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  1. w33zy


    de kat krabt de krullen van de trap gl hf keji
  2. w33zy


    tought this was a joke cause it national animals day here in the netherlands he he Happy bday kai hope you have a great day
  3. w33zy

    McGregor vs Khabib

    conor getting rekt 1st round
  4. w33zy

    What is the BEST BEER

  5. w33zy

    Who is your oldest living blood relative?

    i have both grandpa's one of them is 92 ( smokes like a maniac ) still good health. cycles daily so thats why he still in good shape. other grandpa is 80 but not in good shape, smokes and drinks alot ( already had 3 strokes yet he says it doesnt get him down lol ) Grandma is like 75 she is alright, walks with rollator
  6. w33zy

    Ultimate Chicken Horse

    no thanks
  7. w33zy


    @Brandon __ .-' | / <\| 'Ello me ol' chum / \' |_.- o-o I'm g'not a g'nelf / C -._)\ /', | I'm g'not a g'noblin | `-,_,__,' (,,)====[_]=| I'm a g'nome and you've been GNOMED '. ____/ | -|-|_ |____)_)
  8. w33zy

    Faceit Major Pick'Em Predictions

    EZ i hope navi wins tomorrow
  9. w33zy

    Is it time?

  10. w33zy

    A very overdue update

    surf server was up for like 1 or 2 months? while the minigames lasted way longer nice comparison mr cambridge