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  1. maybe we can do a collabotarion with the local coffeeshop for merch
  2. Cant believe we finished after i jebaited fluxy. ( sorry bro Haha ) Also shit bricks when me And kai were alone running dor our lives. Gg wp
  3. stop projecting as if the OG Channel is doing this. i bet thats what your thinking.
  4. conor doesnt like mintlou and therefore mintlou will never be a mod/admin. i know he used to be one when conor was owner but he basicly did nothing and he couldnt do nothing. mintlou created mordhau server and it was packed first few days, outbreak does nothing with it btw. this FIVEM server is not gonna work either. honestly i was curious months ago but time passed by and i couldnt really care anymore. so we have a community member who wants to set up servers and do stuff but probably never will. yea i know mintlou can be a fucking ass. but atm NOTHING happens. just give this fucking douchebag some power to do stuff so we atleast can get a few servers running. ( even if its for a few weeks better than nothing ). eagle this is not an attack to you i really think ur a great guy but i think this Community representative role is useless. Its just a scammy role so the other admins wont have to reply to the monthly "NOTHING IS GOING ON" thread. Now its your job to defend the actions of the current admin team. ur basicly the new UNSEEN. i have said in the past i dont care that much abouth whats going on, i just come on teamspeak, chill and play games. but its pretty sad how things are going right now.
  5. https://streamable.com/rk8i8 yeyeye
  6. happy bday conor, hope you enjoyed your day.
  7. w33zy


    lol rip this game, lucky i made some money off it thanks gaben
  8. hb akeem enjoy ur day
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