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  1. No. Just delete your forum account if you're gonna try sell something. You're no better than those Facebook friends you haven't seen since school who try get you into their pyramid schemes or sell you Avon Go away and think about your actions
  2. It is a copypasta my dude
  3. Hello everyone, I made a decision not to associate with you guys anymore both on the forums and teamspeak. This has several reasons: - Inviting me in gather room for the 3rd time and start without me. - Kicked out of a mix room because someone came who was better. - Almost never taken serious. Only trolling whores. - Always ask around if anyone wants to play comp, everyone says no. 2 minutes later, mix room full of players playing comp. - I don't feel like I am welcome here. And so I don't feel like I belong here. - Players aren't treated equally. - There is no structure on rules. - Negligence from the staff. Players I enjoyed interacting with: w33zy Rachel Popey456963 Revilia Blyss MrGibbyGibson Skill Players who I disliked: Jamie Mintlou VENGA You can still always invite me for a competitive match or any other game that I play. But I am not going to be active on teamspeak and the forums anymore. This takes away my pleasure. I know that some of you guys can't restrain themselves from leaving a reply here. But please, think twice and read your message before you post it, mmkay?
  4. @Sir_Conor wish you the best. I know you've gotten a lot of hate during your time as Owner and made some decisions that people have disagreed with, but I have a lot of respect for the amount of time you've put into the community. Hope you're doing well. Also gl @giant_cheesepuff
  5. Disliked because of racist steam tag**
  6. Disliked because of racist steam name
  7. Please god make a music video for this
  8. Me 2. You're not alone
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