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  1. its okay frostie just save face and get the ball rolling again.
  2. Hey frostie whats going on with outbreak and the servers? uhm nothing is going on and i dont care tho. this wasnt out of context my friend, i get you ofcourse you gonna defend yourself thats okay.
  3. nice forums doesnt work properly. also back in the day when people were mod/admin and they didnt find motivation to do anything or having busy schedule for work etc. They lay down their role and give it to someone else who has got the time. Like i told conor i dont give a shit abouth whats happening atm cause i dont care anymore mostly. I am happy to join teamspeak and talk to the guys and play games. Gaming also changed a lot last years. People get older, new games come out and seriously no1 in here would play jailbreak for longer than a week. But yea if you are a Owner/admin or something and there isnt anything done last 6 months maybe its time for a change? or actually show something that we know you guys are working on. These threads always come up every half a year and its always the same. yea we working on this we working on that. Also @Frostie i really enjoy your post, i remember when you still talked shit few weeks ago abouth whats being done in outbreak. saying you dont care anymore and no1 is doing anything, yet you come here just to shit on mintlou. big ass hypocrite, saying conor funds the teamspeak so he cares. plenty times we said we want to fund aswell but you get no proper reaction back how to fund aswell. Also big idea to have a fundraiser on the forums for the cost for the website and teamspeak? loads of other communities do this and we shared this idea months ago aswell, no proper response. i didnt really wanna make a post like i said cause i enjoy getting on teamspeak and just speak/game with my buddies. but we all know mintlou is not the easiest person to deal with but i agree this time this motherfucker has points and nothing is being done last 6/8 months, reviving minigames or jb for the 10th time is not worth it. we all know it dies within 2 weeks.
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    hb pasikl

    hb ketter
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    Article 13

    cucked by eu warlords
  6. dont get blue switches aswell, so loud. also danny you enjoying the FK 2? im loving mine.
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    Pokemon Direct

    Remind me When This game comes out, trailer looked cool tough
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