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    Not a day goes past where I don't think about how I couldn't hold any position of broad power or influence due to the sound boards you guys got on me. I work in the same company as the one I did when I left in OB but just in a different role, I'll jump on tommorow night if you lads are about for a catchup. If you're talking about the fights on sat/Sun night I'm down for it tho, would be fun. Up the ra Xo
  2. I just was trying names to see what could be reserved as some names have resell value if they are wanted/unique. Booked Tuesday and Wednesday off work. See yas in Durotar tonight.
  3. Yeah I'll 100% be on whatever server OB picks as it's confirmed horde. Going to see what the boss says about a couple days annual leave on Monday lol.
  4. Yeah that seems like the best idea. Anyone got a decent name on res? I have Vape Gemma Noc Atm reserved but I think I'll delete the first one
  5. You need to around here. Damn private detectives lol. Last time I had a look all PVP servers normal were sitting at full, I don't mind playing on a full server but the way it's looking at the moment some of the q times might be 5+ hours. Pve servers aren't an option for me, that's not the real game.
  6. Also lmao at me in 2018 Who am I kidding ill be a wow addict until the day I die. Blizzard are just too god damn good at marketing.
  7. Joined Zandalar Tribe (RPPVP) for now and reserved a few names. Still no idea what class or race I'll be though, definitely horde though. What server you guys going with or floating the idea of at the moment?
  8. Honestly didn't really even want to post about got I'm so dissapointed in what they did with it. So many arcs ruined in a few episodes..
  9. Rory

    Classic WOW

    It really dosnt sound like you ever played Vanilla. 2v2 and 3V3 didnt exist back then, no arena did.
  10. https://tenor.com/view/roasted-bruh-savage-gif-5822110
  11. Ty for bump on this thread tho. I just read back the entire thing and it's hilarious
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