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  1. we give you our opinions,and like i said most people have came from esea to faceit,So its not so biased when we have experienced both and give our total opinion on which one is actually better. But none are better, you just have to try both of them out and figure it out yourself,everyone has different opinions on everything.
  2. the matching is even fucked on esea,i remember being B- then getting a 4 man premade on my team that were D- and get put against a B- and a 4 man A+ premade which was just completely unfair,and thats just one example.While on faceit its completely balanced most of the time. And most people that have faceit in ob have switched from esea to faceit which isnt really one sided. Also esea is more of an american thing,most of Europe plays faceit,so i dont see a point of getting esea when you can face much better players when you reach 1.9k elo. You are rank D chus,you cant say it will get better when you reach higher rank if you never been there.
  3. esea if you want to play with kill hungry stat padders that just want to get there rws up. faceit if you want to play with good players ,that play for teamwork. Both dont have cheaters. Had experienced both of them but i prefer faceit. It just has more shit to do,like tournaments where you can get faceit points that can be used to buy some cool shit.It also has a much better anti cheat then esea and matchmaking. ??? who told you that, brandon ???
  4. I dont think its a good thing to lie when all the proof is here. Why would i care to ruin your chances,u need to earn your place by integrating with the community and not lie about what you clearly did and yet be annoying for no apparent reason. Also love how you poke me that you said "hello" instead of admitting that you were making that noise and then told me "not to craft a point out of bullshit",and now your admitting that you did make the annoying noise ? My gyazo bugged out so i couldnt take a screenshot of the pokes so ill just post it and hope you take my word for it. <20:40:43> You poked "Moz" with message: trust me being aids does not get you member if thats what you want <20:41:19> "Moz" pokes you: all i did was say hello chill <20:41:29> "corey/cpm" connected to channel "Welcome to Outbreak!" <20:41:46> You poked "Moz" with message: no u didnt u just made a aids noise and left <20:41:59> "Moz" pokes you: I said hello <20:42:08> You poked "Moz" with message: dont try lie out of it <20:42:23> "Moz" pokes you: Dont try to craft a point out of bullshit <20:42:37> You poked "Moz" with message: god ur already blocked <20:42:43> "Moz" pokes you: kk Its just disrespectful to join mix rooms and just be annoying,you probably did it to all these other channels aswell. I dont see why your trying to get away with it,just admit to your mistakes and not lie. Just re-apply when you've grown up
  5. Never seen you on before but today you were just aids joining the mixroom and making a random aids noise then leaving.Not a good first impression to make. -1.
  6. If only Ban Don was a mod, this would not be happening
  7. 12 hour ban for changing my name to Ban Don EDIT:Also no warning,just instantly dropped with the ban
  8. fuck u for tk cunt
  9. f
  10. @UnSeen atleast the next tournament can the captains pick there players like we did for the league tourny.
  11. fucking exactly,now where did i say we have no chance.Just saying our team is weak now.But ended up with joji being the dark horse of the tourny. I think your trolling.
  12. But u just said we didnt say anything about it,im just pointing it out that we did like wtf. Also i never said that we had no chance, wtf ????????????
  13. i think the 10 people did say why the fuck is nick and sov on the same team lol
  14. expected that to happen,h1 got scared of pugb
  15. f