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  1. Ts changed us, we used to be better back on discord. Btw why do more than 2 bots cost money on this B-tech communication platform.
  2. Guys what does this mean, I am very confused, is this an in depth look into the fall of modern society, we will never know guys.
  3. Shut up boss baby from the popular tv series, The Boss Baby: Back in Business.
  4. this is so accurate it's frightening
  5. hey it could actually be a decent game lads, come on man, let's download it guys
  6. My brain just went into overdrive and I realized something, why don't people who lag on discord just use it on their phones? SMAAAAARt
  7. GingerPopper


    Birthday happy yes, @keemy farming posts on a birthday thread
  8. I have lectures today so I won't be able to, but I can host it later or just set up a game night next week to host.
  9. until

  10. Garry's mod WW2 OB server raid, quality community fun time
  11. This isn't a suggestion, prepare to be exterminated. play golf it yes
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