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  1. Please god make a music video for this
  2. Me 2. You're not alone
  3. Played a few games last night and was having much more fun with a team than queueing solo. Had me thinking that we could definitely get some Valorant gathers going once we get enough people with access. Maybe reunite OB?
  4. I'm sure most of you already know what this game is but for those who don't; Riot Games have made a shooter sorta similar to CS and it's in Closed Beta rn. Here's some gameplay I'm still waiting for my beta access but I know a lot of you are playing so I thought this thread could be a good place to discuss it and post clips. Releasing some time in Summer 2020 for those who aren't bothered watching streams to get access.
  5. It's gonna take a long time to get to 60 for most of us so while the hype might not be as insane, I could still see a solid playerbase. We're on Razorgore and Alliance if you do decide to make a character
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