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    Really makes you think.
  2. gaffeR


    Stop boring me with his "good intentions" Jimmy Savile springs to minds, he was one of the most respected men out there, made millions for charity untill it all came to light that he's a pedo, but he's done loads for the local community and for charity, so shall we just brush it under the rug?
  3. gaffeR


    Me personally, maybe because I've got kids, but what he did to his gf would be the end of him, it would be me on a murder charge and I'd happily admit to it and smile. I duno if you have ever heard of that guy who's son was abused, his dad took it into his own hands and excuted the man on live TV, props to that man, because imagine how small that would make you feel, you are supposed to protect your kids.
  4. gaffeR


    I like when pedofiles and rapists get realised from jail after their sentences and do it again, because they don't deserve death, just a nice life in jail to then one day get released.
  5. gaffeR


    A man that physically and emotionally attacks his gf in the way he did deserves to die in my book.
  6. gaffeR


    Nor me Jamie, I thought it was xxxtention was hoping he could have done a quote on my house, ah well too late now.
  7. gaffeR


    Sounds like a cunt, looks like a cunt and probably was a cunt. Deserved.
  8. gaffeR

    World Cup thread

    Harry kane going to score 4 and win me 2500 XD
  9. gaffeR


    Cup and string?
  10. gaffeR

    Eid Mubarak to all!

    I watched a police programme once, the police man couldn't grapple the bloke he was arresting because he had no strength in him because he was fasting.
  11. gaffeR


    No a few weeks might have been nice, especially when the only reason for changing is funding which could have easily been fixed had we known.
  12. gaffeR


    You literally just sit on your high horse on the forums, you have no idea what chats we have had on TS, Watsapp and then you pop on the forums with a stick up your arse. We wasnt even told on the forums about discord, we got a message on watsapp about it. And the strawpoll is still valid.
  13. gaffeR


    Well over the last couple of years Irish we have had great communication with the Mods/Admins about things that are going on, you know like when we literally got told that in 7 days we are putting up a discord because we cant afford TS. I am trying to get a team together who are willing to pay for the TeamSpeak you moron.
  14. gaffeR


    After hearing a few other opinions on TS with groups of people i dont normally game with. Here is a strawpoll. https://strawpoll.com/aw92yd45 (I have updated the strawpoll for those who are not fussed with either) Also, as there isn't really an option for Conor due to funding for TS, a good amount of us said we would fund a TS if discord isn't wanted after the trial period. We would keep it exactly how it is, no one is expecting mod or any other type of perms for donating. For a 100 man TS its around £200-250, So going off £250 it would be £20 per month so i am suggesting and asking if anyone would like to help with the donations. The more that who are willing to help would mean being cheaper for each individual, but if we can get 10 people at £2 per month then its easily done and helps conor out alot. Can you say if you are willing to help in the comments please.
  15. gaffeR

    E3 2018

    Irish the link flash gave let's you add it to your library on your phone.