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    HeadHunter unban request

    Player Name: HeadHunter SteamID: STEAM_0:0:144256197 Banned From: Events and applying for member Date of incident: July 2016 This is my unban request for what I have done in the past. Firstly I would like to apologize for my previous actions and behavior (b-hop scripts and being racist on LR). I was young back then and I was immature and very inappropriate to act the way I did. Since then I have become more mature when it comes to my decisions and I have certainly learned from my mistakes. Why you believe your ban was unfair/disproportionate: In my opinion I feel like I was punished more harshly than others, people do not get punishments as severe as I did for saying the same things. Most people who say these things are not stripped of member and deprived of the ability to re-apply to the community. I believe that almost 2 years is a bit harsh from my point of view. If given the chance, I would be a great member and do my best when it comes to hosting, and helping with, future events. I believe that I could bring alot to this community if I was given the chance to apply for member again, I look for chances to help people wherever I can. Not even a week ago I helped out Kai during his event when he needed me to stream the games for him. Although streaming the games may not be seen as that big of a task, I put alot of effort into setting up the stream and looking for casters to help out and make the event more enjoyable for everyone. Thank you for reading my unban request, I would really appreciate it if you guys would give me the opportunity to rejoin this community. Alot of my good friends are from Outbreak and I spend alot of time here, I would really love to be part of this community once again.
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    Too bad that i already said this but i'll say it again Pain asked me for a game and i said sure i never knew doe :) and i solo'd to GE after winning 15-20 games in a row solo or with sovman or blyss :) and you never tricked me when i was just being honest and i never played with them for a while all i said is that i played with Pain :)
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    you mean me getting boosted ? or me boosting cause i got GE back in my day with 40 frags every game and soloQ'd in Dust2 or duo with my Sov , Because i never boosted anyone on Cs:Go just normal 5 men having fun and winning when i used to play after GE , and i don't see what's the difference in boosting on league but i never boosted for money :) @IrishChamp but thanks for thinking that i boost for money :) i know I'm that good thanks for up my ego
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    i appreciate the compliment thanks ma dud
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    awh i remamber that i was such a god back in the day i know mate ♥
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    Mafia [3/12/2016] - Sign ups

    Sign me up cause memes
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    Best CS:GO Pro

    Defo Hiko !
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    Hello, Im Spooks

    Welcome to the community mate.
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    MultiWombies' Introduction

    about time you made an introduction mate. Welcome mate (=
  12. Player Name: HeadHunter(Juan Bonnici) Date of Birth:25/1/1998 Age:18 Country/Location:Zejtun Malta SteamID:STEAM_0:144256197 Games Played:CsGo,League of legends,Don't stave toughter,Modded Minecraft,Tales of Pirates Roughly how long have you been playing our server:Long Long time (= What qualities can you bring to Outbreak:My time played means i've learnt a lot about the sever, Rules and maps. i'd say that i am a fun guy to be around and people enjoy my rounds when i warden as a CT.(Simon says First Reaction Last Reaction) Tell us a little something about yourself:I'm still in college.i am studying to become a programmer,the course is roughly 5-6 yrs.I have from 8 a.m till 5 p.m,except Wednesday which i finish at 2 p.m. When i join CsGo Gathers i really have a wonderful time,but i have to be honest with everyone.The best part is when Brandon start thinking that I'm a hacker. I played League of Legends for 4.5k Hrs Highest Rank was (Diamond 2),and i have 5k Hrs or a bit more on CsGo .(Been Playing Minecraft for 4 yrs but it got me bored now So if i ever play it i'll play with modded only or Raiding Server's,And yes for Those people that are Wondering yes i hardly go out from my house (=
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    My introduction

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    Joey's Introduction

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