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  1. lewis needham contact me if u see this

  2. i have a ttt server we have a group of friends who play once a week normally 5 - 8 of us. its got like 12 slots so if anyone is interested hit me up on discord fatherjohncrispy#3919
  3. I lurk to see how the community is doing every couple weeks, just gotta say some of my funniest moments i've ever experienced have been with members of this community. Whether that be on the JB server, tourneys or just mix room shit talking, gotta give a big thanks to OB and all the great people here.
  4. holy shit this actually makes me sad. that team combo is legendary
  5. the summer CS event would be nice to do if we can round the people up, I'd be down to help in any way possible.
  6. curry, Bombay bad boy, and chicken are tier 1 pot noodles
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