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  1. I would join the Kebtucky Fried Caliphate tbh as a McMercenary(tm).
  2. You would have also dismissed Trump getting in and brexit ever happening as the product of 'daydreaming'. The polls would have agreed with you. The polls have had some movement. It's bad, but getting better. We will wait and see over the next few weeks. That said, I am sceptical of polls as I believe they're usually designed to influence rather than measure public opinion, but the only way we'll know is on June the 9th. The polls have been wrong for over two years now. Brexit, the 2015 general election, and the US elections remain testament to that. Besides, no leap forward has failed to be accompanied by a sense of both desperation and hope.
  3. Ngl if I was gonna do anything I'd go join the Kurds.
  4. The dad's army reference you cheeky fuck hahaha.
  5. DDOSing their jb servers LMFAO
  6. Just look at the number of terror attacks before and after war on terror. It's insane how much it jumps after 2001.
  7. I hate bullshit like this. Why blow up kids? I can understand killing soldiers or policemen or security services, as these are people who can be seen as part of the western forces which do bullshit in the Middle East. But kids? What a sick bastard. But yeah, I don't hold this to be representative of Islam. It's like saying the IRA bombings were a Catholic thing, or the protty bombings a Protestant thing, when 99^% of those groups don't do shit like this. This is awful though. :/
  8. I got angry at this, and then I remembered you've probably only heard what your parents say, or what you've heard in the Tory dominated media. If you want to hear the other side and have a broader knowledge base, then check out the below. If you still lean Tory/UKIP, that's cool, but don't do yourself over by only knowing half the story. Video about some doctor dudes and shit. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/election-2017-latest-michael-fallon-immigration-skills-charge-levy-cost-cabinet-minister-tories-a7744426.html Fallon unable to offer any answer on how reducing immigration to tens of thousands would be compatible with economic growth. https://benjaminstudebaker.com/2017/05/17/dont-vote-for-the-tories-labour-offers-a-serious-alternative/ Cambridge Economics PhD who writes a number of interesting articles. This one is a defence of Labour's economic/industrial policy. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/may/18/making-things-matter-britain-forgot-manufacturing-brexit Piece by an award winning Cambridge economist Ha-Joon Chang. His ideas are much better explored in his books, but this is a good place to start for an inkling. The books he writes are littered with empirical examples of the ideas he briefly outlines here. I'm not writing lots here. I'm just dumping this, and if people want to have a read, they can do.
  9. Nice vid Hugo, I liked the music too. Decent game. Also gauntlet ftw
  10. Put me down as a liberal cuck. I wanna gut my society.
  11. 21/25 officially illiterate tbh. @Oldmike did you learn English in school bro? If so you were probably taught more than we were lmao. But in any case that's really cool.
  12. This looks pretty graphically crude, but having attempted to learn a bit of programming, I get how fucking cool it is that you've made this from scratch as a one man band. A lot of work went into this. Awesome man. I wish you the best of luck in your grades. :) Also, you've possibly made the most mintlou game of 2017, so +1
  13. Like WoW and bullshit? Lol
  14. Implying old click and kill genre was great?
  15. I only caught the last half of the video but will watch the rest when at home. This looks v v cool in a way I've never really seen before.