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  1. Cryyyyyyyyyyy bukkkkket +1 need more members
  2. After 1 and a half year of absence on the ob forums. I regret missing this the most
  3. Scrune


    Player 1 has entered the game
  4. Scrune


    Basically dis thred
  5. Scrune

    OB & CLWO Event

    welp dat went from 100 to 0 real fest
  6. Scrune

    new ts

    Can we like have a OB boxing match betweem Mintlou and Frostie just b4 KSI vs Logan ?️aul. I'm down to stream it
  7. what was the thought procces behind dis?
  8. duck game is hilarious to play with some friends
  9. Scrune


    I want to add this story to your video cuz i am amazed to dis day as to how dis dude managed to stop beating the bitch.
  10. The real question is: Will this bring new light to CSGO. Imo a battle royal mode for csgo should make it a little populair again. Shit........
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