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  1. nice guy, watches anime but will never admit it to anyone other than me? anyway +1
  2. Kai

    hb pasikl

    hb bro, the big 17
  3. Kai


    boring thread now bcuz of certain ppl posting
  4. Kai


    AR sociopath
  5. Kai


    ppl who think AR is better than BR are sociopaths
  6. Kai


    i was making halo 3 KZ maps in 2008 im og kzer
  7. Kai


    swift purchase regardless of price been waiting for a non shit game on pc for years :))
  8. stealing is a win win in every way, if u split then i win, if u steal then u get nothing i steal from all
  9. if bots can luck out to get high on leaderboard then they should be forced to captain vs good ppl, then when lucky bots get stomped by gd captain the lucky bots go down to their rightful position at the bottom, ggez but im just a tard who doesnt play so
  10. Kai

    OB DayZ

    I hope everyone has had a good time over the holiday period, as it comes to a new year with Outbreak, we are looking to reengage the community focus through the use of game servers and community events. More information will be coming about this in the future, but as for now, I am proud to announce our upcoming server. As many of you may have seen at the top of the forums, Outbreak now has a DayZ server. We are currently looking for, implementing, and testing mods as well as making changes to basic server settings to make the server more enjoyable for everyone. If anyone has any suggestions on what kind of mods they would like to see added to the server, feel free to post here. Any ideas that you think could make the server more enjoyable are appreciated, although not everything is possible due to the fairly new addition of the modding tools, and there not being a crazy amount of mods available. However, we can compromise and try to fulfill these ideas as best as we can with the resources we have. If you do have any other suggestions for servers that you think could work in Outbreak, feel free to post them below. All the best, The Outbreak Staff ?
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