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  1. Go have a look for existing plugins wurdy. That's the most likely way of getting this implemented in OB.
  2. Member+ is a lit idea. Not fussed where it goes (I'd prefer front page), and/or perhaps as an option you have to opt into - people who don't want to see it absolutely don't have to.
  3. I also love how you need to put 'don't delete' in the thread title LMAO
  4. Deus Ex one and Human Revolution.
  5. Ftr I'm afraid I'm out of honor for today. I just had a small bowl of tuna mayo but I will still be eating the bacon and egg @Jak. Not eating dinner until 1am last night at McDonald's was not my best idea.
  6. I'm decided on a bacon and egg sandwich. Got drunk with an old friend and Matt last night and I feel like I've drank a litre of finely crushed glass. I'll report my wellbeing post-sandwich. Also, walking to the cafe, I was accosted by children who were literally just shouting memes at me. They could sense my weakness and I had no choice but to just walk on whilst they yelled 'what are those' and 'hey Daniel'.
  7. +1 to all of the above.
  8. A bacon sandwich sounds like a v. good shout. I'm yet to eat so I'm going to have that in the back of my mind. Will wait and see though. I will update you all accordingly as to what I eat.
  9. Just smoked a cigarette and had a coffee. Bring back the shoutbox.
  10. It's a dedi. No extra strain on funds as servers would be hosted on what is already paid for. @Lewis
  11. If effort isn't the problem, then what is the issue? Can you please clarify why this wouldn't help develop the community, given the below: You get to keep the constant server(s), as well as spreading the net wider to find people who would be great community members, but aren't actually that keen on jailbreak or the thought of it. You say that 'effort' of setting up a server isn't a problem - then what precisely is the problem? You've mentioned something 'not helping' (which I don't agree with, tbh), but not that it causes any harm. If it doesn't cause any harm, and it has a negligibly positive impact (as well as being fun for the members already here, to play on), then why not do it? I'm genuinely trying to understand your reasoning for blocking off what can be a positive move forward, both for the members of the community and the people we'd end up meeting and recruiting into the fold.
  12. Just because we like things how they are now is no reason to not look how to improve it, esp in light of the donator situation. The people who'd play the new servers are more likely to be people who are now sick of jb but would happily play new games and game modes. If you're addicted to JB, then you just wanna put it all day. If you're not, and JB is all this community offers in official channels, you'll just splinter into little groups who don't really bring in new players, as you're just playing on a random server for a few hours.
  13. 100% agree that Minigames would be lit af. But 'staff backing putting in effort' - this really shouldn't be an excuse. This is assuming the staff team are lazy as shit, and aren't willing to put three to five hours aside to get a server up (which is the time Mintlou says it would take him). If staff are not willing to do this, then legit just give Mintlou tech mod, as he will do this - or expand the tech team to spread the load. Also, flavour of the week doesn't mean that we'd necessarily neglect the existing servers (anymore than they are presently). It could be both. You'd have engagement from members who are thoroughly done in with JB and possibly MG in the future on these more flyby servers. That way, you get to use the characters around here who often can really help in drawing in new members, on this quick servers. If someone isn't a skid, I imagine they'd be encouraged to join the Teamspeak by members/regulars in-game. I think a good way of viewing this is that OB is like a ship, which moves from port-to-port, and it owns a couple of constant ports in the form of a JB and/or MG server. Essentially, it allows us to cast as wide a net as possible without detracting from our existing servers. You'd have a recurring fanbase on those two platforms, as well as people who, like many, fatigue quickly of one game mode, but who end up sticking around for the people rather than the gamemode (which really is the litmus test for anyone who's actually gonna' be around here longterm anyway).
  14. It's called a 'dream team', Rory. Dismount from your steed. Also people do change based on responsibilities and skin in the game.
  15. Congrats my Slovenian friend. :)