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  1. Is the "Recently Browsing" feature broken?

    Same for me, I always wondered about it.
  2. Team Outbreak

    Great idea. Gl boys
  3. Giveaway

  4. Anyone watching the six nations?

    Someone suggested to me in work that the bottom should be dropped and then a separate European competition should compete for the place But yeah bar that Italy should be taken off.
  5. Anyone watching the six nations?

    Honestly think France have been pretty good and there standing does not reflect their form. Pls no bonus point for Scotland tho.
  6. Anyone watching the six nations?

    I know you are joking but they deserve to get dropped for another country.
  7. Anyone watching the six nations?

    Wales have a fantastic team atm and I wish them well, they could have beat Ireland on a different day. Deffo out of the six nations tho
  8. Unreal game between Ireland and Wales. Let's just hope England get slapped by Scotland but that's a tall order.
  9. Show your ugly face!

    I started using them tbh I'm ashamed. My ass has never felt cleaner though so it's worth it - Baby wipes are the promised land.
  10. OB'S biggest troll?

    No good Fuck me that guy grinded my gears but sometimes you just had to sit back and laugh.
  11. Fortnite - Battle Royale

    I believe Fortnight actually has a higher concurrent player count than pubg so no, your prediction was trash.
  12. I don't understand why moderators have the ability to give unlimited emotes in the first place, why?
  13. Turning down to min volume was always better than muting for me. Can't stand only hearing a portion of a conversation regardless of how much I hate the person's voice.
  14. Discord rolls out MORE functionality

    Kind of a tired topic at this point, reinventing the wheel has never appealed to OB. Even if discord paid you to use it OB would probs still use TS.