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  1. gaffeR

    Photograph critiquing thread

    This toilet was quite interesting.
  2. gaffeR

    Marble Olympics 2017

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/851640/ This looks like a game for us Nerds.
  3. gaffeR

    hb mintlou

    Happy birthday Lewis Barry of Bristol.
  4. gaffeR

    Marble Olympics 2017

    ive just spent the last hour of my life watching the marble Olympics lol
  5. gaffeR

    Marble Olympics 2017

    This is actually brilliant.
  6. Can we not bump old threads please. HB hugio xoxox
  7. gaffeR


    Ruined it.
  8. gaffeR


    Hi i am from Oldham, A Typical Oldham greeting would be, Me "EY up ows it going" Random "Not t bad tha nos ow bout u" Translates into, Me "Hi, how are you?" Random "Yeh I'm good, how about you?" Hope this helps.
  9. gaffeR

    McGregor vs Khabib

    McGregor tried to attack Aldo McGregor threw bottles at Diaz McGregor attacked Khabibs bus and injured a person McGregor made continuous derogatory remarks about Khabibs beliefs, wife and father But McGregor fans: kHaBib wAs aBsOlUTeLy dIscRacEful. bElt sHould bE sTriPpEd McGregor is just a massive bellend.
  10. gaffeR

    McGregor vs Khabib

    Khabib been fighting his pet bear since he was 9.
  11. gaffeR


    Happy birthday to the guy that talks too much xoxo
  12. gaffeR

    McGregor vs Khabib

    Conor is a cunt.
  13. Start charging idiots £50 for hair cuts.
  14. gaffeR

    Why the OGs are actually Outbreak's Boomers

    Yeh, i had 2 bad accidents.