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  1. Kai


  2. Kai

    CS:GO Panorama update [beta]

    UI will be 10x better if you can change the background, character, and the gun he's holding. Someone confirm if this is a thing pls
  3. Kai

    R6 Vids

    <17:03:27> "Akame" pokes you: can you put my comment on the r6 video quoting mike through when you're done pls
  4. @Sir_Conor why did you take away my unlimited reacts????
  5. Kai

    E3 2018

    You could probably just log into the ubisoft site and get it onto your account that way, right?
  6. Kai

    E3 2018

    fallout 76 looks super clunky and exact same as fallout 4 just with a team, still gonna buy it tho saw 0 gameplay of starfield and the only thing i saw was like a 15 second clip but still hyped for it
  7. Kai

    New Hub New Season New Me

    23:26 - pete: how many haunters does it take to change a lightbulb? 23:26 - pete: infinite amounts 23:26 - pete: they will just watch each other 23:26 - pete: and no one will attempt it pete = lew
  8. Kai


    Welcome brother, we are all very nice here so you’ll fit in JUST GREAT gl with exams
  9. Kai


    @Jak I just don't see what you do around here either? Other than complain that the community is dead, complaining that I got mod, complaining that we're moving to discord? Since you're so keen on staying on teamspeak and have "Offered to pay for the TS server", then why not hop into Conor's channel right now and offer to pay him the £40 a month??
  10. Kai


    @Mintlou, Where was this attitude towards ideas when you were on the mod team?? Like I've been saying to people in TS, if people aren't willing to at least try discord, then we're pretty much just dropping the dead weight of the community if those people don't come. All the people who are bashing discord and saying they aren't going to come along when we do change to it, are exactly the kind of people that Finnley mentioned...
  11. Kai

    Post Your Keyboard (this is mine)

    nabbed this bargain in year 11 just before i left, pretty reliable and works great - and free of charge, how could i complain??
  12. Kai

    How much you spent on Steam?

    skins = wins?
  13. Kai

    cool vid i found

    My fav part was when oldbike violently blew my brains out in a well lit alleyway