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  1. SonyTwan

    Tekken 7/Fighting games in general

    Pretty happy, but the season 2 changes have made it easier to rank up overall, so not as cool as it used to be for reference:
  2. SonyTwan

    McGregor vs Khabib

    i also like semi-naked grown men hitting each other
  3. SonyTwan

    Tekken 7/Fighting games in general

    https://www.humblebundle.com/store/tekken-7 on sale again, £20 mintlou needs more people to show off his Bob custom outfits to
  4. SonyTwan

    What are you listening to right now?

    rip marcus
  5. SonyTwan

    CSGO Server Survey

    jailbreak and mini games minecraft maps only In all seriousness, idk. Skill surf could be cool but you wouldn't have all the records that are on the big servers, unless that doesn't phase anyone else and just wants to see the records from within OB. Plus, skill surf benefits from multiple servers to cater to all skills, otherwise people would find maps too easy, or quit cos they're too hard. Combat surf died and I always found it pretty dull except on a really full deathmatch server. Fuck JB nobody wants it at this point lol. Climb could be cool, but it's not something people are going to want to sit on the server hours for. Mini games died last time. I'm not likely to play it anyway unless I can get my wrist issues in order as I only play on controller right now, except for Golf It, and I'm just starting uni. My mouse hand does not like me anymore.
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  7. SonyTwan

    Ultimate Chicken Horse

    I would like to relaunch interest in this game. Current owners include me, gaffer, mitch, fluxy, wist, jamie, irish, weezy, and eraser. Really fun game, build the level to be ridiculously hard or fuck with other players, and try and get to the end. Every round you get new pieces, or bombs to destroy pieces you want to get rid of. https://store.steampowered.com/app/386940/Ultimate_Chicken_Horse/ "Ultimate Chicken Horse is a party platformer where you and your friends build the level as you play, placing deadly traps before trying to reach the end of the level. If you can make it but your friends can't, you score points! Play online or locally with your animal buddies and experiment with a wide variety of platforms in all sorts of strange locations to find new ways to mess with your friends." There's been a recent update with a new character, new levels, and new objects to place.
  8. Ballroom dancing nature walks gym (time off right now tho)
  9. SonyTwan

    A very overdue update

    unban from shoutbox when?
  10. SonyTwan

    A very overdue update

    habbo hotel private server