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  1. Thanks for the event, it was a nice experience and enjoyable grats to hosts.
  2. Happy birthday daffy
  3. Hi and welcome back Insurgent!
  4. member app

    I cannot see why not, decent guy with decent hours on all platforms and isn't new to the forums, you deserve it and i wish you luck with your app.
  5. The entire clan area thing is fairly easy to understand, after each game you get points which you can use on a set piece of land and raise your clan's power in that area, when 2 clans are fighting over some land you can enforce it to raise the percentage, if ever so slightly and after 6 hours the map updates, if the percentage for your side is higher you win it over. After some time (i don't remember how long) the season will end, (seasons like in other competitive games) and you will get loot equal to how many points you have spent and how much area your clan has controlled. Btw does anyone know if ubisoft have said anything about future clans being added, kind of like in rainbow six with new operators.
  6. After playing a fair amount i can most certainly say that this game is very promising and is surely very aspiring, but that's not to say its perfect. Now first off there are very notable differences between duel mode and dominion, in duel you truly get a feeling of what for honor is all about, its just you and your opponent so duels become this long and satisfying wait for who fucks up first and gets punished. In modes with multiple people the strategy consists of killing your opponent the fastest and with least effort so you can capture a point or help a teammate, the game is just much faster and with this the different modes feel more like different games entirely. Also as mentioned some characters are stronger than others and unlocks in this game actually affect your stats, although ever so lightly. Gear is important but not deciding. Also mechanics such as guardbreaks are alot easier to pull off and are just as effective as parrying, basically parrying feels satisfying but most of the time its not worth risking getting hit for. Overall the core gameplay is very good and i have few gripes with the game, the reason why its been getting a bad wrap on steam reviews is that it has alot of connectivity issues, even though me and a few friends almost never had such experiences.
  7. For a dark souls player like me playing this in closed beta was amazing, now with even more people it will be even better thanks for reminding me.
  8. Good event it was a blast, too bad we choked and couldn't draw, oh well.
  9. Orange
  10. honestly with the ct standarts nowadays what is considered as good rebeling
  11. Rachel waiting for the perfect 20 tele map with 40 secrets all around, mmm
  12. It was tested a few months ago, and people complained about crashes and just how the map looks and feels, sadly for now it probably won't be implemented + i agree with rory having a climb is nice, but extreme climbs are liked by many and alot of people do them to satisfy the masses, but this leads to very long rounds that are just 1 or 2 games and it can get quite annoying for anyone waiting.
  13. Welcome back Liam, hope you stick around.