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  1. eagle would be down depending on dates
  2. @Kai @Eraser @Chus @w33zy
  3. Sonys mum 65% off atm
  4. Imprisoned for life... IN OUR HEARTS Gone but unable to be forgetten. Peace be upon you oh great ghost chilli King
  5. This is completely incorrect. If you spent any time with us you would KNOW that almost none of our group want Mintlou to be owner. In fact most have voiced that they would be against it. What you may confuse as Mintlou wanting to be owner is actually Mint wanting some agency in a situation he knows he can make a difference too. Alot of people I think get turned off Mintlou as a person because of how he comes across. He knows this but thats the type of person he is. I can say as someone who has known him for going on 7 years now we have definitely not always seen eye to eye and indeed find it very hard to agree about practically anything. OB's leadership, direction and progress and what we both want out of this community has been a flashpoint between us for many years now. However, I would be lying if I said OBs state does concern me at times. This place has been home for some of us for almost a decade and in time, if nothing happens it will slowly fade as older people move away, fall out with each other or otherwise stop coming on the PC. I don't want to see an empty teamspeak when i come home from a shit day at work or a free Saturday night in and I don't think anybody else does. I have had the best times of my life here and I think a lot of people could say the same. I personally do not have the drive or technical ability to really make a difference in putting up servers or managing a community and so in times where "what is OB meant to be" comes into question I do normally come down on the side of just wanting a place to come and chill and play games and less on the proactive side. But, and has taken me time to realise this, we should not stonewall people who DO have these abilities, just because of the person you perceive them to be. Mintlou has great tech knowledge, the most of anyone I know, and he has a level of drive and determination that does confuse me at times. I think its that passion to try and improve something he also cares about is what brings out the jagged nature of him sometimes. All that being said, I still think he is a great guy, a true pal. If you get him onto something, that has an IT problem, he will fix it I guarantee you. If mint being put into a position where he could honestly make a difference why not give it a go.
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    Hearthstone may have started out with really good interesting game design but as someone who played it for a good year and a bit, went through the addiction phase, spent a bunch of money and then fell out of love with the game but still keep up with its goings it does seem it has gone totally down the pan recently, while its monetization strategy has actually improved and got more player freindly.
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    Chatbox broken?

    thx jamie
  8. Once again Scotland and England showing completely identical voting patterns and political standpoints. Honestly so glad we are a UNITED kingdom where decisions on the future of our nation are made in an inclusive and considerate way towards ALL members of this GREAT Britan. Go democracy!1!11
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