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  1. Extinct ツ

    It's back boys

    cant wait to steal those skins
  2. Extinct ツ

    Bring The Hub Back?...

    fuk da hub
  3. is it weird that i have watched this already.
  4. Extinct ツ


    go ahead and build a car and try drive it when its bugged, its not smooth like you see it on flashes screen, all i see is mad bounces like im going over massive bumps and then its fucking accelerating at insane speeds before the wheels even turn. I can guarantee everyone would crash the car when its like that. Also i dont ever record others crashing like they do singling me out all the time.
  5. Extinct ツ


    The reason i was so mad at ginger is because I was working on a car before that and spent 4 hours building that and this is what happened. But since this thread is about dayz i will have to say its potentially going to be the best game in 2019. It runs insanely smooth, the base building is perfect and will get better. Vehicles are REALLY REALLY good, that is not a joke or a exaggeration they actually work really well and cant imagine what will be coming later on e.g helicopters. Would recommend the game I give it a solid 10/10.
  6. Extinct ツ


    I think they are hoping this kills csgo and release a new cs and make even more money. Source 3 inc ?
  7. Extinct ツ

    The Great Silence

    Its also a very low chance that there is life that is intelligent enough to actually ever come to visit earth and the chance for life to dominate as a species and survive as a species without wiping themselves out or being wiped out by natural disasters. Also there might never be a time where any life can ever discover how to travel at light speed unless there is some unknown element that will get them to that point. Also there are many natural disasters constantly occurring in the universe, such as black holes traveling at the speed of light wiping out planets in mila seconds or super novas destroying entire solar systems. But if there is intelligent life out there, they probably already discovered us and we are in there simulation and we will never know.
  8. Extinct ツ

    Tik tok

    i love it when the forums arent dead
  9. Extinct ツ


    great game great fun great great https://store.steampowered.com/app/338170/Ratz_Instagib/ only 2 euro on steam would reccomend it to anyone who wants a cheap version of quake.
  10. Extinct ツ

    First game back, he says he wont play well.

    You see here mister jackpot, I dont show myself off all the time because all the nuts plays I make are just an everyday thing for me and i dont get all out boasting when i make a play like you do. So enjoy your little 4k against some bots on matchmaking and enjoy this small amount of clips that I have put up for you to enjoy against high tier cs players. I dont usually record anything but this is the rare times i do. PS: ur fat and shit and you smell like brandon sometimes. ???
  11. Extinct ツ

    First game back, he says he wont play well.

    This is when jamie thinks he can come back to cs and play it competitively, but then gives up after 2 days. ns though.
  12. Extinct ツ

    Tik tok

    Post ur fav ticky tocks here.
  13. Extinct ツ

    wys b x

    dead game ...
  14. Extinct ツ

    Share your clips!

    Just some cs clips nothing much but funny. Need to get this thread going again, always funny to look back at funny clips.
  15. Extinct ツ

    Share your clips!

    Bumped into this weirdo that wanted to eat me,I had so many funny moments with this guy since he stayed with me for like 40 mins, just wish i had recorded it all