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  1. This the guy from MackandMesh? That certainly takes me back
  2. SonyTwan


    which piece of shit keeps deleting my quotes but not jamie spamming the music thread???? no wonder this community is dead
  3. tbh I don't want a transphobe in an admin position either @Wist
  4. - Less games which communities can put their own spin on due to lack of community servers/modding - Games all have their own official/unofficial discords which are largely populated, meaning you can find games and talk - Ageing population within the community with more responsibilities outside of gaming (this goes for everyone) Regardless of the stale administration, I don't see anything happening lol. I personally don't care for GTA. Shut forums down keep TS server, if we meet people we want to hang out with they can join.
  5. Some lovely stuff on this SaveFabric compilation Hadn't heard this Machinedrum track before, surprised it didn't get a full release
  6. SonyTwan


    will most likely get on it
  7. SonyTwan


    is there much of a delay? could see many of the mini games in mario party being lost if there is one lol
  8. SonyTwan


    is this basically a better version of hamachi i'm down for some mario party at some point
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