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  1. Rory

    Is pineapple on pizza good?

    This is the one true GOAT topping. Take notes.
  2. Rory

    What is your irrational fear?

    Boats. I've seen Titanic. (Absaloutely fine with flying)
  3. Rory

    Is pineapple on pizza good?

    Pineapple on pizza fucking sucks dick and anyone who like it needs to be shot. BACON IS AWESOME BTW :3 (These people only exist on the internet - Pineapple is alright if paired with something spicy or salty to balance the sweetness. Bacon is mediocre)
  4. Rory

    Prime Conor's Questions - PCQ

    Anyone could answer this probably but still. Is the website slower to load these days? It takes me a good 3-5 seconds to get the page up initially and another similar amount of time to get through the splash page. Not having this problem with any other website and it's the same for both my phone and on PC.
  5. Rory

    What are you listening to right now?

    What a beaut
  6. Rory

    It's too hot

    I'm on call for another 3 weeks because of NI Water implementing a hosepipe ban. Changed my mind about the sun - fuck that shit bring back the rain.
  7. Rory

    Outbreak, 1 year from now....

    still working on it
  8. Rory

    It's too hot

    It's so fucking good Sunshine = Happy me
  9. Rory

    What are you listening to right now?

    Gotta admit I talked shit in that other thread but I went through his library and I was really suprised - Wont change my opinion on him as a person but I cant seem to stop listening to his shit so he must have been doing something right.
  10. Rory


    “You need to tell me the truth right now or I’ll kill you and this jit.” She said that “jit” was slang for the unborn child. He then started elbowing, head-butting, and punching her. He strangled her until she almost passed out. He took her to the bathroom and demanded one last time that she tell him everything or he would kill her in the bathtub. She couldn’t even recognize her face in the mirror—it looked “distorted”—and her left eye was completely shut and “leaking blood.” She was losing vision. She vomited
  11. Rory


    Maybe I'm missing something but why does this keep getting referred to as his ''Past'' like this shit happened a decade ago. Last October, prosecutors charged him with aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and witness-tampering.
  12. Rory

    World Cup thread

    Can't wait to see England fans celebrating that they beat a team who's star player plays for Sunderland
  13. Rory

    World Cup thread

  14. Rory

    World Cup thread

    God damn some trash predictions up in here. Watched every game so far - Spain look fucking dangerous if you take Ronaldo out of the equation. Probably played the best football by far. Belgium look like a dream squad if they turn up but from the first half of what I just saw they clearly lack something. No point in making a prediction until everyone has played their first game so I'll hold off for now.