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  1. Eraser

    Hey everyone

    BUY EBOLA COIN RETARDS https://ebolashare.github.io/
  2. Eraser


  3. Eraser

    Sad reality

    We need a minecraft server tbh
  4. Eraser

    Music bots

    Found a picture of Kai
  5. Why are you cosplaying ricardo in wow sov hahaha
  6. Where i got my name from all dem yeeears ago @SonyTwan
  7. Long shift, tired, but how can i feel down when there is new Tycho to listen to
  8. Sad boi hours, The National are great
  9. Wait for Halo collection, then we shall be reborn
  10. @SonyTwan Seeing this guy on the 5th July, cant fucking wait, anything from anjuna deep is always usually great
  11. Regards the Merch i have currently in stock, one jamie mug, and one brandon mug. Both mugs have HIGH DEFINITION pictures, and their wacky catchphrases on the back so you can have a hearty chuckle while sipping a brew. Current cost (minus shipping) is 43 rep on the forums, but when this quality of mug is involved i can back it up with my own seal of approval:
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