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  1. Surprised that the relationship has outlasted OB. When did this place turn into a graveyard?
  2. Pokémon GO community anyone? Here's my friend code: 2800 3339 6028
  3. The topic may change but the forum drama is always the same ??
  4. The first photo has nothing of interest in it. It's pretty much a picture of a plain wall. The second photo is much better, actually has stuff going on in it. Here's a picture of Rory vaping and Hypno dancing with a MILF in the background.
  5. I used to watch a load of these videos but I forgot about it. Maybe I can pick back up where I left off. Takes up a lot of free time though. Thanks for the reminder.
  6. I'm always happy to host another rocket league event/"Game Night". It went really well and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. The problem is that the last tournament only had 6 people. It's really hard to organise an event where every participant has to be free at the same time. Also, the skill level between everyone is too diverse for the number of players, so making balanced teams that aren't the same every time is near impossible.
  7. BoozeRUs Thirst Quencher Hair of the dog Memory Eraser Booze for yous Drink till you drop Slurpin' [Owner's Name]
  8. This gif is cheating, it can be applied to 95% of the threads in this forum.
  9. Haven't been following the pro scene closely as of recent so pretty much going in blind. Anyone else still doing these major pick'ems?
  10. Was playing with a group of guys from COD4 Promod (WheresmyWifi, Dizzy, Skelly, Jordan, Will, Doggy, etc). COD4 was starting to die out and the community we were in split into two different communities as the two owners had disagreements. CSGO was the up and coming game and Jailbreak was very popular during the time. OB being an extremely active UK server was the perfect choice to try out. Liked it so much that I'm still here.
  11. But the CS tournament is currently cancelled right?
  12. When is the League of Legends tournament?
  13. True, I forgot that twitter controls the stock market. Not like Tesla has any other problems than Elon Musk making a stupid tweet. ?
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