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  1. w33zy

    Hollow Knight: Silksong

    yes great game
  2. w33zy

    Sanity Check: Mini ITX PC Build

    Looks cool jak but i dont think i can help you. goodluck tough and i would like to see pictures as Work in progress.
  3. w33zy

    Hey sir

    welcome back brutha
  4. w33zy

    apex legends

    fun game
  5. w33zy

    What games people are known for in OB

    i like her tho, got lucky and unlocked legendary skin
  6. w33zy

    Yo admins

    dont quote or @ me noob apex player
  7. w33zy

    Yo admins

    subscribe 2 pewdiepie pls
  8. w33zy

    What games people are known for in OB

    @gaffeR im gonna play some HONNNN @mitch Binding of isaac @Mintlou Any bus/car sim @Jamie Runescape xd @Lewis @nick CS:GO God @VENGA BUS Riding roach @Fluxy Any Galactic spaceship battle @Wist FTL @SonyTwan any platformer game @keemy Dead by Daylight @Extinct ツ @FlaSh playing rust together @Oldmike Conan / csgo KZ @Rory GOP , Good times @Eraser @Major Chaos Path of Exile @Sir_Conor @Thunder @Danny Hearts of Iron? @Scrobbesbyrig ye i @keji first wat u do victoria scrub @Rachel Rainbow six siege @Frostie my only zelda weeb friend here @Eagle @Skill @Vemix @Veng3nce Rocket league noobs @IrishChamp u dont deserve RL, so here u get League of Legends @Finnley @Stiqqy Overwatch ? @Liutvi Mestan Smashing rocks @Pasickle @Kai Csgo plebs @Absolute miss u brother inb4 edit xd cry bucket if i missed u
  9. w33zy

    New surf video

    i mean i guess its worth more than just rep4rep
  10. w33zy

    Hello boys And girls

    Not happy abouth it cause i wanted to buy it when it was released, now i had to buy it last night before it got locked. Anyway good to see people are still enjoying their games. Also how is dead by daylight? im kinda meh on scary/horror games, is it still fun with friends or you guys play with randoms?.
  11. w33zy

    New surf video

    new video, am happy i finished this map, been bugging me cause its a long t5 map.
  12. w33zy

    Hello boys And girls

    Hello how is everybody doing? Feel forums are dead so Lets put Some life innit. So what are everyone main games atm? Any games you people are waiting for? Currently waiting for New metro, looks Pretty cool.
  13. w33zy

    That's how Autism works.

    who the fuck is scrobbesbyrig