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  1. If it's an Amsterdam coffee shop I will change my last comment about Merch haha
  2. 1. Mordau server is up and running very well. 2. Discord should be implemented and with the help of the Mordau server we should hopefully start brining in new members. 3. Also for me personally i would put up a 1 vs 1 server on Mordau because its abit more community based, people get time to chill and use the chatbox, because as most will know frontline is just complete action and no time to chat but dont close it as its another tool to advertise OB. 4. Events, keep them coming, they will keep people happy, but not sure if it will help bring people in, but will help keep new people here. 5. Merch, waste of time with current playerbase, no money in the pot to throw at it and not worth wasting money on it currently. I like where we going, hope it continues.
  3. It's a start imo, I think a 1 vs 1 would be better for a community basis, but hopefully this server will lead them to the forums.
  4. Scratch that, already managed to do it. But what we could do because this should self populate now, its throw up a 1vs1 server and populate that.
  5. The people who own Mordau, do you want to team together today at 3pm to try get the server populated?
  6. Hiding from @Sir_Conor when i kick up a fuss on the forums!
  7. @MintIou Ignore the tag, it won't let me delete it. Hoping we can move on now as a community, thanks for everyone's replys and opinions, none of us want these arguments/discussions but it helps to blow some steam and let's make OB what it was and what it should be with the help of us all!
  8. @Sir_Conor I've poked you numerous times on TS about an update on the GTA server without a response. I don't doubt you have things going on in life, but when we get told an update will happen I'm a couple of weeks to no avail then we start to question what is actually happening. We don't want to argue, we don't want a shit show, but the only time we get any idea of what's going on in this "community" is when we throw our toys out of them pram. But how many people are actually interested in GTA rp, we have missed the boat as per usual, there are servers out there that we simply cannot compete with because they are years ahead, we don't jump on trends. Look at what mint created in 1 day and had a full 64 man server, if I'm honest stop putting time into the GTA sever because that boat has sailed, the servers are there that people want to play because like I said they are years ahead. This is why @Mintlou could help so much because he jumps on trends, he has the ability to be able to do this, but you haven't mentioned him in your "long" message. He is there at your disposal because he wants to help so much. Give him the chance
  9. Sorry @MiniColossus I'm not trying to argue with you and understand your point, this shouldn't be on the forums, but it always seems this is the only way we get information.
  10. I've messaged both conor and cheesepuff about the GTA server on teamspeak and no reply.....
  11. Mint doesn't want owner, like we have stated he wants to help, he wants to bring the community out of its rut, it might not work, but why not let him try. A good few of us have been there as owners/co-owners and we are currently in the worst state, we don't want to see it die a lot of us have put 100's of hours into the community aswell as money same as conor has, but we have gave it up when we haven't had the time. There's no shame on passing it on, but we aren't even asking for that. Mintlou has a drive, he's technically brilliant and he probably wants to prove that he can do it after a the threads, fuss and arguments over it. Why not let him try? @MiniColossus
  12. Mintlou wants to see this community thrive like it once was, hes more than happy to help and his tech knowledge is what you guys need, let him have some power to make things happen, he will keep up with trends, have servers up in days rather than weeks, he just needs conor to give him access and he will be all over it. And as much as i hate to admit it, we kicked up a fuss about it, but for us to advance in the future we need to move to discord.
  13. So i feel we are back to literally back to square one, nothing happening, no updates.... nothing. Why do we bother? We ask for things and we try to help for the good of the community, but what happens we go back to "Square one" same shit different day, this is why this community gets so pissed with the people that are running it, like we said over and over, GIVE US AN UPDATE. We kick up a fuss because we feel nothing is happening, we don't know whats going on behind the scenes, but we are left in the dark as per usual. This was the last update we had, from ouR appointed community rep, the whole thing was put together to give us updates, so we are not so frustrated with being left in the dark. In this thread ANY PROGRESSION??????
  14. Happy birthday conor, for your birthday ill share your favourite warning point picture x
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