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  1. Why can't we add it, rather than have it replace anything? I couldn't imagine this being too difficult.
  2. [Help] Anyone got Bitcoin?

    I don't think so sniffles, tbh. I'm no expert but given that there is less risk in investing in it now, it's doubtful you'll see the significant gains earlier and less risk averse investors did. Edit: also the electricity costs you take on when mining will probably outstrip the gain. That's from memory tho
  3. Sony 2012 #freesony

  4. Sony 2012 #freesony

    Update @Sir_Conor
  5. The Outbreak Warden Project

    This is a really good idea. I believe I should be the warden for the OG channel. Just give me admin rights for TS and we're sorted. Experience: being an OG, dealing with OGs, starting and perpetuating memes, good at keeping Chris' confidence low (he turns into a prick when this isn't done), and being a committed lefty who's enforced some left wing snark in the OG channel.
  6. Buying a hotdog - CHALLENGE

    5/5 gr8 game
  7. World Famous

    That fucking Biggles edit LMAO
  8. Sony 2012 #freesony

    >your faithfully ?????????????
  9. Favorite childhood games

    Tag/Tig/tip (if ur Aussie) Hide n seek Wrestling Water gun fights Shaking up the beer which dad's dickhead friend asked for at the barbecue. Blows up all in his face. Say I look like a girl coz my hair's long aged six again u lil bitch
  10. Sony 2012 #freesony

    Agreed. Bring back Tony Swan.
  11. Two lies, one truth - your life

    One is the truth. Others lies. 1. I'm gay, because I was an incel so I had to go for guys to have a shot at getting laid. 2. I'm gay, because I love taking huge dicks. 3. I'm gay, because I like to fuck men ironically, plus having my tight boy pussy stuffed hard.
  12. Free Twd s1

    ye, i barely read forums so i didn't know there was a thread already
  13. Free Twd s1

    https://www.humblebundle.com/store/the-walking-dead-season-1 As it says, this is free. If you haven't played it, pick it up as it's another game from Telltale Games, who've also made The Wolf Among Us, as well as others. A good dev. Check it out.