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  1. Kartoffel

    Show your ugly face!

    The love of my life and @Veng3nce
  2. Kartoffel

    LoL Megathread

    I see your 1000+ games and raise you my 3000+ games
  3. Kartoffel


  4. Kartoffel

    How illiterate is Outbreak?

    23/25 Pretty happy with my results.
  5. Kartoffel

    Happy birthday Veng3nce

    Happy birthday to my special ginger.
  6. Kartoffel

    Describe your job or hobby badly.

    Sales advisor - be a con artist
  7. Kartoffel

    Roast the person above you..

    Doesn't look after his child. All he does do all the time is throws abuse at his girlfriend because of tiny man syndrome.
  8. Kartoffel

    Roast the person above you..

    Never leaves the house, also... Can only get girls online Worst shag of my life Lasts 13 seconds tops One inch warrior Worst eggy farts Sheep shagger Ginger Got booted out of the mod team by me 0/10 wouldn't shag again
  9. Kartoffel

    2016 LoL Worlds- Put your pick'ems!

    I've got some faith in the IWC team and SKT of course.
  10. Kartoffel

    Non-native English speakers of OB

    Started studying English in primary at the age of 10-11 and then studied it once a week for the following 5 years. I'd say English was quite easy to pick up with all the American TV shows that are constantly on in Finland, also picking up 'murican phrases and words at the same time. What I'd say helped me the most was the fact that I moved to the UK and worked in customer services leading to me talking to 20-50 different people from all over the country each day. Being online hasn't made a huge change in my English in my opinion, but you do every now and then still learn new words and phrases.
  11. Kartoffel

    2016 LoL Worlds- Put your pick'ems!

    Quite unsure about my picks as I wasn't following summer split that closely.
  12. Kartoffel

    What really grinds your gears?

    1. People who are obnoxiously loud on the phone 2. People with bad table manners 3. People who take up two seats on the bus for no reason when there's no other places to sit at or when there's plenty of empty double seats on the bus but someone still decides to sit next to you
  13. Kartoffel

    Pokemon go

    4 inches
  14. Kartoffel

    Pokemon go

  15. Kartoffel

    Pokemon go