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  1. Happy new year outbreak! Up to another great year for OB and jailbreak, hope to see some cool events near future! jokes aside hope all of you are doing well with whatever you are doing in life :)))
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    I am

    good news stiqqy, hope you will be back to form asap
  3. lets all share FUNNY clips some moments we shared together in this AMAZING community. hope everybody is doing alright. @Eraser global elite player @mitch and keji cant tag with his dumb ass name and @lustymaiden to me legit on of the unluckiest moment, i just turned engine on and i died while car still driving killing someone else. @gaffeR @Fluxy @Biggles @Wist @Stiqqy get dusted broskis. @Jamie @Thunder skills brothers @mitch good old ride with my homeboi mitch, dont worry i defend u @Fluxy amazing we still won that game brother alright let me see yours. special bonus clip @gaffeR idiot
  4. never change hesspuff
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    that sounds good. we on discord. message me to get a link.
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    yo @Rory how have u been. we talked about you and what you been up 2 @Rory. hope all is well. hope to hear back from you to cherish our memories and good times, we maybe even could watch the fight together anyway gg peace
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