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pretty good at cs but gets scared to play gathers


nice guy tho

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wait wtf he still salty? thought was just some low tier baiting last night wasnt sure if he's serious or not :/ :/

i get it if you get beaten by 2 hrs past 2 weeks and some kid who hasnt played in 5 months due to uni :s

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I dont understand how you guys are proud of winning against ME and mike. It was like a 1v2 for mike lol ?. But i guess its fine you guys wanna keep your reputation high.


Still can beat lewis 1v1 

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Why you avoiding the 1v1, it's bound to happen

edit: 2v1 16-14 against lewis and jamie, i'll proudly take it :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Losers complain, in an introduction thread, on an internet forum.


(hey Jgreg welcome to the shit show that is OB's Forums)


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