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  1. Had my first perfect game (100hp left) last night. 4 Rangers, 3 Assassins, 2 Demons. Rangers is easily my favourite class as with 4 and a few items they just pop off. Stick a Shojin on the Ashe and she's ulting every 2 seconds.
  2. So Riot Games have released their version of Dota autochess and I'm kinda addicted. You can play it through the LoL client and it's very easy to get into. Just wondering if anyone has been playing and is up for some games? Better when you play with friends imo. Also if you have no clue what Autochess is then here's a quick video
  3. They better fucking release this (it's a leak)
  4. I'm gonna be bored all summer then really busy once I'm back at college (which is about the same time as this release date). Dunno if I can realistically commit to playing
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