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  1. It's gonna take a long time to get to 60 for most of us so while the hype might not be as insane, I could still see a solid playerbase. We're on Razorgore and Alliance if you do decide to make a character
  2. Lmao I remember having an argument with you over this post and you getting pissed. Glad to see you'll be playing. Think the current plan is a PvP server on Horde side. Jamie and Fluxy reserved names on one but I think it might be full (or could be in the future) so I don't think the server is nailed down. Pls come play with us. Would be cool to get a big OB guild
  3. German and French have their own language realms
  4. @keemy "I'll tank it I'll tank it" Proceeds to misclick and hit the turret
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