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  1. I wish i could mute my mic cause this guy was fucking funny
  2. Chus

    New Server Ideas

    dont need churd when i got daddy danny to boost me instead
  3. Chus

    New Server Ideas

  4. I thought you died tf wish you did tbh
  5. keep cache on nobody cares if its active duty, im down to get rid of cobble tho that map is raw trash
  6. Revival of thread because of JamesG "I didn't pick the song btw"
  7. that song bangs. and please just shut the fuck up nobody cares.
  8. Chus

    Discord Ultimatum

    Typical brit wanting to change his vote.
  9. Chus

    Discord Ultimatum

    tbf atleast 8 of those people come on more than you, Skeff so I don't think you can discredit their vote just because they don't have a member tag next to their name. As if that means anything anyways
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