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  1. "mirage cache,sankyou!"
  2. ty for the event was great fun and one of my favorites.
  3. happy bday
  4. Happy birthday
  5. member app

    Played some jailbreak this morning and he seems like a nice and chill guy who is capable of being a member. Also active on both forums and server,yet I would recommend to join the teamspeak and integrate with the community as i haven`t seen you on it. In my opinion he is member material but needs to work on his integration with the people on ts.Good luck with your app.
  6. happy birthday,have a jolly good day
  7. you`re dead
  8. im just gonna buy a mag 7
  9. im just gonna buy a mag 7
  10. would like to see how the full game looks like and what else is added to it before buying it. But yeah i do agree its abit expensive.
  11. had so much fun playing this game,will probably buy the full game when it comes out. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend getting it.
  12. nice shots enjoyed your simple edit,dont like it being to flashy. Zelka virus hoping to get to the top of ob ?
  13. I highly agree with this point that the cts cant even get set up for a reasonable defence,I wish they could make the walk for the ts abit longer so cts could set up.I see where your coming from with all these points and i respect them.
  14. You can say that with any map if any1 knows all the correct nades roatations and gamesense etc etc will excel.And the group of people that "play it all the time" play it like any other map,it just that you dont bother learning the play style for the map and the only reason everyone is good at d2,mirage and inferno is because its just so simple and easy to play like holding simple angles while in train its hard to clear the angles as it is to hold them. learn the map: didnt know you thought your level of cs is that bad to not be able to learn a map thats been in the game for so long. You can say that with any map, e.g mirage,lets say ts plant for connector,the bomb is exposed to short,mid,palace,ramp,jungle.Then the 3 ts can be hiding anywhere like firebox,ct,deep palace and if you have no nades on ct then how the fuck am i meant to win this 3v3 unless the ts peak me and its the exact same in train,lets say the ts plant for pop,the bomb is exposed to pop,e box,brown train and heaven, and the ts can be hiding olof,hell,deep a main, pop, heaven.If we got no nades were fucked.But also depends on how to retake the site and where you are coming from and this will make it easier,so back to mirage,1 ct is coming from kitchen going jungle,1 ct is going b short and heading towards connector and 1 ct is already at CT and has it cleared,this will shorten down where the ts are,now on train we say we have 1 ct pushed b and is going pop,1 ct is back A2 and is clearing ivy and 1 ct is going connector.It will allways be made out to be easier and you will have less angles to clear.So now you play it like any retake,so for mirage you go for the fights like you would in train,you have to make the fights happen so you can win the round and the angles arent even that hard to clear on both maps.It just shows how theres not even a big difference between the 2 maps and have completely different layouts and still have the same number of angles you will need to watch or clear as the other.You just have to get better at the map since you dont know how to clear the angles. same with any other map lol,how am i going to hold d2 long with no nades and im on a low buy,OH YEAH THATS RIGHT,i gotta go for the aim duels and fight to hold the site.Same in train you have to go for the aim duels since we are low on nades and its not a perfect buy. you can actually clear the angles 1 buy 1 and make it easier and use your utility to clear some of them and most likely the cts will be peaking you so while you clear these angles 1 by 1 you probably would get into a gun fight and either miss or kill him.But its the type of map it is,why would you want every map to be the exact same its different and your good at the game so I dont think its that big of a challenge for you to know the angles. The ct can actually get to ebox on time and your not doing a brandon and rushing pop because you usually want to smoke it off and let them push it since its harder for them to walk out and peak you.Also you can hold pop from a site,brown,A2 so there is no need to rush it to hold it but you can if u want,all depends on your playstyle.Also can say the same for any team that knows how to smoke on any other map and lock off the bombsite,BORING,I just wanna shoot people what are these gay smoke lul exde.Learn the smokes they aint that hard all u got to do is line up and throw,theres no jumpthrowing needed and its right in t spawn so you got enough time at the start of the round to get them ready. Most of the people that play the gathers dont even play Jb anymore and most are playing it competitively and are good players (since we mostly only play gathers with good players).5 trains A (if u include a2 train),5 trains b,i know it was a joke but still gotta point it out,Not that its not that hard to clear them.But you just want to aim and shoot things, from what i see,you think its boring that people execute sites and we should all just not learn any nades and go for pure aim battles. Train is a good map so leave it alone,just because ur not bothered learning such simple smokes or angles doesnt make it a bad map.If every1 didnt know how to smoke mirage A,it will be called a shit map since its aids to walk out ramp and be fucked by all the angles and nades used to stop the push.But im my opinion i think its good that they remake d2,they will make it look nice and fix the amount it rely`s on pure aim battles and have more strats to it.Cant wait to see how it turns out since i used to like the map alot.
  15. i like myn black