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  1. Jak

    Sanity Check: Mini ITX PC Build

    Yes I do, no idea why/how I put a 9 in there. Thanks loads for that Asus link. I don’t really have a budget as such, I guess no more than £150 on a mobo but not tied down. Obviously cheaper is better, and my only real requirements are M.2 storage space, 4+USB ports, and basic audio I/O; I am Ethernet connected and don’t give a shit about Bluetooth, and I’ll likely get a decent DAC down the road so no need for a “good” soundcard. Whats the website you used for wattage? I’m struggling to actually find a TFX psu over 350 so that might be the max.
  2. Jak

    Sanity Check: Mini ITX PC Build

    @Oldmike I like the Shuttle PCs but I already have most parts and need a dedicated gpu so they don't fit the bill for this project. If/when I move somewhere bigger though I want to have something similar for a media centre.
  3. Jak

    Sanity Check: Mini ITX PC Build

    I do a fair amount of cpu heavy work. I already have the cpu in my current build, not going to get rid of it to buy a shitter model, the only reason I’m going 1070 is because 1080 minis are too expensive to justify.
  4. Jak

    Sanity Check: Mini ITX PC Build

    I honestly appreciate the attempt Hugo. @Mintlou
  5. I'm planning on building a tiny gaming PC in the case below so that I can get everything I need into something that fits onto my small desk and looks good: https://www.lazer3d.com/product/cg7-cravo/ Things I've got sorted are: CPU: Intel i5-8600K (in current build) RAM: 16GB DDR4 2400MHz (in current build) Storage: M.2 PCIe SSD, 250GB + 250GB SATA SSD 2.5" + 2TB Firecuda SSHD 2.5" (in current build) Cooling: Noctua NH-L12S GFX: Some variety of mini GTX 1070 Things I could do with help with: Finding a Mini ITX motherboard with 1191 socket that has M.2 PCIe storage space, PCIe slot for GFX card, and connectors for 2 other hard drives Knowing whether a 350W TFX PSU will have enough juice to power everything Do I need more cooling? If so I can put 2 92mm slim fans in Anyone got any ideas?
  6. Jak

    Yo admins

    I’d be up for a fivem server, but only if I’m allowed to drive delivery vans aggressively into the flood channels.
  7. Jak

    Strange/Cringe Steam games

    My Summer Car
  8. Jak

    Hello boys And girls

    I play skateboarding games or CS after you’ve all gone to bed.
  9. Jak

    That's how Autism works.

    It’s Keiji, it’s another name he uses at a different community. @w33zy Bloody good run Keiji, your typing speed is very impressive. I could barely react to what the flag was before you’d already guessed it and the next one popped up!
  10. Jak

    New surf video

    That’s not surfing it’s falling with style.
  11. I hope everyone had a wonderful time over late December. As an ex JW I don’t celebrate Christmas or New Year, but I hope you all had a wonderful time with friends and/or family. What are everyone’s goals for 2019? I would like a new job, and I would like to continue my fantastic relationship with my partner.
  12. Jak

    Best "Steamed Hams" meme

    Just watched the reunion episodes about 10 minutes ago. That's Dennis' best fury.