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  1. SonyTwan

    Sad reality

    forums shut down when??
  2. SonyTwan

    Sad reality

    actually I think you'll find that when minecraft server #233 opens this community will see a huge resurgence in numbers
  3. ob is dead let it die its cruel to keep it alive
  5. seems like it's gonna be alliance now lol for anyone who is still interested
  6. They added 4 just the other day I believe I'm downloading the client now and will have a look
  7. Seems we're playing normal PvP Rory but we haven't actually discussed a server yet
  8. also @Fluxy and @Jamie, I get that you guys have reserved your names on a server (forgot the name) but it can't be ideal for us to join an already full server with queues, when we can join one of the newer ones they'll no doubt release (they just released another 4 eu pvp servers last night, no doubt more to come)
  9. For those in OB who will be playing Classic WoW, I'm curious to know what faction and server type we'll be wanting so we can form a guild. also post what class you're most likely to play, simply out of curiosity. Druid also please only vote if you're actually going to play and be involved in the guild in some way
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