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  1. Dank Potato

    TTT Server

    I used to bang out TTT like crazy, this sounds like fun.
  2. Dank Potato

    What was your first Jailbreak experience?

    /-\ UNBAN IGOR /-\ /-\ FREE IGOR /-\
  3. Dank Potato

    Realm Royale

    I don't disagree with the copying of the battle pass but it does seem a bit weird how it kind of looks exactly like fortnite's system in terms of visuals as well.
  4. Dank Potato

    steamsummer sale

    Fallout: New Vegas is only £2.50 Doom is quite fun.
  5. Dank Potato


    So are we moving to Mumble or what?
  6. Dank Potato

    E3 2018

    The New Super Smash bros would be great but they are missing one thing...
  7. Dank Potato

    Realm Royale

    Can someone fix this please, this is an abomination and I would like Dank to be truly forgotten.
  8. Dank Potato

    E3 2018

    Is no one here gonna talk about Just Cause 4? I really enjoyed the previous games, so I am pretty hyped for it.
  9. Dank Potato

    Realm Royale

    The name is Meraki. Dank is dead.
  10. Dank Potato

    Realm Royale

    Haha I'll show you, time to give you another upvote >:D
  11. Dank Potato

    Realm Royale

    I'm sorry man ;(
  12. Dank Potato

    Watching livestreamfails and you find chris xd

    Yes but is it gay though?
  13. Dank Potato

    Realm Royale

    Whatever you want no one really cares lol