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  1. I think the forums should be delete unless this thread gets replies from 20 unique posters. Please don't sign this anti petition if you agree. ?
  2. @Fluxy's stream of Hentai Nazis was especially good.
  3. Jak

    Message to JAK

    did we ever play this track
  4. We're hanging out on twitch nowadays
  5. Jak

    New surf video

    @w33zy flagged for copyright because of Bonobo, sorry pal ?
  6. Jak

    New surf video

    Depends what server you’re on, some cap it and have a higher tick rate and some don’t have a cap and lower tick rate.
  7. I've been on windows 10 for about 2 years why the @ @Mintlou???
  8. FK2 is banging while it lasts. I use mine at work now because the sensor went a bit funky on fast movements, and a Logitech g pro at home.
  9. I wouldn’t recommend Logitech, razer or Corsair for keyboards whatsoever. Much better alternatives for cheaper.
  10. What was your first mobile phone? Mine was a 6110: It had snake and monophonic ringtones and was black pixels on a green background and you could change the 11x64px banner by texting a premium rate number that would automatically install the picture. I had a tribal pattern, and a St George’s Cross case on it.
  11. An idea of budget and needs would be nice. Keyboard: what keys do you actually use, colours? Mouse: what grip, do you need side buttons, wired/wireless? Headset: do you want actually good sound quality or an all in one solution? On/over ear? Need more details man.
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