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  1. thread ruined cause of certain ppl
  2. ty for event @keemy @GingerPopper was fun
  3. tbh i had no idea this was going on and I am excited for this to work. I wish i could help in any way possible but im abit useless in terms of setting up servers, but I appreciate that you guys are actually doing something with this and look forward to it. Good luck getting this done, hope it doesnt flop.
  4. Please add a gta5 rp server, its the best time to start it for this community to come back and gain popularity imo. But it is starting to get really boring around here and I hope something gets done at least.
  5. I can just picture venga playing this non stop through a massive sub woofer, while sitting in his arm chair staring and wall of dua lipa posters.
  6. im so proud of my boi @Oldmike, they grow up so fast.
  7. when u finally get over 2k damage and want to brag about it, IM VERY DISSAPOINTED JAMIE. VERY
  8. MAN the digital threat scope on bangalor is nuts, I throw a smoke at my feet and get free kills with people completely confused how im killing them. Its a easy squad wipe every time.
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