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  1. SonyTwan

    Saving the forums

    nice pics
  2. SonyTwan

    Saving the forums

    nice pic
  3. SonyTwan

    Hollow Knight: Silksong

    I am excite If any of you haven't, you should really play through the first. Everything about it from a gameplay, art style, soundtrack, and story perspective is top notch. 3 pieces of free DLC with the game that are all good. I've got over 50 hours in it and will likely play through it again before the release of the sequel. Currently £10 but is often much cheaper.
  4. SonyTwan

    What are you listening to right now?

    the GOAT love song (tied with diana ross/lionel richie - endless love)
  5. SonyTwan

    apex legends

    haha epic fortnite bad apex good xD
  6. SonyTwan

    apex legends

    not a bad effort tbf managed to wipe two squads by catching them with one person left each lol they gotta fix that bug with the kraber where you randomly have 0 ammo
  7. SonyTwan

    apex legends

    been playing pathfinder after watching some vids on how to use his grapple and it's a ton of fun bangalore still OP tier 1 tho all her abilities have utility at any point in the game no matter where you are
  8. SonyTwan

    apex legends

    me and gaff don't need a third mastiff shotgun for the last circle was some gud shit
  9. SonyTwan

    happy birthday sony

    thx r.e.p for r.e.p?
  10. SonyTwan

    Dyspraxia and the Gym [help needed]

    How are you on the machines with your dyspraxia? Have you tried any free weight stuff at at all to see how bad you'd be? Everyone has sloppy form when they first start. As @Oldmike said, you're working your stabilising muscles most during free weights, as you actually have to balance the weight, perhaps you'd benefit from just starting free weights as light as you need to feel in control. Don't overthink the sets, just because you do 4x15-20 isn't gonna make you any more prepared for free weights compared to 3x10. Do that set and honor scheme if you want, as long as you're progressively increasing weight. I'd work the lot at the same time, but it's just preference. If you want to split muscle groups go for it. Like I've expressed before, as long as you're working the muscles you want to work, working them hard enough via progressive overload, and eating adequate protein, do whatever you like.
  11. SonyTwan

    Dyspraxia and the Gym [help needed]

    Depending on your schedule: 3 days - upper/lower/upper (swap to lower/upper/lower next week), rest at least one day to split it up. 4 days - upper/lower/rest/upper/lower/rest/rest There's no need to overthink exercise selection or repetitions, just do 3x10, and progress the weight whenever you achieve your sets/reps. For your upper day, do some form of: chest, back (row of some kind), shoulders, biceps, triceps, and if you're up to it, another chest variation, maybe some chin ups. Lower day: quads, hamstrings, and if you want, glutes, another quads, another hamstrings. You'll be able to do all of this on machines if your gyms properly equipped. Pick whatever exercises you enjoy, long as you're hitting the desired muscles. Eat some extra protein. Do some cardio. I imagine doing dumbell rows wouldn't be difficult for you despite technically being free weights. If/when you feel up to it, try some more free weight stuff.
  12. SonyTwan

    Yo admins

    im gay
  13. SonyTwan

    apex legends

    it's actually really good tbh