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  1. If you think its ok to go around laughing and telling everyone he came across in the channel about an accident that one of our members had that resulted in someones death, then +1.................................... Quote - "Gaffer did you hear _____ has killed someone hahahaha" Just for that alone for me personally its a 100% no. Also a compulsive liar.
  2. Just to point it out, it needs help from the members for a server to work, how many people actually want to play RP on GTA, the only person I know who's stuck to RP is gaydog, has anyone else got interest in the server? Don't get me wrong, I like the idea, but every time I've played RP it's lasted me like a week or so before I've got bored because it's literally a constant grind. Don't want time and money being put into something that will die in 2 weeks like everything else. Forgive me if I am wrong, the GTA server that we are getting hasn't really been discussed with the members, I think conor just popped up on a thread and said a RP server is coming. But at the end of the day a server being made is great, but only if we the people are willing to put time into it and I'm not sure you guys have that backing because it's not been discussed and no vote for an RP server has existed from what I remember, do people actually want this?
  3. Is this the new GTA RP SERVER?
  4. I wish you would open your mouth when you talk Nick "yuuuuu evnnnn msssssg taaaat gyyyy neeee murrrrr"
  5. Me, rob and Jak showing our age, where you at caspian!
  6. gaffeR


    Just let it go skeff, put it under the rug if need be, shafer will keep it warm for you.
  7. I will not be part of a lynch mob, but I will help kill Quinn.
  8. gaffeR

    Saving the forums

    Forums are deader than Chris Lord.
  9. gaffeR

    apex legends

    Think its time we had some APEX channels on TS, cant see this game slowing down anytime soon.
  10. gaffeR

    Yo admins

    Do we have an eta on this server, I'm guessing it's going to take quite a while as I don't think anyone has made a gta5 server previous, can I suggest getting rid of and getting in some mods who are actually excited for this server. Need people who will put good hours in while making the server and especially when it goes up or will end up in a massive waste of time. We have seen this with other servers that have gone up, mods not putting in effort at all, need mods that are willing to be on the server to help populate or it will just flop, we have seen this on too many occasions.
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