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  1. gaffeR


    CS MEETS OVERWATCH. Looks shyte.
  2. gaffeR

    Sad reality

    Chris was an OG, @Quinn hasnt been around for long enough to be one.
  3. gaffeR

    Sad reality

    Can we move to discord now? On a real, its a shame but im happy to have been apart of OB, its gave me some belting times over the years and would like to thank you all for that! Made some real friends and met a few of the guys but we had a good run, but i think our time has past Cheers to everyone, people who have come and gone, to people that are still around, we did well.
  4. gaffeR


    Just add MySpace glitter to everypage.
  5. Discord trial has been done and we are back to TS after a very close vote. But are we moving forward with anything else, the last real update we had was in July and we haven't heard a peep since, same shit again? Heres a Wheres Waldo to keep you entertained, the admins need a quick meeting so they can all agree on the same BULLSHIT..... could take some time.
  6. gaffeR


    ZOINK So, i was on discord yesterday when i got a private message from an Admin of London RP. For those who dont know what the actual pic is then its here, mintlou quickly edited it into the photo above haha.
  7. Waste of time, with out the help of others it would be another dead MC server. With the current team unwilling to help what's the point?!
  8. TBH with OB's possible move to Discord and the idea of a guild, we could make OB great again without mintlou.
  9. until

    And? do you know how many i have attended and there has been no shows? Suck my balls, cunt.
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