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  1. SonyTwan

    OB vs OB - Ring of Elysium

    did u win tho
  2. SonyTwan

    Crash team racing remake

    yeah ctr was lit I played a lot of it
  3. SonyTwan

    The Great Silence

    True but again, universe = big, and us eventually = dead The life time humanity has existed is incredibly small in the grand scheme of things.
  4. SonyTwan

    The Great Silence

    If there is life out there we're not going to find it within humanities life time unless something is within really close proximity. Universe is fucking big, plus if there was life it could well have been wiped out somewhere else.
  5. SonyTwan

    Real talk on Biased History

    just fyi i'm gay
  6. SonyTwan

    Deep Rock Galactic

    Having a blast with this so far, me and @Keiji Motori been playing with some people from my old Zombie Master community on the hardest difficulty, it's such a clusterfuck at times it's great. Played a level with constant waves of exploding enemies on top of everything else, having to dig our own tunnels and choke points to get away. Enemies coming from above you, below you, out of the walls, etc. Should record a game at some point.
  7. SonyTwan

    Deep Rock Galactic

    Current owners now include: me, weezy, gaffer, eraser
  8. SonyTwan

    Deep Rock Galactic

    Cross between Left 4 Dead, Alien Swarm, and Minecraft Bunch of space dwarves who have to complete objectives in a procedural environment which you can dig through most of. Cool soundtrack, aesthetic, and team focused gameplay. Enjoying it thus far, would be cool to have more people to play with. https://store.steampowered.com/app/548430/Deep_Rock_Galactic/ Nice neutral overview by Dane who made all those TF2 engi vids. It is of course early access but the reviews are very good, the devs are very supportive, and the gameplay is already very fleshed out
  9. SonyTwan

    Tik tok

    close thread?
  10. SonyTwan


    Card games are awful unless you like spending money or doing copious amounts of grinding. Valve have only made a card game cos all they care about is printing money these days. They can make the business model seem as generous as possible but in the end it's all about getting you to buy shit. Don't get me wrong I've got nothing against card games, I enjoyed Hearthstone (and I did plug money into that), but realised how much of a waste it was.