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  1. that's what I brought up in the community meeting and if OB were to not be dying and were looking to expand, Discord is 100% the way to go, although it might take a bit to get used to, people will complain no matter what. Only downside to Discord is it takes a bit more CPU usage, and some games might lag a bit, the voice chat is also not the most perfect thing in the world, but that's about it tbh, the pros HEAVILY out weigh the cons in this situation it's just up to people to open their eyes and see that.
  2. treating that shit like a major lmfao tf, what the fuck was he expecting 64 fucking teams lmfao
  3. ^ last time Kai tried i'm pretty sure Gibby just made it so it fit's his schedule instead of his and OBs
  4. I'm not on anyone's side here, however it IS a monthly update and this whole thread would have made more sense if it happened in a week or so, but it's understandable why they'd make complaints on the forums instead of asking Conor on steam or on TS, I also agree with giving Mintlou the go ahead tbh, sure his methods of speaking out are QUESTIONABLE, but as Gaffer said, he has drive and from what I've heard experience on the server side, deffo more than me and some of the other people on the mod team anyway. So honestly again, it's understandable why they make these posts, they've been here the longest and don't want to see something they been with throughout who knows how many years just die. Also small detail I already mentioned but, the monthly update was posted on the second of last month, if this post was made in a couple weeks it would have made more sense imo, but y'all need to CHILL my guys. #MintlouForStaff
  5. the 23 farming kid who beat you in the running for PR
  6. minecraft games night PepeLaugh
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