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  1. Fluxy


    10/10 response from a former ADMIN of this community. Stellar stuff, ty Finn
  2. Fluxy

    Anyone want to play a pen and paper?

    Oh sick yeah. Like me you annnnnd who else? Anything more than 4 people would be a nightmare to organise and would only have two sessions of about an hour MAX. People would be getting poked for mixes and @gaffeRS kids would be crying. It would be chaos bro, and not the Black Legion kind. Mayhem.
  3. Fluxy

    TS lagging

    29 November 19:05
  4. Fluxy

    TS lagging

    Hello. This thread will be a log of all the times I, or other experince team speak lag, so there is a record, so people can stop saying they dont know about thank you.
  5. Fluxy

    Anyone want to play a pen and paper?

    ..... do you know OB...like at all. What world are you living in that you think this would ever work
  6. Fluxy

    HB Hungarian

    you know for the longest time i thought this akivara kid was some random skid on the ts but now i realse it justs akememe hawhahahahah
  7. Fluxy

    funniest person ob?

    It has to be brandon...
  8. Fluxy

    Admin Complaint: Lewis - Non Censored cut

    I'd like to just remind everyone that this started over approximately 5 collective seconds of mic spam....
  9. Fluxy

    McGregor vs Khabib

    get absolutely dusted Irish noobs
  10. Fluxy

    Is it time?

    More pointless forum threads for people to argue and sling shit. Not helpful As Mintlou said this is a discussion that NEEDS to happen. But it needs to be over ts where everyone can have their say