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  1. Needs more brainlet memes if it's gonna be an osrs thread
  2. Legit refresh every wed night for this now and don't even play anymore. Can't really think of a series I enjoyed as much since peckishwhale days.
  3. Rory


    Time to buy blizz stock before the inevitable rise that classic wow will bring then
  4. I can't remember a dip in activity the last time the shout box was a thing, if anything it drew more traffic into the forums/website.
  5. Rory

    is ob dead?

    Wasn't Unseen offered co owner and then declined? I agree with what you're saying and we are probably on the same wavelength about this stuff but it's not like Conor didn't offer Unseen that opportunity. Other than Unseen I can't really think of another who would have suited owner of OB but then again I don't know most of the community as well as I used to.
  6. This is the one true GOAT topping. Take notes.
  7. Boats. I've seen Titanic. (Absaloutely fine with flying)
  8. Pineapple on pizza fucking sucks dick and anyone who like it needs to be shot. BACON IS AWESOME BTW :3 (These people only exist on the internet - Pineapple is alright if paired with something spicy or salty to balance the sweetness. Bacon is mediocre)
  9. Anyone could answer this probably but still. Is the website slower to load these days? It takes me a good 3-5 seconds to get the page up initially and another similar amount of time to get through the splash page. Not having this problem with any other website and it's the same for both my phone and on PC.
  10. Rory

    It's too hot

    I'm on call for another 3 weeks because of NI Water implementing a hosepipe ban. Changed my mind about the sun - fuck that shit bring back the rain.
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