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    Sad reality

    nothing has happened? chatbox is now at the TOP of the forums. Teamspeak is down, so Discord is coming back. things are looking up!
  2. I personally look forward to investing £900 in the new VR setup by Valve, after Mintlou spoke so highly of it!
  3. Don't always agree with Pas but he's 100% right on this. If the admins don't fix everything right 100% right this minute NOW then I'll continue doing nothing to add to this community
  4. That's literally the joke. Congratulations, you have the inferential faculties of a not particularly gifted twelve year old.
  5. I didn't know what I was voting for. I want a second vote. I want to change my vote to Discord.
  6. Can you do a remix of this?
  7. if it doesnt make a noise and stack with other people @ing, then i'm not interested
  8. The music bot is awesome, but the voice quality is dreadful. Also I'm concerned about how we members alert admins to problems. On TS, if one of us poked them, they'd dismiss it as a troll, but if twenty of us poked them at once, they knew it was real and that it needed sorting. If we can sort the voice quality and get a poke plugin, I'm actually okay with discord.
  9. I feel there's too much choice for the Horde faction tbh
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