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  1. SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Twitzoh weird looking steamID What qualities can you bring to Outbreak? High tier gathers CSGO OB Hub ??? I joined the community when jailbreak was in its prime Honestly, he's kinda like Mini, alright when not being aids, could probably post more cause that's a solid 2.5 posts a year, other than that decent kid deffo better than when he was 14, +1
  2. +1 might be gay not sure, perks of this are big dick and bad at league I guess he's alright
  3. Basically just shows im a 2k16er Thanks, I hate it
  4. +1 Makes more money than both my parents, honestly not bad guy when not tilted, drunk mini is better since he tries to grope me.
  5. In-game Name: keemy Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:49445032 Real first name: Nicholas Previous admin experience: SCP: SL server mod Age: 18 Average Teamspeak Time: 6-10 Hours a day maybe more Time zone: GMT Country: England Membership of current CS clans/communities: OB How long have you been with OB: 3/4 Years Why you should be Moderator: I would like to be mod so I could host events more frequently, and eventually when a server pops up a mod on that too, although I've had my altercations with the admin team previously, I have reformed my behaviour and would like to help OB by acting on what I said in my post on Time for Change. I think hosting more events with different games will bring the split and close it, doing so will also provide more opportunity for people to find a common interest in games and hopefully they'll eventually keep playing together.
  6. member app is ass, but he's aight +1
  7. Windows 8 is terrible in every way, aids to navigate and just looks worse.
  8. OBs Saviour btw, I just said what everyone was thinking tbh, didn't really expect that
  9. keemy


    rs > warhammer idiot HEAD
  10. I wouldn't call 30 people split into 5 Groups a community tbh, everyone in OB has different interests and the one thing they had in common was the game server or events that OB used to run, with neither of those happening it's just a TS server with 30ish people on it with 5-8 of which being in the OG channel ,15 being spread in Mix Rooms with about 3 in each and around 7 people constantly in Games Rooms, these numbers never really change, people have at this point stopped trying to mix groups of people up and it's obvious why, they have no reason too, before they had servers or events which led to community integration, without those OB will remain a TS server which has no real community feel to it, the only person that I see moving between groups consistently is Quinn, however they've been in the community fuck knows how long so they comfortably know the OGs and is still the age of the other people within the community so they can relate to their humour etc, which leads to another thing of when the possibility of Discord was being discussed, that thread alone shows the divide between the community some people willing to leave if the move was going to happen and honestly I don't blame them it's like when someone said "It's like going to a pub to see your mates and saying we need more mates" we don't and hence why the community is split, no common interests between groups cause splits and the splits can be fixed with events or a server which people will enjoy longterm.
  11. Why keep this hidden then? I'm sure there are people with enough time on their hands to give a helping hand, I do agree with Mintlou's point on the complete separation between the Staff and Members, if the staff team feels obliged to ask for help, Why not? The rank of "Member" is practically rendered useless and I reckon that they should be trusted enough to give their input towards creating servers. (although I doubt I could be of any help since I have 0 knowledge of creating a FiveM server I don't doubt other members have knowledge on some sort of server creation)
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