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It's over.

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I never wanted to make this thread. But the time has come.

Outbreak has reached a stage of stagnation from which it may never recover from. Most people don't even care, and I have to say that I am for once somewhat empathetic to that thought.

What do we realistically have right now?

A forum and a TeamSpeak server. These forums are like the town's favourite pub that was boarded up before everyone left town because of a nuclear scare. Times were once enjoyed there, jovial evenings spent socialising and having a drink. Memories made, and a constant supply of enthusiasm and cooperative goodwill. We are now so far from where we once were that radical action is needed to turn this place around. We are heading for the edge of the cliff in a clapped out Mercedes Benz with 210,000 miles on the clock, it failed it's last MOT and the brake fluid lines are leaking on what is left of the disc brakes. We are heading there quickly. Power steering not working, throttle cable rusted at max and gearbox stuck in 4th. 

Once again, this community only really exists on TeamSpeak. It is clear that simple changes that the majority wants will ever happen. Several attempts have been made to get the shout box back, yet these are ignored by the only person who actually had access to make that change. Why doesn't anyone else have access? That is a top post on /r/hmm indeed. 

The leadership needs to be shared to prevent this from happening. One person in charge clearly isn't working. Too much pressure and not enough support. Every decision you make as an INDIVIDUAL for this community is open to criticism from everyone else, with no one at your level to reassure you. I believe this has happened as a result of the way the staff have been tiered all to be below your position. You want to be the top dog. Why don't you act like it? (forum bans isn't what I mean.)

It is very easy for me to sit here and type out what the issues are. It is also very easy for people to say "yeah m8 it is a bit shit right now"... I get that. And I also get that we were given the opportunity to be a 'warden' but didn't take it. It's a hard thing to do, I personally don't think our group is in the mood for playing one particular game. 

Community etiquette: 

I think it is safe to say now, that everyone in this community is legitimately disgusting. The conversations, the jokes and the blatant overuse of terms that are considered racist to some is now at an all time high. It's an interesting subject, and is one that we are all a part of. But you have to think about why it has progressed this far. I think it may be down to the staff not really giving a shit unless Conor is around. Then that's another question. Why is this? I think it's because they aren't respected by Conor. They are all below you. There isn't any real opportunity for them to grow and do their own thing without it being firstly screened by you. I'm not trying to disrespect you here. Just trying to put an answer to this question. This wasn't an issue when the mod teams HAD to ban for it. Making these remarks in private channels with friends is always going to be a thing. But the fact that the team is now taking part in it is perpetuating this trend among the younger and fresher members of this community... When the staff are doing it, it becomes mainstream. I appreciate that I may be considered a huge hypocrite talking about this, I just wanted to explore it a little bit.

So what do we do?

New year, new co-owner. 

Pick someone to help you at your level. Give someone the same level of access as you do and make sure they are prepared for it. Unseen nearly had your level, but do you think he may have got the feeling of being undermined just a little bit? 

No, I'm talking partnership. It needs to be a 50/50 split with someone YOU trust. Someone you can share this experience with and someone who can co-ordinate the lower ranks with good understanding. And no it can't be Wist.


This is the only way I see this place improving. Conor, you've been brilliant with the finance and technical ability when needed, but staffing and communication needs improving. People are noticing how this place isn't really a thing in motion anymore. We need to have a collective turnaround. Nearly 6 years. Let's make it 7.



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 If you agree with this sentiment please post and agree. I have nothing against you personally Conor but your original position in the 3 man leadership was solely to do behind the scene tech stuff. You are absolutely shit at anything other than that, I'm not being insulting, I'm not trolling, I'm not trying to cause upset. It's just an immutable fact. The reason you are owner is because no one else wanted it.

 You're not the logical, decision making and unbiased person you think you are. You need to hand these responsibilities over to someone else because you are not capable of fulfilling them.



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The idea is sound but finding the right person is the tricky bit. From my OB experience, the fairest leaders have been those with very good people skills (e.g. UnSeen, Wist).

Those two both had to leave as they simply didn't have the time in their lives to fulfill the role anymore. I think the issue is that the best candidates (those with good people skills), tend to have more busy lives and are rarely in a position to dedicate themselves to a job like Co-Owner of OB.

Conor isn't perfect, but he's there, and without him we'd be in the shit. I'm obviously not around enough to know much about current OB, but from what I felt back in August, there was nobody in the community who ticked the boxes for me of being a community leader and being willing to put in the time associated with the position. 

There's no point appointing someone if they're going to be shit and run OB into the ground. Yeah, we're stagnant but at least we're not in a big decline. It's easy to ask for change but a lot harder to act on the things you've suggested.

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5 hours ago, Rory said:

I get that the forums are deadish but what is the TS pop like these days?

Why don’t you hop on Rory and see for yourself DUDE ....


thought u died tbh feelsbadman probs joined CLWO or Somtin ?

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As much as I have been thinking about this. I honestly would like to say that even if Sir_Conor was to stepdown / share the ownership. This is mostly just talking than actually doing something about it. 


Great start though Mintlou.

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