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  1. Jak

    Marble Olympics 2017

    Genuinely glad that you did. It’s so good. The rallys are particularly great.
  2. Jak

    Marble Olympics 2017

    It’s fucking great! The commentary is what sucks me in. The dudes so good at hyping it up. I like the O’rangers the most, they’re my team. Backing those randomised bastards like nothing else.
  3. Jak

    Marble Olympics 2017

    I blasted through the 2017 games last night and I’m halfway through the 2018 winter marbleympics. It’s good shit.
  4. Jak

    Marble Olympics 2017

    This... is something else. A particularly unique "special area of interest". I'm enjoying the amount of effort gone into multiple camera angles, slow motion, and genuinely enthusiastic commentary.
  5. Jak


    A lesson in Black Country Basics "Yam roit bab" - How are you, female? "Worro, kidda" [rolled Rs] - How are you, younger male? "Oi day ding" - I didn't press the button to call you over, air hostess. "Worraya a posho" - Your accent is more palatable than mine and I'm offended. "Wotyam saytu-mee" - What did you say to me? (normally said ~3 seconds before a punch is thrown) "Ouwd gouwd" - The Wolverhampton Wanderers FC kit is not orange, it's... (see title colour) "Give yeredda wobble" - What you've just said is nonsense. Please note that all of these phrases rely heavily on rising inflection mixed with guttural noises to sound legitimate. Like the French, Yam-Yams (a slur used to describe the cretins from this region of the UK) are highly sensitive to outsiders trying to fit in so unless you are confident you can maintain a convincing impression, your safety is in jeopardy if you attempt to converse with natives using their language.
  6. Jak

    McGregor vs Khabib

    27 fights, 28 wins. He beat up mcgregor’s boyfriend in the crowd as well.
  7. Jak

    McGregor vs Khabib

    Sounds like he’s a power bottom.
  8. Jak

    What is the BEST BEER

    @Mintlou can get nearly all of those at basically any supermarket
  9. Jak

    What is the BEST BEER

    Larger than what? I don’t drink many local beers, I’m thinking of things like Holsten Pils, Doombar, Sierra Nevada, Anchor Steam beer, Bath Ales, Timothy Taylor, Brooklyn lager, Tiny Rebel, Thwaites, Guinness, Badger ales, Black Sheep, these are all widely available and popular drinks, not local beers.
  10. Jak

    What is the BEST BEER

    Best beer on that awful list or best beer full stop? Because you’re not even close with any of these.
  11. Jak

    This will blow your mind

    @MintIou looking at a screen and using your keyboard and mouse is very similar to reading music while using both hands for different rhythms. I used to play piano for my parents’ Kingdom Hall before I broke my finger and had to stop.
  12. Jak

    This will blow your mind

    If it makes you feel any better then you might like to know that piano is mainly hand eye coordination, similar to CS, so you’d probably be shit at that too.
  13. Jak

    What are you listening to right now?

    ^yes @Fluxy @SonyTwan sunrise walk home vibes.
  14. Jak

    next ob cs esl?

    ...I don’t know Can you repeat the question?
  15. Jak

    Is it time?

    Tag me if you want my money, slut.