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  1. I needed to share this...

    TOTAL WAR WARHAMMER 2 BOI HOLLA GET YER RATS OUT, I AM ERECT 42 DAYS LEFT. L E T S G O (I been waiting for this Skaven reveal trailer for like 2 months...they released two on the same day)
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    str8 bang m8
  3. haha lol xd i got another pistol round ace

    Do you always refer to yourself in the third person as Dragon or is it only on the internet
  4. hey

    you literally exist in this little bubble of moronicness, wanking yourself with your mornic retard memes
  5. Yeah....people keep askin me why Im not going back to cs....
  6. Summer Holiday's

  7. hey

    hi, u r a bad cunt

    5 years of service come August. EXCITED :D
  9. It's too hot

    Used to hit high 40s during the summer in Oman. That was...hawt.
  10. E3 Games

    Yeah without a doubt Sony and the PS4 has won the exclusives war this year, not by a narrow margin either, they literally hate-fucked Xbox into the dirt and left it in this quiviering mess. Days gone looks good shadow of the collossus remaster makes me want to cum...just...everywhere god of war looks good Spider-Man game more horizon zero dawn that's just from E3, remembering Sony has their own conference in December called PSX where we probs gonna see The Last of Us 2 + more exclusives. I am legit starting to get sad I sold my PS4 what microsoft got? Oh yeah, a bastard love child between destiny and the division with one of the most cringy game play demos ever. HOT DAMN
  11. [Event Suggestion] [FUNERAL] Jailbreak's Sendoff

    Exactly as venga said, I feel people thinking that the JB server lost popularity cause we didn't have enough fancy plugins or whatever, and all it takes is a bit of work and we would have a great server again. This isn't really the case, JB is a game mode that requires personalities to make it fun and interesting. You can a massive store, a shed load of maps, loads of add ons and plug ins but if you get some autistic 10 year old screeching first reaction last reaction or simon says for hours on end people are gonna be like nah fuck that.
  12. E3 Games

    My top picks so far. Metro Exodus - trailer was incredible, fantastic music but, still a bit worrying how scripted it looked, very cut-sceney Far Cry 5 - looks like it has promise, I like the look and feel of what they are doing, however I do understand people saying it looks a bit like a reksin, FC4 was good but far too similar to FC3, I feel people won't be so forgiving if FC5 is the same, even if the world and environment is very cool. Wolfenstein 2 : The New Colossus - Holy fucking shit does this game look great, if you haven't played New Order fucking buy it in the summer sale, it's a fantastic shooter, looks like New Colossus is building off that and expanding it at the same time. Also alternate time life stuff is ALWAYS cool, so Nazi America looks tasty AF. Can't wait. Mount and Blade Bannerlord - Honestly been waiting for this game for like, 4 fucking years now I just want it to come out. The more I see the more I want. Vampyre - Gameplay still looks a tad clunky, but I understand its quite a small studio that's working on it and I think it has potential. Assassin's Creed Origins - Apart from the super crappy cliche "Origins" title I'm looking forward to this. While AC games are pretty formulaic, and this one, unfortunately, looks to be the sort of the same they are good at giving you a fun recreation of a specific time period to fuck about in. The last real assassins creed game was ACB but Black Flag was a fun pirate game and Syndicate did a cool job of doing Victorian London, I can't name one game set in Ancient Egypt, so far that reason will probs pick up in a sale at some point. Although, after taking a whole year out was kinda expecting something a smidge more impressive, and from the gameplay demo it looks like it needs a lot of polish. Shadow Of War - Cause, well I don't think I really need to go into that, its kinda obvious Total War Warhammer 2 - This one is one I expect most people to ignore, but its the game I'm most looking forward to this year and the trailer showed off more dinosaurs fighting dragons so I'm really all in on this one, and if you pre-order you get a free race pack for the first game, pretty lit if you ask me.
  13. What are you listening to right now?

    oh yeah and this one as well @SonyTwan yeah your right, when I went to go see George Fitzgerald he had signs up asking people to not have their phones out to enjoy the music, bouncers put a little black sticker over everyones phone cameras when they went in.