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  1. Twiixtor

    Away Thread

    i have been and will continue to be away for many time
  2. Twiixtor

    Lets get in the spirit!

    Working night shifts every day until christmas eve. Then imma sit my ass on new PC and nolife it. Will also have a family dinner.
  3. Twiixtor


    Fair point. It appears we both have a very different meaning of "community". To me, a community was when OB was in it's prime. When we had a very popular, functioning server that people from all over the world would join and have a good time on. Teamspeak filled with new, interesting faces. Forums where everyone could express themselves and share new things. A community for me is what OB used to be like when I joined it. Now that the server does not exist, TS consists of the same people every day and the Forums are a joke, I don't consider it a community anymore. Now it's just the Original group of friends who have known each other for a very long time, who have been there since the beginning, and a few randoms who decided to stay after the death of the server. And if you consider that to be a community, very well then. That is your opinion and I have nothing against it. Hope you have a good day Jak.
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    You all making the same stale ass jokes to "meme" around or to try and ignore/hide the fact that this community is actually seriously dead and Predator leaving is just another meaningless casualty which buries OB under a pile of dirt and trampled on by other communities. It's really sad to see what it has become. HIV always wins. Farewell Predator. It was nice knowing / having you in the community! Hope you move onto something bigger and better in life :)