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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, my name is Mariusz, or how most people call me Maniac. I am 20 years old, and live in the UK. I am originally from Poland. I love gaming. I am a big fan of - CS:GO, COD, FIFA, DIABLO, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, My steam name is xManiac . feel free to add me, I dont bite! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198325666012/
  2. Hello, I'm R1sk, (previously known as Liam Domino) I'm 16 and live in Aberdeen but was born in Lancashire. I was first introduced to Outbreak in September 2015 and I have been playing on and off since then. I was a Member but lost it due to inactivity as I decided to play other games and didn't keep active during that period. When I built my PC after I first got into PC Gaming around November 2014, one of my first games was CS:GO and it was the only game I had until I bought ArmA III. I used to be a part of an Altis Life RP community (where I got the name Liam Domino) and managed to become a Superintendent (until I quit) which I played straight from February until September 2015 and racked up 1,700 hours overall. After a while I decided to quit and return to CS:GO to pick up where I left off and soon after I found Outbreak through the Jailbreak server. I have been playing games since I can remember and played console until I built my PC, one of my first memories was watching my cousin play GTA San Andreas on mute while I was making the sound effects. My first console was a PS2 and I used to play Crash Bandicoot for hours on end unless I was told otherwise. Recently, I have a lot of free time on my hands as I moved to Aberdeen in June and applied to a college, but there was an error with the application as they forgot about it or some shit and because they only en-roll once per year, I have to wait until this September to be back in Education. When I get into college, I plan to study Computer Science and possibly Graphic Design. I have an interest in Editing (even though I don't edit and am not good at it) and Music, I don't really have a particular genre I like, I just listen to what I enjoy. That's it really, I apologise if it's been all over the place but couldn't really think of any other way to structure it to be honest. I frequent the TeamSpeak, I am on Jailbreak every now and then and I have just started coming back on the Forums. I look forward to speaking to you all. -R1sk
  3. Hey there everyone, My name is Flame. I have played on this server many months ago and even sometimes before that, some of you may, briefly, remember me. However at the time I wasn't too active and i didn't exactly make my mark in the community; A few of your staff may already know me a little, probably Twixx. I'm 14, almost 15 (I say I'm 13 in-game to make people that age salty, its quite funny, sorry) and I pretty much play CS:GO all day, if I can. I design graphics and dabble a little in coding here and there, hit me up if u want graphics or something ;). I don't know any more to say, but one last thing. Last time I played on the server I managed to get Twix, Sub and Pepe to ban and mute me around 7 times, for the bants, someone ban me for 1 second just so its even (I don't know if in-game it counts it but I do :/) LOL. Anyway thanks ;), See you all around!
  4. Hello my name is Sam and i'm from the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. I live with my sister and mom in an apartment. I do not live in downtown Copenhagen but in the perimeter around the city. At the moment im a senior at my highschool going through my last year. In my free time i work in a hardware store with 3 of my friends. The money i earn i usually spend on ski trips to other contries, i've already been to Austria twice and norway once. Skiing is another thing i love to do and will probaly visit many other countries. Other then working i spend a good amount of time on Jailbreak. Im on jailbreak daily around 1-5 hours depending on if i have to work or not. I also like swimming in the open ocean. There is a bridge not far from where i live that we jump of in to the ocean sounds silly but it is quite entertaining. Other then swimming i ride my bicycle alot, about 15 km(9.32 miles) 2 or 3 times a week, just to exercise. I also do ALOT of dumb things, i've had to run from security guards a couple of times where i did not do anything wrong. And in the week where i did not play jailbreak i got myself arrested(Quite funny story) :> I also like to edit and record videos i use adobe premier pro to edit videos and i use a Gopro hero 4 to record the videos. In my futrue im looking forward to go to college and study natural science. After college i will study astrophysics in the university of copenhagen. Im mainly play FPS games like CS and COD and i have a beast laptop which can handle these games which is awesome! Can't come up with a ending so... bye :> ~Shades
  5. Hi i am Joe Green also know as Joey I am 15 years old and I was born in the South West of the UK. currently i work in a local pub in the kitchen. but finishing my last exam for school on the 27th of June 2016 and am going to collage to do computing and computer science. In time i would love to work with computers and wouldn't mind being a programmer. i would also like to work with networks and do networking. i have been playing video games since call of duty modern warfare came out and have recently started playing PC in the last year but also love my family dog Rascal I have been playing CsGo a lot lately and found outbreak about 6 months ago but was not to active now i try to play at least 2 hours on the jailbreak and a little on the new surf and talk to some people on team speak. I am MG1 at the moment and want to improve. in time i would like to be good friends with everyone on the community and want to help this community grow and get rid of the hackers in the game. i know its hard for the Mods and Admins in the community and sorting out them free killers. when playing i try to be as least TOXIC as possible and normally just chill. Thanks for reading - Joey Shout out to blyss <3
  6. Hello fellow people! my name is Melina or Melli for short.Im quite a chill person but I can be really hysterical If you play games with me. Im currently living in Germany in North-Rhine Westphalia/Düsseldorf. Im working at a supermarket-chain as a specialized ''saleswoman'' at the butchery. Some of my hobbies are Gaming,Reading,Shopping and going to the Gym! I'm on Outbreak for quite a while tho and I really enjoy the people here. If you have any questions feel free to ask on Teamspeak and I may answer!
  7. My name is Ben, in game name is Quake You might have played with me on the CS:GO server I am not very active on the forums or teamspeak, but i want to change that I am Irish I was born in Dublin I lived there for 3 years, now i live in Meath I have had a passion for gaming from a young age i started on console playing COD but i have recently made the move to PC and CS:GO Jailbreak has let me settle in to PC by playing something casual and fun to get used to CS:GO I am 15 years old. Thank you for reading.
  8. Hi, I'm Andre Tarasov i am 19 years old, born and raised in Klaipeda, Lithuania. I work as a Programmer/Junior Security Penetration Tester and have been working for 2 years now and i also have ownership in a Food Store located in Colchester. I now have more time, and i will be active a little bit more <3, And if anyone wants help with any of my hobbies, i am willing to help!! I have a passion for programming, hacking and playing games. I love being around nice people and being a part of something bigger. I have small puppy named "Jackie" which is a tiny chihuahua <3 My hobbies are: "hacking" electronics (My parents hate me for this xD), programming (Python, Assembly, Javascript, Html, CSS, C) and last but not least - playing CS:GO on this server. I've been with Outbreak nearly 4 weeks now and i have finally decided to introduce myself :), i am glad to be part of this community, and would gladly help this server reach it's full potential. My in-game name is ColdMeekly <3, thanks for reading.
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