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  1. thanks for the list eagle , still some names i see that i havent seen in years tough. i do have to say that i know like 95% of the people on that list, i was suprised.
  2. didnt know we got 60 members, would like to see the list that have voted. there must be some votes from people that probably dont even interact with outbreak anymore but i guess we will never the see list and its funny how teamspeak just won on the last day while discord was winning before it. never seen outbreak this LOW
  3. w33zy

    discord won

    so discord won, when are we fully swapping? ez gg
  4. Close teamspeak ffs use the money to boost the discord server .
  5. w33zy

    New surf video

    @Fluxy new video, its a bit long
  6. Well said flux dont have anything to add. Have to say its kinda shit that u need people with nitro to boost the server for better voice quality.
  7. No no destiny probably
  8. w33zy


    Viennette ice Cream speedrun
  9. w33zy


    happy bday nicker
  10. crazy, this song was in my discovery 2 weeks ago pretty lit aswell
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