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  1. Scrune

    Happy Birthday Akame

    hb i love you. DaD
  2. Scrune

    chris lord wins again

  3. Scrune

    Revamping Reactions

    honestly sad or unamused should get replaced by angery. Also in my opinion the emoji for no thanks should be another one for example instead of a fish on the hook a boot on the hook would look better. I do like the fact that you guys tried a different approach on the reaction thingies. Also last point idk how i feel about every react giving +1.
  4. Scrune

    Can we have an angery react?

    *angery face*
  5. Scrune

    long time no see

  6. Scrune

    Fortnite - Battle Royale

    tbf the kid still got better moves then the ingame animation
  7. -1 enjoys school sorry this kid is a fake.. +1 for member application tho
  8. Scrune

    Share your clips!

  9. Scrune

    Share your clips!

    I think someone got the taste of a cock at the end or something, those are some next level noises
  10. Scrune

    Research Project

    My only big tip is you should define Violent behaviour and you should also add examples i think that would help. Makes sense?
  11. Scrune


    what do you mean it was 20/4/18 ????
  12. Scrune

    Fortnite - Battle Royale

    Im thonking of making a funny moments - Fortnite edition. If you have some funny clips upload to dropbox and send em over to me. I very much apprecimatate.
  13. Scrune


    give to me explain what happenink after seson 2 end
  14. Scrune


    nope to confusing still