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  1. Jak

    Outbreak's 2018 Quotebook

    “You shouldn’t be eating blu tac anyway.” - a heavy set, tracksuit toting Brummy mummy to her ~10 year old son, 12 August 2018
  2. Good guy that can smoke like a bastard but can’t drink a big beer ️
  3. Jak

    What are you listening to right now?

    @SonyTwan you heard this yet? It’s a banger.
  4. Shiniest head in OB. And all round stand up fella. Would go to an EDL march with him any day.
  5. Jak

    Who would win in a fight?

    Zebra vs donkey who would win
  6. Jak

    Takeaway tonight

    If you can’t buy a rope you can’t buy a curry mate
  7. Jak

    Who would win in a fight?

    To be honest I win most fights I’m in because I’m a biter and hair puller. @VENGA BUS I’m 6’3” and have size 14 feet.
  8. Jak

    Is pineapple on pizza good?

    @Lewis ketchup and pizza? What
  9. Jak

    What is your irrational fear?

    When the world's magnetic poles switch I'll be ready, pal. I keep 3 years worth of canned and dried goods stocked at any one time and I have 4 go bags hidden strategically within a 5 mile radius from my home base, as well as an AM radio and generator hidden in a secret, secluded woodland area. And no I won't share with you because you haven't prepared.
  10. Jak

    Is pineapple on pizza good?

    Lemon is okay in food because it's not sweet and acidic. Pineapple is bad in food because it's excessively sweet and far too acidic. Might as well just skip the step of trying to pair it with anything and drink straight HFCS and throw sulphuric acid in my own face, as is the trend nowadays.
  11. Jak

    Is pineapple on pizza good?

    Pineapple isn’t good either on or off pizza. It’s far, far too acidic.
  12. Jak

    What is your irrational fear?

    The inevitable failure of magnets.
  13. At least your name is fucking relevant. Always AFK.