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  1. Stands for "source development kit" it's basically modding and mapping tools
  2. We must go to different party's, cause that is complete shit
  3. IF the shoutbox is brought back, it should only be brought back off the front page. And it should be member+ as Rory said. Would there be some way to get it into the outbreak club section?
  4. Spec ops the line does have a cracking story I'll give you that. Just kinda shame it's so short, I finished it in 6 hours :( i would say the last of us in terms of emotional damage post playing it, that game cut deep. Also the Witcher 3 blew my mind roughly around 127 times in the 127 hours I played it :)
  5. Woke up around 45 minutes ago but only deciding to roll out of bed now. Going to go downstairs and grab a quesadilla from the Mexican place below me for breakfast/lunch. Got around 7k words to write for Wednesday for the first draft of my dissertation...FUN TIMES! I like this thread.
  6. Digging Parov Stelar's new single from his upcoming album. Alot of people complaining its not like his old stuff but I don't really think thats a bad thing.
  7. http://en-uk.sennheiser.com/pc-363d-surround-sound-gaming-headset I have this, very similar. Although I do find the mic picks up quite alot of general noise, especially breathing if your not careful. Kinda annoying sometimes.
  8. @ZakTEF and @IrishChamp I couldn't decide which one I liked best out your suggestions for best runners up. So you both win :) contact me with key and case requests, one of each pls
  9. I like how people's ranks are just whatever lewis wants them to be to fit his little meme I don't rememeber that game BUT! i totally get it now.... Kcin= nick? Right?
  10. Suggestions are now close. I think to almost no one's surprise.... @SonyTwan contact me with what case and key you want :) congrats bro
  11. As someone who is easily the biggest moaner that the staff team do nothing, I do find it slightly funny that Mintlou is the one criticizing measures to make sure people are pulling their weight the most.
  12. Surf went well didn't it. Im not trying to be negative and shut down any suggestions being made. Just kinda object to everyone being of the opinion that none of this stuff has at least been tried in the past. Also, as lewis has said, people have been saying JB is dying since the dawn of time. Theres only one time I can actually recall the JB server being declared dead and that was on CSS, which only happened because CSGO was released and a huge amount of people stopped playing CSS.
  13. ??? I would love to have minigames as our first "flavour of of the week" server my dude, that is my suggestion. I think OB is great how it is, love it, cant complain. other quality suggestions from me. ban soundboards ban anyone who is even remotely racist ban people for making retarded posts on the forums actually permanently ban cheaters ban people who cant read ban people who are late for events you want anymore?
  14. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but this is just completely wrong on so many levels. - What exactly do you know about what the staff do or do not do, from what I can tell you only really skulk around the forums trying to make edgy comments cause you see others doing it. As someone who hasnt even been a member I don't think you can talk about "effort" towards the community. -Minecraft is a fad, it always has been and always will be. I know its hard for people with no historical context to understand but when you have been around long enough to see the same things come around twice, three times, even in minecrafts case four or more times, you know its not gonna stick. If you want to attach OBs name to a server, its got to be good, if its got to be good that takes time, time that is pretty much wasted on people playing a game for two weeks and getting bored. I still remember popey telling me he spent almost 200 hours working on the last server that died in less than a month because people trolled it from day one. - Atzul was cheating...you seriously want him in the community? From what I can tell Revan seems very open and forthright about his love for dragons, he came to this community with that meme already firmly established. - Maybe specify instead of just chucking out random ideas that you havent really thought to develop any further. - The reason why members and staff are prioritized is for a number of reasons, one of the biggest one in my eyes is ease of contact. Since you have never been involved with an event Im not that surprised you don't know the almighty pain it is trying to actually get everyone to turn up on time. Totally see that getting better with random people with one post on the forum signing up and never showing with nobody knowing who it is to contact. - There have been numerous occasions of members suggesting event ideas and even running them. Lewis, Mintlou and I have both organised and run csgo tournaments as members. Its just plain wrong to say that the community is not involved with activities in OB. I'm also not sure I would want to let you near any decision making process going by your overall character. but apart from that, great suggestions sniffles :)
  15. hmmm, im not sure I can totally see the staff backing putting effort into setting up new servers all the time and then just closing them when hey arent popular any more because they were badly maintained. It seems like quite alot of work for little reward, you wont build any recurring fanbase, anyone who does join the server and want to find it again in a few weeks wouldn't be able too. I thought we were trying to grow? Not cater to the flippant whims of our current member base? Also...minigames....DU BIST NE BITCH!