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  1. w33zy

    What are you listening to right now?

    ooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOhhhh LORDDDDDD
  2. w33zy

    brexit thread

    this brexit thing has got me residentsleeper. just get out already!!
  3. w33zy

    TS lagging

    14-12-2018 November 00:29 EU TIME also sometimes im lagging in ts but its only on teamspeak. server still sometimes lag and we hop on backup ts. this server is bonkers
  4. brandon is still here he is just ninja atm
  5. w33zy

    OB vs OB - Ring of Elysium

  6. w33zy

    The Great Silence

    yes i think there is some fucked up 4 crossed eye looking alien out there. nah we will never meet them.
  7. w33zy


    i will try it
  8. w33zy

    It's over.

    You know the meme When the kid says its Already dead! he is talking abouth OB
  9. w33zy

    wys b x

  10. w33zy

    Happy birthday to my best bud!

    tnx homies
  11. w33zy


    Hope everybody has a Nice day
  12. w33zy


    Hope everybody has a wonderfull day
  13. w33zy


    How was your day people from outbreak. mine was pretty good nice weather to work outside. Also how is forums dead af. last post in general section last week friday.