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  1. Extinct ツ

    Share your clips!

    cancer to my eyes
  2. Extinct ツ

    Happy Birthday Akame

    hb you fat cunt
  3. Extinct ツ

    OB Fortnite Tourny

    soooooooo, dont sign up ya weeb
  4. Extinct ツ

    OB Fortnite Tourny

    so if u cant play and u signed up please message me asap
  5. Extinct ツ

    OB Fortnite Tourny

    effort Also if you dont put your ob name down you wont be signed up.
  6. Extinct ツ

    OB Fortnite Tourny

    So I have been watching the streams for the keemstar fortnite event and it looks very very easy to organise and was wondering if anyone is interested in playing one next week. I'll be making teams completely random and it will only be based of kills as it is in the keemstar event. How it works is one duo will play against another duo by queing up as a squad.Very simple rules,just you cant try kill the other team by using impact grenades or purposely breaking there forts to knock them out,if you do so you will be disqualified. You will play 2 games total and whoever gets the most kills from the games combined,wins. If you die you must stay and spectate the other team until they either win or die, only thing I need from the teams is a screenshot of the end kills from both games and to do that you just press esc and then screenshot (very simple...). There will be a losing bracket so you have a 2nd chance to try win. If you draw in kills you play another game and obviously who ever has the most kills wins and goes through. If you are interested in playing next week please sign up here and make sure you use your ob name. https://goo.gl/forms/1lYhLZeKLzrMkObD3 Thanka yu scrune for the idea
  7. Extinct ツ

    RIP Young King Dave

    how did he die ?
  8. Extinct ツ

    Happy birthday Lewis

    hb god
  9. Extinct ツ

    Nice to see Eurovision hasn't changed

    i figured out why she won the eurovision
  10. Extinct ツ

    Favourite comedians

    i honestly don't understand how this is funny. Edit: only the very end was funny but everything else ive seen from her just isn't funny,but i guess i don't have the sort of humour
  11. Extinct ツ

    Nice to see Eurovision hasn't changed

    Its because she is fat
  12. Extinct ツ

    What are you listening to right now?

    already posted that one blyss but yeah i do agree that this one is good.
  13. Extinct ツ

    Monthly CS with Buy-Ins

    Yeah lets also make them pay £10 for skipping out or else they will be banned forever. Also beat the shit out of them by going to where they live and get a bunch of ob's LADS to go do it or just hire a hitman with the £10.
  14. Extinct ツ

    Monthly CS with Buy-Ins

    but yeah how does the captain pick work, can i just sign up with a premade team
  15. Extinct ツ

    Monthly CS with Buy-Ins

    I love winning skins for my money