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  1. if you're not already subbed to this guy who even are you. nah but seriously this popped up in my recommended and i was so sure it was clickbait i had to check, but no the madlad does it and he does it pretty fuckin well
  2. lets waste some money on servers
  3. welcome don't talk to quinn
  4. YoungGerald


    like the server is cool and all but without out of community players there is no point in playing
  5. hey guys 7.20 is delayed we really gotta get this shit card game out x
  6. My Friend Robert (some of you will know him) joined JB and invited me, not much else to it just found out I really enjoyed the game type and the people. Even if I was a snot-nosed little retard, it was still amazing to see all of these people come together to play and joke around for hours at a time. Lots of great memories from the JB server, mainly getting banned or muted by Pepe. the sense of community is truly lost, we all sit in 4/5 different channels on TS and play different games, mainly due to the lack of a server to act as some sort of a hub for the community.
  7. get fucked all of you still got another year
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