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  1. w33zy

    CS:GO Panorama update [beta]

    you can change the gun he is holding, and character also, dont think u can change background afaik
  2. http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2018/06/20482/ Looks good.
  3. w33zy

    World Cup thread

    i mean a good trashing is winning 3-0 4-0 winning 2-1 with last goal in the 87 minute is a close game, happy for england they won but it wasnt great football.
  4. w33zy

    World Cup thread

    this post aged well
  5. w33zy


    i legit think portugal has a decent chance this world cup call me crazy, i havent been impressed by other teams yet.
  6. w33zy


    stop cry and use discord. its pretty good. old wankstains cba to adapt to a new program but for real i dont care what we are gonna use i like them both
  7. w33zy

    Revamping Reactions

    bumping this thread cause the new emotes are donkeyballs. Why did they change anyway cause the old emotes did work pretty good?
  8. why should senior moderators or moderators have more reactions? SM have 50% reactions than a member.... also keep it at +1 or -1, i dont think +2 or +3 will be a good idea inb4 major rep4rep threads will pop up again, and if you think people will abuse it again make it so that you can only give (3 to 5) -1 honor a day.
  9. w33zy


    probs baiting or major shitlord.. not expected from you also lol
  10. w33zy

    Classic WoW

    it doesnt fly , i guess you get that at level 60?
  11. w33zy

    Classic WoW

    wow in 2018 LUL
  12. w33zy


  13. w33zy

    What are you up to right now?

    talkin to idiots
  14. w33zy

    How much you spent on Steam?

    wtf bro congratz!!!!
  15. w33zy

    How much you spent on Steam?

    TotalSpend 2018-05-26 20:02:00.570 $2,145.89 also i guess no1 is gonna beat fluxy?