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  1. nick

    next ob cs esl?

  2. nick

    How did you find OB?

    droopy invited me by mistake and here we are now
  3. nick

    What are you wearing right now?

    socks, green
  4. nick

    TV shows / Movies

    gam o trones
  5. nick

    Post one nice thing about the person above you

    good siege player and one of the decent arabs of the community
  6. nick

    Is pineapple on pizza good?

    nah just givin a good example mate
  7. nick

    Is pineapple on pizza good?

    chicken breast
  8. nick

    Best Chat-up lines

    get in the fucking van
  9. nick

    General Fitness/Health Thread

    b u m p made a lil bit of progress ey and got my deadlift form better i think vids are from February and march
  10. nick

    Revamping Reactions

  11. nick


    re watching game of thrones is like the best thing i ever did. I understand the story fully now @Brandon