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  1. GingerPopper

    TTT Server

    Yo that's cool.
  2. GingerPopper

    What is your biggest OH **** moment?

  3. GingerPopper

    Is pineapple on pizza good?

    I just don't like pineapple itself lol
  4. GingerPopper

    Realm Royale

    Toxic, ban pls
  5. GingerPopper

    Realm Royale

    This is actually hilarious
  6. GingerPopper

    Best Chat-up lines

  7. GingerPopper

    Best Chat-up lines

    This is so sad..... Can we hit 50k ChILDrEN?!?
  8. GingerPopper

    It's too hot

    My uncle is dead, that is insensitive
  9. GingerPopper

    It's too hot

    Your fan is a literal recreation of hurricane Katrina
  10. GingerPopper

    steamsummer sale

    So battleborn is now free to download and keep similarly to quake champions, won't personally download it but if anyone is interested. (Also I have no idea if this game has been free before, but oh well)
  11. GingerPopper

    Show your ugly face!

    Taste the rainbow?
  12. GingerPopper


    What has this thread become
  13. GingerPopper


  14. GingerPopper

    R6 Vids

    Cs 1.6 is better Nice vids tho