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  1. Stiqqy

    Saving the forums

    this is the forum content i wanna see, nice dicks
  2. Stiqqy

    apex legends

    Came across my first cheater, speed hack whilst down
  3. Stiqqy

    apex legends

    First game as pathfinder after the revelation , and my only game of the day
  4. Stiqqy

    apex legends

    in the trailer he grapples someone which is confusing, i figured he'd have that to
  5. Stiqqy

    apex legends

    Still have pubg and fortnite rooms lmao
  6. Ty ty, and yeah im waiting for my barbers to fit me in next week,
  7. it was just tied back in a pony tail ffor comfort
  8. The 2 faces of my post wisdom teeth trek home
  9. Stiqqy

    apex legends

    Highest kills on a win?
  10. Stiqqy

    apex legends

    Do it, 11 kills and 2 in a row was worth it imo tho
  11. Stiqqy

    apex legends

    Turning this into a highlights thread
  12. Stiqqy

    apex legends

    Very fun :)))))) Origin = ItsStiqqy
  13. someone who plays overwatch in ob? a surprise, but a welcome one to be sure.
  14. Have a good one gaff, Love seeing your family photos ? Have a good christmas everyone
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