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  1. Game was pretty shit, but it's free and it has multiplayer, yes. You can download it from the Uplay launcher.
  2. In akame's defence, I made him play this game while holding him at gun point at 3 A.M.
  3. Good guy, never joins minecraft though. +1 internet point
  4. Happy day of birth.
  5. Is that the real Johnathan Sins Curtis.
  6. Ricardo is as safe as it gets
  7. If God is real he has the big gaye.
  8. I hate dorknite, bring back @all JailBreak
  9. Happy day of birth
  10. Yeah I'm guite the female myself
  11. I am now depressed, happy year new
  12. GingerPopper


    happy christ day man
  13. GingerPopper


    This human was giving driving lessons to flash
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