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  1. YoungGerald


    hey guys 7.20 is delayed we really gotta get this shit card game out x
  2. YoungGerald

    What are you listening to right now?

  3. YoungGerald

    I require your assistance

    fuck off
  4. YoungGerald

    What game are you the best at within Outbreak?

  5. YoungGerald

    How did you find OB?

    My Friend Robert (some of you will know him) joined JB and invited me, not much else to it just found out I really enjoyed the game type and the people. Even if I was a snot-nosed little retard, it was still amazing to see all of these people come together to play and joke around for hours at a time. Lots of great memories from the JB server, mainly getting banned or muted by Pepe. the sense of community is truly lost, we all sit in 4/5 different channels on TS and play different games, mainly due to the lack of a server to act as some sort of a hub for the community.
  6. YoungGerald

    GCSE's 2018

    get fucked all of you still got another year
  7. YoungGerald

    TV shows / Movies

    big oof about Big Lebowski, it recently got removed from UK Netflix
  8. YoungGerald

    TV shows / Movies

    -Better Call Saul (prequel to breaking bad that is fucking fantastic and IMO better than the original) -Peep Show -F is for Family -Trainspotting -Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  9. YoungGerald

    TTT Server

    after a couple test games, the server is officially working and is playable. thanks a lot to everyone who helped test it xo
  10. YoungGerald

    TTT Server

    Since the pack is based on the Yogscast series and they are quite shit at the game in comparison to the people of OB, there is quite a strong chance some of the things are gonna be OP as frick and are gonna get removed. So i would appreciate everyone coming down to play and seeing what needs buffing, nerfing or flat out removing, one of the major addons that are rather game-changing is the addition of more roles.
  11. YoungGerald

    TTT Server

    Alright, fuckers I now own a TTT server, if interested in playing and don't already have me on steam please add me. -->https://steamcommunity.com/id/geraldwashere/ It is based on the Yogscast TTT series so if you have ever seen one of their video's it will be very familiar, there are a shitload of add-ons you're going to need so I recommend you download them before joining that way it's much faster. you can find them here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1472282233 while your downloading that listen to some music
  12. YoungGerald

    Post one nice thing about the person above you

    posts frequently and from what I can remember is a very nice boy. has a forehead size of Chernobyl wasteland though
  13. YoungGerald

    Which artists have you seen live?

    good lord this is fire too many good people to name on this list
  14. YoungGerald

    What is your irrational fear?

  15. YoungGerald

    elon musk

    sorry for the late reply crustifer, but I would love to! please message me on steam!