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  1. do any of them play league?
  2. the batman edits were incredible
  3. its really not a bait mintlou is insane
  4. @Mintlou ur a dribbling moron this isn't debate club if you spout nonsense ur not entitled to a LE PROPER ADULT RESPONSE u fuckin chud i cited FACTS motherfucker cold hard POLLS all you brought to the table was the huge gap between ur ears
  5. the uk is cucked people think FPTP leads to strong government or whatever pr is popular but its not as popular as it should be and isn't gonna win nigel farage number 10 "well there's only one party with a clear policy so they're the best" is a fucking infantile way of thinking about it how is having ANOTHER vote undemocratic, especially when people now have more information# anything that isn't a referendum on the deal would be ridiculous still polling on top bitch tories fucking hemorrhaged votes to brexit party, labour lost to lib dems and greens, it doesn't matter if labour coming out pro remain meant more votes lost to brexit party because brex vote is so unconcentrated and would need to be ridiculously high to actually translate into seats if a bunch of hardline crackpots crash the uk out of the european union on an imagined mandate for an outcome so few people want it will be a fucking tragedy
  6. even with a substantial % of the votes brexit party will not get many seats because of fptp a recent poll from PANELBASE (love polling company names) on 24th april predicted LAB: 31% (-5) CON: 21% (-6) BREX: 19% (+6) LDEM: 13% (+5) GRN: 5% (+2) CHUK: 4% (-) UKIP: 3% (-2) which works out to ~9 seats for brexit party yep, 2% predicted vote share difference with a predicted 190 seat difference thems the breaks even while labour are refusing to come out in favour of remain or leave they're polling better than any other party in this poll we can see 2017 general election results, how 2019 european election voters voted nationally and then how they voted in the eu election. look where labour's vote is going. on top of that the leave vote is much more concentrated than the remain vote ONTOP OF THAT 2ND REFERENDUM POLLING labour will win the next general election unless there's fallout over their brexit policy from remain voters if they come out in favour of remain they will eviscerate the tories you're completely deluded if you think nigel farage could be pm with those 'promises' you're also completely deluded if you think nigel farage is gonna put any money into the nhs https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/nigel-farage-nhs-might-have-to-be-replaced-by-private-health-insurance-9988904.html https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/may/12/farage-calls-for-private-health-firms-to-relieve-burden-on-nhs australian style immigration would be an unpopular policy no one really cares about PR
  7. Quinn


    mtg arena has good monetisation but is bad hearthstone has bad monetisation and is good valve card game bad bad bad
  8. https://store.steampowered.com/sub/30561/ some DOW 2 or even dow 1 but its not in the sale with the gang would be suck
  9. Quinn

    Chest Hair

    i dont get it
  10. Quinn

    Classic WOW

    ***made up story about how much of a classic wow gamer i was***
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