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  1. Hey guys whats up. It's me, me FluxDOGGA. You may know me as that floppy haired weed man or the quirky steal your girl kinda type. I have been a member of outbreak since 2012 so approaching 10 years...wow! thats the age of my girlfreind at the moment that is just so crazy. Don't make em like they used to thats all I will say. I have been a mod, twice or three times. Both times was good fun but I wouldn't recommend to someone as you had to listen to the server rules when I preferred to break them. I am a rebel after all! It's so great to see these forums still going! I like reading my old posts any seeing what a funny and original guy I was even back in 2015, hot damn I really came out with some fire comments...never forgot that sass!!! Anyway, time to make like Jimmy Neutron and blast its been a total "vibe" dropping in checking how we swinging. Yep Yep nice Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk FluxDOGGA
  2. Fluxy

    Hey everyone

    When I see an active thread on the OB forums
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH man this was such a moment
  4. Fluxy


    Good thing you weren't completely stomping the enemy team like 10-2 or something in this clip otherwise they would look like complete bots hahahahah oh wait....
  5. Jordan getting VAC banned
  6. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. Fluxy


    Yeah fuck discord am i right guys? legit who would use that trash software
  8. give me some fucking rep then you complete spacker
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