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  1. A very alive game, point is it just captivates you and you play it non-stop or drop it after a few dozen hours, like me and most of my friends did. Still try it if you like 3d rendered video game characters in skin tights, especially genji.
  2. P.S. remove the top one, also you lose time to buy guns on some maps, so this is actually a nice suggestion.
  3. Honestly why are people complaining, with assisted bhop you can easily get through all of the bhop minigames, you can still be the cunt that flies around and knifes people, although you'd be a fair bit slower and you'd be killed alot more, only difference is that now only people that actually know how to bhop will be able to do it, with this maybe people will actually learn how to bhop instead of just holding space and becoming instant gods flying with 1500 velocity with +right or +left. To weezy's response: That is also true, but If you are truly new to minigames server having auto or not makes barely any difference, because you probably don't know how to strafe or how to keep and gain speed, and again you will just get destroyed anyway, +killing a guy with 600 velocity is much easier than shooting at a guy with 2000 just waiting to backstab you. In the case that you make, removing assisted bhop will be the best choice, but that would make almost all bhop, course and other games insanely difficult and in some cases almost impossible as some maps are made to be done with either assisted or auto. With or without auto bhop, new players will always get destroyed, but new players get destroyed in all games they try, would it be surf, bhop or aim arenas, that's the point of being new to a gamemode/game, this new assisted hop is definetly not flawless, but it's probably the better (atleast for now) way to compensate for the removing of auto bhop, also it's still in a test period so if people really don't like this change they can come out with it, it's not a 100% decision of it to stay or not.
  4. I agree, instead of auto we should have assisted bhop, as in 64 tick some people might complain about not being able to hit long bhops. It'd be nice to try and see how everyone takes it.
  5. Just played a streamer custom and failed hard at the end humiliating both myself and OB infront of 14k people, oh well Here is the clip lol: https://clips.twitch.tv/ArborealRelievedCobraMingLee
  6. I am not sure if making summer should be met with praise or not, but memes aside this looks alright, this post gets a +0.78 from me. Also we don't have a snow themed map rn so it could spice us up a bit.
  7. Counter Strike Global Offensive
  8. If its more like the old call of duty games, sure why not, cod 1 and 2 were amazing, but if its like the new cod's with it just having a ww2 skin and automatic guns, ye no thank you.
  9. A good and active player, but you still lack a bit of TS prescence and also post count, although post count seems to be a thing for alot of member apps. If you have a problem fitting in on TS, or are uncertain try and go for smaller channels first. Show your prescence in the smaller channels and eventually go into the big ones, although I don't think you would have such a problem. So long story short up your TS hours and get people to know you (By that I don't mean staying in the afk channel please xoxo) Goodluck with your app.
  10. As a fellow descendant of the gopnik lineage, my third wish will be indulging myself in many different Balkan meals and alcohol beside vodka, If I had a fourth wish it would be having infinite stamina so I can sit like a gopnik for all eternity.
  11. Outbreak 1 month after unseen left, (just a meme please) Also Unseen I've already told my farewells with you, wish you luck man.
  12. Is cool and plays video games, *cough* actually a great person who is very active on TS and is pretty well known, has decent forum prescence and maybe the only thing would be JB hours, but don't worry yourself so much with it. Wish you luck with your app.
  13. My best solo yet, got flanked from behind 4 times but they all got potato aim. Had to do it on imgur some sort of upload problem for pics occured.
  14. Counter strike global offensive Dark souls in this community, try the games if you want a decent challenge, also getting hooked on it is surprisingly easy.
  15. Well play squads then luphers, you guys will probably crush anyway, I don't see why not