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  1. my last wish before cancer takes me is to see the admin section @giant_cheesepuff
  2. i want to see how many admins hated me
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssXq9PwuJT0&feature=youtu.be funny meme @Fluxy
  4. Stiqqy

    Sad reality

    its just left up so us idiots keep browsing it expecting something new to be here
  5. Probably winning the first csgo tournie Shoutout @Jamie @Rachel @Kriss@ilkdrggrrrgegr cos I don't know how to spell his name Idr the teams for the others but those to. There's to many jailbreak moments to count those tbh.
  6. Stiqqy


    I got a key to but solo'n is boring so I'd be down for matches just message me on steam or w/e
  7. Yo veng thats good to hear also im still dying inside so nothings changed
  8. I'd personally love to see a discord, i'd personally boost the server if you was to get one and probably be around on it 24/7 since i use it all the time, i think its open to more intergration if we used discord? its easier to invite people and manage setup, its free, the bot extensions are great, roles are easy to manage, also the custimization with emojis etc i don't know if teamspeak has that really?. Obivously it does have its drawbacks with voice quality and connection issues sometimes and its definitely not better than teamspeak voice wise, but i think discord is only going to improve and expand so i think it'd be worth it especially with mordhau as gaffer said would be a great way to boost the member base. for example PUBG has a discord bot where it posts your last games stats into a channel, theres the MEE6 bot which allows people to level up in the server etc, small stuff like that to give it a bit more personality i'd say over teamspeak.
  9. Stiqqy

    Saving the forums

    this is the forum content i wanna see, nice dicks
  10. Stiqqy

    apex legends

    Came across my first cheater, speed hack whilst down
  11. Stiqqy

    apex legends

    First game as pathfinder after the revelation ?, and my only game of the day
  12. Stiqqy

    apex legends

    in the trailer he grapples someone which is confusing, i figured he'd have that to
  13. Stiqqy

    apex legends

    Still have pubg and fortnite rooms lmao
  14. Ty ty, and yeah im waiting for my barbers to fit me in next week,
  15. it was just tied back in a pony tail ffor comfort ?
  16. The 2 faces of my post wisdom teeth trek home
  17. Stiqqy

    apex legends

    Highest kills on a win?
  18. Stiqqy

    apex legends

    Do it, 11 kills and 2 in a row was worth it imo tho
  19. Stiqqy

    apex legends

    Turning this into a highlights thread
  20. Stiqqy

    apex legends

    Very fun :)))))) Origin = ItsStiqqy
  21. someone who plays overwatch in ob? a surprise, but a welcome one to be sure.
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