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  1. i rate corsairs. My K70 is a tank. its had like 10 separate spills that its lived through as well as still working after being thown down my stairs. 10/10 would keyboard again
  2. Chus

    Hello :)

    we live in a society
  3. nah not me mate, i rarely listen to anything that isnt music.
  4. mostly music but i also listened to other sounds too
  5. Not necessarily, you can't rule out the chance that we are not the finders but the ones being found.
  6. Btw go to the guy's channel. I've been subbed to him for over like 2 years now all his videos are really interesting. I recommend the eight spiders video as it perfectly demonstrates how much misinformation you can find online. Hes called Lemmino and his channel link is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRcgy6GzDeccI7dkbbBna3Q Heres a link to the spider video too.
  7. Chus

    It's over.

    this nice guy rocks up after not coming on for like 2 years and is just like bring back old ob. (bring back old ob tho it was better)
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