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  1. So seen a few folk chatting about getting this new game World War Z, its pegging itself as L4D reborn, revamped like blah blah. Thought I would check out some of my go-to reviewers to see how it stood up Now, if you dont know the Worth a Buy reviews, or are familiar with Mac as a reviewer then ill sum up his style as, honest, balanced, accessible and funny. Where some reviews are like quite structured and long winded and break everything down into sound, gameplay, graphics, multiplayer and so on, WAB videos end with basically, is this game worth your money or not. Watching his review of World War Z kind of confirms what I thought it might be. Just wanted to warn my fellow gamers against dropping their money on a product that seems uninspired and boring.
  2. Very positive to see new shit happening again, maybe brings some life back into the forums. Keep it up bros!
  3. to all these IDIOTS voting @keemy Please consider your actions more closely.
  4. Thanks @keemy Good post, glad it's generating some motion
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