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  1. Most of these attacks are carried out by lone wolf nut jobs who are inspired to do so by groups like ISIS. Rarely there is direct contact and these groups just claim responbility after the fact because it makes them look stronger. Truth is there is a counter terrorism arrest almost every day in the U.K., these are mostly achieved through surveillance of people making contact with ISIS and groups in Syria/Afghanistan excettera. It's likely they didn't pick this guy up because he would have had no previous contacts and was probably not a person of a concern. This is what is so dangerous about this current form of terrorism. Governments in a hard position where the issue of privacy and surveliance especially online is such a hot topic at the moment. We only need look at the results of the PATRIOT act put in by Bush post 9/11 that shows how much harm knee jerk reactions to stuff like this can cause. Anyway, another time where you gotta question the state of the world and how we got to this point. Hopefully there will be and end to things like this in the future.
  2. Yeah what Irish said. The closed beta had an NDA, open beta does not.
  3. Been having a LOT of fun with the quake beta recently. Pulled a short video together from some of my highlights over the week. Hopefully this might get a few more people interested in it
  4. No not at all, This is absoloutly nothing like Overwatch, comparing the two is like saying battlefield and CSGO are the same. Overwatch is a class based objective shooter with loads of focus on team play, some champs are purely support, some heal, some are for crowd control. Yes in this you have tanks and assassin characters but that's where it ends. Every character is meant to be played aggressive because that's what quake is, it's go forward and frag anything that stands in your way. It's much more about gunplay and individual skill than escorting some payload somewhere. It's also a game that is built upon movement and resource management/mapcontrol. I can see why people who had no experience of the game would see the champs and special abilities as rather Overwatchesque but I assure you that's the only similarities you will find in terms of game design, the two games play polar opposite to each other.
  5. short clip from the start of a match yesterday. Theres a slight cut in the middle cause I accidentally stopped recording, and when I was turning it back on some guy got all in my fuckin grill.
  6. dodge af
  7. Depends what your play style is. Atm if I had to tier the champs tier 1 Anarki Nix Sorlag Tier 2 Scalebearer Ranger Visor Tier 3 Clutch The white haired bitch (dunno her name she sees so little play) Slash i think I might be missing one but can't recal. Winning games is all about map control, controlling the quad, mega health and armour, basically you just wanna run circuits round the map. apart from that just aim good, and learn how to use the rocket launcher, cause that thing is so fucking lethal. Also you should try out sarcifice, such a great game mode, but you do need a team to make it work
  8. its definitely it's own beast. Don't go into this expecting some copy of the old quake. That being said I think it's great and a huge improvement. The characters give it flair, progression, mastery and most importantly dynamic gameplay, the UI is great, it looks fantastic and most importantly, it's unforgiving as fuck. Its one of the first games in so so long that gets me to work up a sweat. Not sure how long this honeymoon phase is gonna last with the game before I don't enjoy it so much but it's definitely something I'm going to get into when it comes out.
  9. Can recommend. Been having an absolute blast with this so far.
  10. someone moderate this cuck's fucking posts already.
  11. You memers out there will recognize this remixed classic. but hot damn its not bad.
  12. Thanks for all the positive comments and the +honors my dudes :) Its what motivates me to make more like this stuff
  13. >Sniffles >2017 pick one
  14. Hi guys. New vid check it out thanks