”. This post has definitely got the ball rolling again, despite the team working on a FiveM server as previously mentioned, I can openly say I haven’t had anything to do with it. Firstly I don’t enjoy the game, secondly I don’t have the knowledge behind the server set-up and modding, thirdly I do not own the game and don’t plan on changing that as my computer is shit and won’t be able to run it well enough, finally I have a business to run. Yes I can step down and remove myself from the team, but on the other hand Conor is a good real life friend and I want to support him whenever I can possible. As said, the ball is rolling again thanks to Akame, his post was inspirational and has gained traction amongst us. Conor and Cheesepuff will be focusing on the FiveM server, Myself and Ginger will be looking at frequent events again and Kai will be drifting between the two as well as other projects. We do appreciate your patience in the meantime, thanks.
  7. The title speaks for itself, just in my opinion not for the same reason that you agree with. I personally think it’s yourself that needs to change Mintlou, the community has developed a lot over it’s lifetime it has had it’s ups and it’s downs. We have reached a point where we are not a gaming community anymore and are in fact a community. The teamspeak exists solely as a hub to group everyone together so that they may choose their own games to play and interact with people of their choosing. We don’t have a need for “fresh blood” every week because the community exists from the foundries of friendships. I personally don’t mind new people coming in or not, this is my own opinion as I enjoy playing the games I currently do with the people I have chosen to spend my time with. As for yourself you’re holding onto the idea “what we were and should be” and it’s always the same with you every 4-6 months you will start a dramafest that will go in circles as you said yourself until it fizzles out. I’m happy to assist with servers and events when we have a clear desire for them but that desire doesn’t exist. It’s not as simple as it sounds throwing a server together and keeping it populated when the majority of the community and all of the admin team have full time jobs. Don’t get me wrong we all enjoy doing it, but then to set something up that was requested to only let it die after a few weeks because the community no longer wants it causes a lack of motivation and we have to start again. If you desperately want to help, try by accepting that ownership isn’t going to change until something major happens in Conors life that requires his full attention and start acting like a supportive member instead of a brat. There is nothing stopping you from creating a server of your own whatever that may be, using your own funds and taking in donations to fund it. You don’t require “ownership” to make a server, we have had multiple servers ran by members (mostly minecraft) that were successful and didn’t require ownership status to make that happen. As it stands Conor is the Owner, he funds the Teamspeak and pays for pop up servers to be played until their expiration date. You can say you are greatful or argue you don’t want him to do that, either way he does it because he cares. We all care, however real life sometimes has to take priority over the virtual world and slows down projects and causes lack of communication between staff and staff aswell as staff and members. This will be the last response on this thread from us as it’s just another one of your rants about “the state of the community” no matter how you paint it and argue it, that’s exactly what this has been. Thanks for your read, Good day.
  8. Frostie

    Happy BDay GAF

    Happy Birthday daddy
  9. Frostie

    OB DayZ

    It’s all down to availability from staff and upload speeds. The mods we have chosen need to be tested for compatibility with each other and to be sure they are balanced. Whereas we don’t have a time frame for when it will be completed as soon as the mods have been uploaded to the server I’m sure Kai will be quick to test them and get the server running ASAP.
  10. Thank you for your kind words! ? Firstly yes the waiting room has been added and Members+ can give perms to join channels. We ask that given this power please don’t abuse it. Secondly we have moved to a new ts host, hopefully much more reliable than the last. Sorry for the late response!
  11. I think you should let a good friend of mine, @Mintlou know where you work. He’s a big fan! Don’t worry about how I know, I’m just the local Admin creep ? Anywho, welcome to the forums/teamspeak I hope you enjoy your stay and explore more games we play as a community!
  12. The jump around is how I entertain myself, however the jump on short onto cat was to get elevation and see if he was hiding on ramp, just soloqueue things ?
  13. Starting things off... Firstly I'd like to thank everyone that was able to attend tonight and make the opening a little special. After running the server for a short time we found it would be beneficial to add the autohop plug it, and this will be the same as it evolves. We hope to increase the amount of plug-ins onto the server to make it as enjoyable as it can be. Once again thank you for coming to the opening and helping us to iron out some creases. No scores were kept for this "event" as it was just a grand opening for the server which means, EVERYONE is a WINNER!!! The server will now remain live until it reaches it's shelf life and we move onto something new, so please feel free to jump onto the server anytime with your friends within Outbreak or not and just have a little fun. Alternative server to Counter Strike: Global Offensive Following the launch of the Minigames server we have also created a vanilla Minecraft server for all you freaks that want to play that! It shall be available next Saturday (13/10/18) so look forward to that if that's your preferred cup of tea. Forums Update Additionally a change to the forums has been made to allow Member & VIPS to change their Usernames once every 90 days. To do this: On the top left click the drop down box with your name and go to "Account Settings" or click HERE In the Display Name tab on the left, It'll take you to where you can Change Display Name. Name Changes can only be done once every 90 days, Please read your new Display Name before saving it. Finally If you have any other ideas or suggestions for things you'd like to see Outbreak do, such as other servers, games, events etc... Either message admin+ via the forums, or create a post under the S&Q Forum Section.
  14. Play a shark game for the “Somebody clip that” moments please! ?
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