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  1. Fluxy

    Is it time?

    More pointless forum threads for people to argue and sling shit. Not helpful As Mintlou said this is a discussion that NEEDS to happen. But it needs to be over ts where everyone can have their say
  2. *injects 7 weeds* However, my drug taking still pales in comparison to the true Jedi of the sesh. He has mostly retired now to pass his wisdom and teachings onto lesser beings @Jak
  3. Fluxy

    is ob dead?

    Who would have been owner after Unseen tho?
  4. So after (almost) 30 painstaking controller smashing hours, I finally finished Bayonetta. Pretty much my first ever weeb game. Gotta say, pretty impressed, I don't know what happened what was going on what I was doing at any point but it was still fun. I literally can not hate on it even though I want too just simply cause of how batshit insane it was from start to finish. It was refreshing in a sea of polished pretty games with no substance trying to tick the same boxes over and over again. I do highly recommend it if you see it on sale (i think i got it for like 4 quid) anyway, after like 1/2 hours of borderline suicide trying to beat the final boss I finished the game and after the final credits roll you get this little sequence...it honestly summed up the whole games ridiculousness and I sat there just creasing myself for like a minute straight. Anyway as most of you who read this are probably never going to experience it for yourself, here is Bayonetta and her sick arse dance moves
  5. Fluxy

    Happy bday brand0n!

    big up big b don's b day
  6. Fluxy

    hi its me

  7. Fluxy

    How much you spent on Steam?

    Tiny still trying to use the <IMG> codes xD
  8. Fluxy

    How much you spent on Steam?

    ummmmm yeah...skins addiction is bad guys
  9. Fluxy

    What are you listening to right now?

    pls give this a listen. Wont regret promise
  10. Fluxy

    Vermintide 2 clutch

    Been grinding Vermintide recently and pulled off this nice save to stop a team wipe against the final boss of the game. Its a huge rat with gattling guns for hands. Also hoping to show off the game a bit and how intense it can be at times.
  11. Fluxy

    Show your ugly face!

    now i can put a face and a shit eating grin to the one deags. fuck you